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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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A bad day among many in Nablus

31-08-2003 13:23

The IOF breaking yet another human rights law by using a human shield
Things in Nablus have got a little crazy over the last week or so. The army re-invaded the Old City, imposing curfew making house to house/shop to shop searches, blowing off doors willy nilly, occupying homes and making the families stay in one or two rooms, trashing homes, wrecking produce and livlihoods.

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The Things That Keep Us Here

31-08-2003 13:07

A searing report on US Soldier war crimes from Caoimhe...

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Cost of life?

30-08-2003 12:46

OK this is the financial cost to the illgotten wealth of the US since the declaration of 'war against Iraq' since March 2003

Anyone know of a counter of the human cost to innocent Iraqis since the CIA engineered Saddam to start the rape of Iraq in 1991 (or any attempt that amounts to this)?

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Bristol-Stop-The-War News : 30th August 2003

30-08-2003 00:06

Coach tickets to the 27th Sept National Demo are now available.

NEW CALL FOR WITNESSES. Please See Section 6.

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Birmingham anti-war socialists purged by SWP

29-08-2003 18:31

What should the Left do about the growing democratic deficit in the movement? How do we challenge abuse of power? One of the healthiest anti-war groups in the country was recently wrecked by the Socialist Workers Party who packed out key Birmingham meetings with its party members and purged a raft of well-respected activists.
They tell their story on their website.

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Last call for Jeremy Hardy, Ted Curtis, Jason Pegler , Sunday, all for £3

29-08-2003 17:12

This is your last to see Ted Curtis, Jason Pegler, Ben Watson & Jeremy Hardy all on the same tiny stage, at different times, for only £3!!

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DSEi Organizers Phone Numbers

29-08-2003 15:45

Phone Numbers of Spearhead's DSEi Team Members

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Child abuse activist George Farquar fitted up- put in Edinburgh Mental hospital

28-08-2003 18:37

George Farquar - scotish anti child abuse and electronic warfare activist committed to mental ward in Edinburgh hospital

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Support Mas’ha Peace Camp

28-08-2003 10:50

A request for help

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DSEi business, risky radio

28-08-2003 02:44

First draft of an hour long 'radio' piece for the week of action around the DSEi arms fare... enjoy

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28-08-2003 00:29

There will be a coach from Oxford on Saturday 6th September to join the
march against the arms fair organised by Campaign Against the Arms Trade.
It will leave from St. Giles at 9.30; tickets £7 or £5 (concessions) from
the Quaker Centre.
Please pass this message round your groups or networks.

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Activist-George Farquar committed to mental ward in Royal Hospital Edinburgh

27-08-2003 21:44

George Farquar - scotish anti electronic warfare activist committed to mental ward in Edinburgh hospital

NB: No doctor was present at his "trial!"

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27-08-2003 06:19

Burning Boy

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Andrew Smith invited to speak at Amnesty meeting?

26-08-2003 19:46

Sleazy pro-war MP for East Oxford, Andrew Smith, is
rumoured to be speaking at an Amnesty International
meeting this Friday.

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anti-Bush animation

26-08-2003 10:46


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ISM Reports: Context Is Everything

26-08-2003 02:46

The Latest ISM Reports

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ICRC/Guantanamo Bay

25-08-2003 21:46

New article on the ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross) website expresses concerns.

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WTRPF Issues New Appeal on Behalf of War Tax Resisters

25-08-2003 18:20

Press release from the War Tax Resisters Penalty Fund announcing new funding appeal for US war tax resisters.