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London bombs community discussion - your help needed

rampart | 13.07.2005 13:44 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | Free Spaces | London

The rampART social centre is planning on hosting some kind of discussion event for people to talk about their concerns, fears, proposals etc in relation to the London bomb attacks.

It is particually hoped that it would enable a dialogue between different elements of the community in order to avoid or mitigate against ill-placed retribution and revenege attacks and to combat attempts to fuel hate and distrust by the some elements of society and the media.

It is also hoped that together we can identify and be aware of moves by the state to capitalise on the fear being generated in the wake of the attacks to clamp down even further on civil libities and introduce new draconian legislation and ID cards etc.

In order to organise this event we really need some help - sugestions, facilitation, contacts, people to invite, help promoting the event with the local community expecially.

So, if you are interested in attending or helping to organise, please let us know or attend the next weeky rampART meeting (Monday 18th July 6pm).

It would be nice to draw in some of the experiences of New Yorkers and people in Madrid in relation to the contrasting aftermath of the attacks there. Does anyone know of people who may be in London that would be able to offer such experiences?

We have not set a date or time for this event yet but are thinking it would probably be best to do on a sunday afternoon into early evening.

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