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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Suicide bombers may target PM: UK

13-07-2005 23:18

No More War!
But it just underlines criminal acts by fascist governments invading other countries. How can HoWARd claim not to be complacent on the one hand but on the other exploiting the possibility by sending more guerrillas and militants off to war in Afghanistan?

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Vigil in Solidarity with those affected by the London bombings

13-07-2005 19:30

12 midday @ Millenium Square
6pm @ Dortmund Square

Called by the Stop the War Coalition and Leeds Social Forum

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13-07-2005 16:58

Here is the "freedom" for which the antichrist of this age George Bush is fighting at its starkest - SLAVERY IS FREEDOM: "the truth of the situation is that ... they cannot get out and it is entrapment from the front end with deceptive recruitment practices, again at re-enlistment time with the threat of deployment to Iraq under Stop Loss, again when contract ends and they are kept in and deployed via Stop Loss."

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East Enders Petition Ken Livingstone: No Arms Dealing in East London

13-07-2005 14:08

A 'people's delegation' of East Londoners opposed to the DSEi arms fair today presented a petition to Ken Livingstone and the London Assembly.

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London bombs community discussion - your help needed

13-07-2005 13:44

The rampART social centre is planning on hosting some kind of discussion event for people to talk about their concerns, fears, proposals etc in relation to the London bomb attacks.

It is particually hoped that it would enable a dialogue between different elements of the community in order to avoid or mitigate against ill-placed retribution and revenege attacks and to combat attempts to fuel hate and distrust by the some elements of society and the media.

It is also hoped that together we can identify and be aware of moves by the state to capitalise on the fear being generated in the wake of the attacks to clamp down even further on civil libities and introduce new draconian legislation and ID cards etc.

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Hiroshima-Nagasaki Fast

13-07-2005 13:16

Be part of a national fast to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs.

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Interview on Terror Drills still on BBC 5 drive til Thursday

13-07-2005 08:50

Conventionally blinkered minds have been trying to rationalize away the eerie fact of the terror drills at the same time and places as the real explosions. They even cast doubt on the authenticity of the audio clip on Alex Jones website.

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History of the IRA (Irish Republican Army) - Spanish Version

12-07-2005 22:05

PUBLICACIÓN SEMANAL de EDITORIAL ULTIMO RECURSO: El siguiente texto corresponde a una serie de trabajos escritos en cuanto al conflicto por la liberación del pueblo de Irlanda y un acercamiento a la historización de una de las Organizaciones mas encaminadas a dicho trabajo de liberación. El contenido del archivo es fruto de nuestras investigaciones, recopilaciones, ponernos a urgar en revistas, internet y libros, encuentros con personas, etcéteras. ACCESO LIBRE a literatura, teoría política e investigaciones sobre organizaciones en

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Mayor of Hiroshima calls people to participate in peace walk to Belgian NATO nuc

12-07-2005 15:53

Peace Walk 2003
The mayor of Hiroshima, Mr. Akiba Tadatoshi, calls people to participate between July 26th and August 9th in the peace walk from Ypres to the NATO nuclear weapon base in Kleine Brogel, in the north of Belgium (letter attached). The peace walk organised by For Mother Earth, the Flemish member of Friends of the Earth International, marks the 60th anniversary of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6th and 9th 1945.

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Tomgram: Nick Turse on Cyberstalking the Recruitable Teen

12-07-2005 15:09

Nick Turse on Cyberstalking the Recruitable Teen

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"Nine-Eleven" Retrospective

12-07-2005 13:27

After declaring war on terrorists, en endless war, the balance sheet is rather depressing three years later-and after two wars..Numerous terrorism experts see America's reaction to September 11 as catastrophic. A gift was gtiven to the terrorists with the iraq war.

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2 minutes silence at EDO

12-07-2005 10:04

This Thursday mourners will be observing a 2 minute silence at noon outside EDO/MBM's Brighton bomb factory for the victims of bombings everywhere.

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EDO appeal case postponed

12-07-2005 09:51

The appeal of anti-EDO activists against their conviction for aggravated trespass scheduled for July 13th-15th has been cancelled. No new date has been set for their appeal but it will be posted as soon as it is known.

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Justice Not Vengeance - vigil

12-07-2005 08:32

vigil for vicitms of terrorism

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12-07-2005 07:44

¿Que pasaría si lo que excede de la creatividad autodeterminada de cada nodo de la resistencia, pudiera disponer, de los sobrantes que tengan otros nodos anticapitalistas? Si los bienes materiales se complementasen, sin mediarse por la moneda, con los bienes inmateriales de cada zona liberada en América Latina y el mundo entero.

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By any spin necessary

12-07-2005 02:05

Why imperialist spokesmen are distancing the London bombings from the Iraq war

10 July 2005

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Johnny Got a Gun - Protest Song

12-07-2005 00:35

By: Johnny's Dad (Please distribute freely)
Click here for MP3:

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Back to kill the innocent

11-07-2005 22:43

War in Afghanistan [File photo] (Rooters)
Labor's well paid losers have backed in principle a deployment to kill what party leader Kim Beazley has called "terrorism central". But who are the terrorists? Who's going where? To do what? And what is war? TERRORISM!

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11-07-2005 17:57

What do you call what happened in the prisons in Iraq – in Abu Ghraib, Camp Bucca and the many other prison camps? What do you call the torture of men, women, and children? What do you call tying bombs to the bodies of prisoners and blowing them apart? What do you call the refinement of methods of torture for use on Iraqi prisoners – such as pulling off limbs, gouging out eyes, putting out cigarettes on their skin, and using cigarette lighters to set fire to the hair on their heads? Does the word “barbaric” adequately describe the behavior of your troops in Iraq?