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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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NATO Chiefs to meet in Edinburgh

30-10-2003 16:17

NATO Chiefs meet in Edinburgh 4-8th November 2003. Itinerary of Conference

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Iraqi family to sue MoD over death of family in Basra bombing

30-10-2003 13:51

An Iraqi family, now living in the UK has asked for help in bringing a case against the MoD for the deaths of family members killed when their house was wrongly targetted by so-called 'precision weapons'

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So...what did George Galloway really say?

29-10-2003 19:49

Report on Galloway's claims that he had not called for British troops to be attacked by Arab nations as alleged in the neo Labor 'tribunal'.

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Labour attempt to defend expulsion of Galloway

29-10-2003 18:39

An e-mail from the Labour Party Communications Unit which explains why George Galloway was expelled from the party. Examine, dissect and make of it what you will... Personally I think it's a good thing for Galloway and a bad thing for the Labour party, and they should be expelling Blair for selling out to right-wing extremists but that's probably a different issue....

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Smart Bombs, Dumb Wars Conference

29-10-2003 18:32

A one day conference examining changing conditions of war and
peace in the age of global terrorism

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1 December - Prisoners for Peace Day! Material now online!

29-10-2003 11:48

WRI Logo
1 December is Prisoners for Peace Day. In 2003, the focus is on conscientious objection in South Korea. War Resisters' International's background material is now online.

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Madeleine Albright ambushed in a dark alley: we were everywhere!

28-10-2003 23:05

Details of action against Madeleine Albright by Oxford students and residents at the Union, 28 October 2003

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Albright definitely gets the message that she is not welcome in Oxford

28-10-2003 21:50

banners outsite Borders
On Tuesday October 28th, Madeleine Albright came to Oxford form a signature session of her new book at Borders, followed by a talk at the Oxford Union. Many actions took place very succesfully; she definitely got the message that she wasn't welcome in Oxford.

Here is a report of what I saw or heard of, and a few pictures I took.

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Public Meeting: STOP BUSH!

28-10-2003 21:08

Public meeting on 30th October in advance of the visit of George Bush. National and local speakers followed by discussion in groups of activities around the Bush visit and beyond.

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A Reminder... Bush Demonstration Details

28-10-2003 18:15

Just a remender of the Anti-Bush Demonstrations...

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Direct Action training this Saturday

28-10-2003 14:23

Direct Action training this Saturday in Sheffield

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Long Tailbacks as Faslane Gate Shut by Protest

28-10-2003 11:42

The North Gateway into Faslane Naval Base is currently closed to vehicles by the protests of five activists. They are demanding that the UK fulfill its international obligations to work towards nuclear disarmament.

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Demonstration against the occupation of Iraq!

28-10-2003 00:17

Report from Washington DC on the demonstration against the occupation of Iraq.

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Madeleine Albright demonstration tomorrow - call by OSAN

27-10-2003 18:18

Oppose MADELEINE ALBRIGHT Former US Secretary of State
- the woman who thinks 500,000 Iraqi Children
dying due to Sanctions is a price worth paying.

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Those who seek ''the death of the United Nations''

26-10-2003 22:07

While the United Nations is seen by many as merely a talk shop that gets little done, the truth lies elsewhere. For example, UNESCO has done a great deal for education and the work of UNICEF has been phenomenal.

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Live ammo goes through walls, Nablus

26-10-2003 16:25

Friday night, two Palestinian boys and two Nablus ISMers were shot in Balata Refugee Camp by soldiers.

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Join the George W. Bush NOT WELCOME Pretzel Campaign

26-10-2003 15:52

Join the George W. Bush NOT WELCOME on-line Pretzel Campaign

Protest against Bush's visit to the UK in late November by taking part
in this campaign. It will add an on-line dimension to the various protests
taking place and will increase our visibility.