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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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CIA Flights They Gripe About? Here's Europe's AGREEMENT for them (follow link)

15-12-2005 04:52

The 28 CIA Planes
THIS IS PROBABLY THE FIRST TIME YOU WILL SEE THIS PROOF -- BUT NOT THE LAST.......The meeting gave the US permission for "renditions" -- kidnapping Muslims off the streets of Europe -- and CIA flights to take them to prison without trial (and, it turns out, to torture). I'll quote from an EU-US meeting and show you the web link, you judge. Here's the link:$File/st05762.en03.pdf Furthermore, the US has secret CTICs -- joint-venture spy nests -- in over 25 countries! Condoleeza Rice is right, Gerhard Schroeder is wrong: The secret services in these countries certainly knew what we were doing because they were doing it with us! I will list the countries I know about. While poor Bob Lady (alleged CIA renditioner) sits out an exile (possibly in Punta Gorda, Florida, instead of his retirement villa in Asti, Italy), lying hypocrites in European governments deny knowledge of renditions like the one he allegedly did in Italy.

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Critical Media Literacy in Times of War

14-12-2005 22:41

This is a website to "test your critical thinking about media bias". The site presents corporate media representations about the US military invasions in Afghanistan, 2001 and Iraq, 1991, and juxtaposes them with background and reports about protests.

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Australian state government prepares savage attack on democratic rights

14-12-2005 20:56

To further its own right-wing "law and order" agenda
Likewise, in the wake of the racial violence, there will be no public discussion or even the semblance of a parliamentary debate on Iemma's new legislation today. Having created the social and political climate that has led to the clashes in Sydney, the political establishment is rushing to exploit the situation to further its own right-wing "law and order" agenda.

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Earth First! Summer gathering 2006

14-12-2005 14:53

The Earth First! Summer Gathering 2006 will take place from Wed 16th to Sun 20th August 2006. The location will be at a new site in Wales.

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Alternative Carol Singing in support of Palestinians

14-12-2005 14:37

please come to sing
with Sea Green Singers and others
in support of Palestinians
at 5.15pm (for5.30-6.30pm)
in Cornmarket St.
(outside St. Michael in the Northgate Church),
Words provided - see you there!

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Council questioned over arms investments

13-12-2005 23:42

Welcoming the councillors...
A group of campaigners held a protest this morning outside a meeting of Cambridgeshire County Council to draw attention to the large investments that the council pension fund has in the arms industry.

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Netherlands: No logging for AWACS

13-12-2005 20:26

Treehouse at Schinveld forest
On sunday December 4th GroenFront! Activists occupied the Schinveld (Netherlands) forest to protest agains the intended cutting of 6 hectares of the woods so the AWACS from the Geilenkirchen NATO base, just across the border in Germany, can take off with more kerosene in their fuel tanks. The AWACS are being used in the Iraq war.

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Mass Graves from War Era Unearthed in Lebanon

13-12-2005 16:33

the site
The Lebanese authorities have discovered mass graves near the town of Anjar in the Beka'a Valley over the past week. The discovery of this site, along with another one discovered last month in the Ministry of Defence compound, have sparked a series of speculations and condemnations.

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Too gutless to save one of our own

12-12-2005 22:09

Only Westerner left among Guantanamo Bay's prisoners
David Hicks, apparently, is now the only Westerner left among Guantanamo Bay's prisoners. This year, after George Bush decreed a special US military commission - a system the Americans have not used since World War II - would try any of the alleged terrorists, eight countries insisted their nationals at Guantanamo Bay be sent home.

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Axis of Evil? How about Axis of Assholes?

12-12-2005 16:15

This is a 450 word account of my strong (very strong) feelings about the criminal assholes who get away with so much mass murder in the world. When and How can they be brought to justice? 15 labeled photos are attached

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Brighton police 'pleased' with EDO march

12-12-2005 12:23

Superintendent Kevin Moore and Churchill Square management are unable to justify their hysterical comments in the run up to Saturday's peaceful march through Brighton centre.

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Jack Straw lies on Radio Four (again)

12-12-2005 08:53

More lies on "extraordinary rendition"

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Paramilitaries murder 22 peasant farmers in Cesar, northern Colombia

12-12-2005 00:45

MINGA, the Association for the Promotion of Social Alternatives informs national and international public opinion, that paramilitaries currently engaged in so called “peace negotiations” with the Colombian government, detained, tortured and then executed 22 peasant farmers in the villages of La Mas Verde and Nuevo Horizonte, in the municipality of Curumani, Cesar.

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Thugs ruled the streets, and the mob sang Waltzing Matilda

11-12-2005 21:38

"Aussie Aussie Aussie"
Sometimes when a victim was cornered, the mob started singing Waltzing Matilda. Advance Australia Fair was similarly employed against obstructing police, and the usually good-natured "Aussie Aussie Aussie" chant in the mouths of the Cronulla crew assumed a menacing tone.

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Brian meets Cindy - and the cops came too. (Windows video).

11-12-2005 19:34

A gathering in Parliament Square 11th December 2005.

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11-12-2005 18:51

Vigil for Omar & all British residents illegally detained in Guantanamo
Saturday 17th December, 3pm
Churchill Square, Brighton

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meeting between cindy sheehan and brian haw turns to spontaneous protest in defi

11-12-2005 18:05

cindy sheehan and brian haw
u.s. peace activist cindy sheehan, who lost her son as a soldier in the iraq war, met with brian haw, veteran parliament square protester, this afternoon. the meeting was harassed by officers from charing cross police station (including the ones who illegally arrested brian on friday morning!), and escalated into a full blown noise demo outside downing street in total defiance of the 'serious organised crime and police act' designed to prevent dissent outside parliament buildings. there were no arrests.

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EDO noise demo

11-12-2005 14:14

Following Saturday's 300+ march through Brighton Town Centre there will be a noise demo this Tuesday from 4 at EDO's Home Farm Rd bomb factory.

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Cindy Sheenan supporters threatened with arrest.

11-12-2005 13:03

Cindy Sheenan supporters and well wishers have gathered to meet her in Parliment Square, London, this morning while waiting for her to arrive to meet with Brian Haw they have been threatened with arrest.

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Thank a soldier week

11-12-2005 12:35

Did you know that Thank a Soldier Week starts on the 19th Dec?