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2 minutes silence at EDO

bombophobe | 12.07.2005 10:04 | Anti-militarism | Repression | London | South Coast

This Thursday mourners will be observing a 2 minute silence at noon outside EDO/MBM's Brighton bomb factory for the victims of bombings everywhere.

Mourners will be gathering outside EDO's Home Farm Road HQ from 11.30am where they will be making EDO management and staff aware of their vital part in the global war machinery which returned home to us with devastating force last Thursday.
Undoubtedly tragic though last Thursday's explosions were scenes last these are replayed on an almost daily basis in Iraq. It is the invasion and continuing occupation of Iraq by UK forces that makes bombings like those last week inevitable and puts us all at risk here.
EDO/MBM's role in knowingly supplying the terrorists who have caused massive slaughter and carnage in Iraq gives them a large degree of responsibility for the terrorist atrocities here. End terrorism everywhere!



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