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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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27-02-2005 14:21

Anti war meeting in Pontardawe,near Swansea.

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Swansea Stop The War Coalition...public rally

27-02-2005 14:14

Swansea Stop The War Coalition to hold large meeting at the Guildhall on wed 2nd March

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Gitmo medic's sudden death

27-02-2005 12:06

pic.: Dr Szwec (somewhere) with colleagues in San Diego. [http://www.geocities.c
Navy Anaesthetist allocated to Afghanistan dies in Cuba

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Condi, Kofi, WB, IMF, EU and Russia

27-02-2005 09:50

This benign bunch will all be in London on Tuesday to teach the Palestinians how to be a good client state, and to encourage them to accept permanent untermenschen status in the Middle East. And to big up Phoney Tony too.

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Day of Events in Edinburgh Saturday 26th February 2005.

27-02-2005 08:54

Women in Black, Edinburgh.
This is a 2,200 word report with 8 photos of the various activities and talks which took place in Edinburgh on Saturday 26th February 2005. These events are leading up to the Global day of action on Saturday March 19th when there will be demos Worldwide including London and Glasgow.

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Fascism: Alive and Well in US

26-02-2005 19:13

The following articles are the attempt to speak of events and attitudes in the US, which also have global consequence due to the "spread of democracy" currently falsly under way by the Neo-Con cultists in the US....

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"Non-Humanitarian Catastrophes"

26-02-2005 18:49

The problem is that money is spent wrongly, not that money is spent. I wish a peace research group would offer newspapers a daily column titled `What We Can Afford Today'. Two and a half civilian jobs could be financed for every employee in the armament industry.

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SOA protesters headed for prison

26-02-2005 06:45

Sister, students among 14 charged with trespass at Army school

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George Bush: Not "Wired" to Karl Rove: It's Worse, Much Worse

25-02-2005 22:38

LifeVest Defibrillator/Mr. Kerry/Mr. Bush
George Bush photos enhanced by NASA official show a foreign object on Mr. Bush's back. It's real despite Karl Rove's joking about it. He is getting a little help from his "friends" on the left: they are pushing the disinfo that it was a "wire" connected to Mr. Rove. Truth is, the president and the world are in real trouble.

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Neath Coalition To Stop The War

25-02-2005 22:12

IRAQ...bring the troops home!

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East Oxford Stop the War meeting

25-02-2005 16:50

Meeting Tuesday 8th March to discuss building the national demo

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Condoleeza coming to London

25-02-2005 10:29

"The two men are due in London on Tuesday for a conference hosted by Tony Blair, the UK prime minister, aimed at fostering Palestinian reforms. Officials from 25 countries, including Condoleezza Rice, the US secretary of state, are also due to attend." FT

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The Bondage of Terror

24-02-2005 22:05

The chance for building a common security lies in recognizing oneself in the other.. Security based on trust is a hundred times more valuable than the most expensive defensive system.

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Two sisters: Giuliana and Mithal

24-02-2005 14:45

The text you are about to read is a combination of words that were all written by Giuliana Sgrena, the italian journalist kidnapped in Irak (for more news about Giuliana you can see:
Some of them were part of her appeal contained in the video released by her captors and the others are from an article she wrote on July 1, 2004 about Mithal, an Iraqi woman detained in Abu Grahib.

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Report with photos of Public Rally in Glasgow on Wednesday 23rd February 2005.

24-02-2005 05:07

From left; Tommy Sheridan MSP, Iraqi Ahmed Rustan, Chair, Writer A L Kennedy.
This is a 1,300 word report with 5 photos of the Public Rally in Glasgow on Tuesday 23rd February 2005 which was to help build for the International day of action on Saturday March 19th 2005.

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Brussels photos

23-02-2005 21:51

Some of the estimated 4,000 people at this demo
Selected photos from the Brussels demonstration against the visit of US President George Bush to the EU.

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cultural inquisition

23-02-2005 13:12

Now that culture has replace religion, and the intellectual worshipers are gathering for the stability of the master scheme, eager to plunge the world on a nuclear holocaust. Reviewing the latest loom of the American administration towards the European Union, filled with overtones of closeness’ hammering the treacherous Iran and reaching a consensus over Syria, uncovers a back door, quietly urging European nations to procure military hardware. This flipside to disaster is slowly aiming at bypassing Damascus and hitting Tehran, enveloping once more this planet on another occupation on the name of freedom. This cultural inquisition applied to anyone who does not reflect as the intellectual worshipers demand entails a similar defensive response. Moreover, it is by this same ethnicity that the answer subsists; Venezuela should not wait until the rotten apple falls from the tree, it should act now and remove it, eat it rather than let it go to waste.
This unavoidable departure from the dollar dictum is gathering strength, Venezuela should not hang around it must act now while there still time. The manoeuvres of the cultural fanatics are not to be underestimated. We must remember that a wounded Empire can be more dangerous than a healthy one. It is annihilation of the Bolivarian revolution that is plot and disappearance of most of its followers.
Bringing back sounds of Argentinean dictatorships combine with the brutality of Pinochet; are the innovative proceed of the enemies of the state. Venezuelans must be conscious as in this moment of triumph it is when the enemy is most likely to strike, Venezuelans need extra attention at the foreign events they will signal the next association before the fatal blow. Move away now from the dollar dictum is a preventive action, not an aggressive one and most nations will understand it nowadays, postponing this issue at this instance will only reinforce the confidence of those who wish to eliminate president Chavez. In addition, gives them supplementary reasons to carry on with their deeds.
If you see a truck coming to hit you why linger until it whacks you, better move on and bank yourself.

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23-02-2005 11:26

The attorney general, Lord Goldsmith, warned less than two weeks before the invasion of Iraq that military action could be ruled illegal.

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Water Cannon and Tear Gas in Brussels

23-02-2005 01:26

Police have used water canon and tear gas against anti-bush protesters near the EU headquarters in Brussels. Petrol bombs were thrown at the Police by demonstrators.

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I'm just a sweet trans-atlantic alliance

23-02-2005 00:00

The NATO meeting in Brussels sets the stage for more foreign troops to enter Iraq, and free up the US for the planned June attack on Iran... good times....