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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Blockade Pics from DSEi - Tidal Basin West Entrance

14-09-2005 19:45

Cyclists take the roundabout by Tidal Basin
This afternoon a crowd of people blockaded the western entrance to the Excel Centre, host to the DSEi arms fair. The gate was shut to traffic in both directions and arms fair attendees re-routed to the other side of the Excel complex. After some time the police looked like they were preparing to surround people and push them into the 'designated protest zone', so the protestors once again took to the flyover road before moving off to make there presence felt elsewhere.

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Dsei Pix: Custom House Critical Mass - Clowns Pretty MET Parade - FIT in Boats

14-09-2005 18:59

Critical Mass Cyclists at Custom House this morning
A few misc pix from today's day of direct action against the DSEi arms fair of death, held at the Excel Centre in East London (14/09/05):

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Silvertown Way Flyover - DSEi Lock-on Road Blockade Pics

14-09-2005 17:03

barriers around them and lots of police
Around six people blockaded one half of the silvertown way flyover heading towards the Excel Centre near Canning Town station this morning, the blockade lasting until late afternoon. They used what looked like two metal containers (sort of small metal barrels) filled with concrete, with their arms locked on inside. They recieved lots of support from other campaigners as police took their pictures and the cutting crews slowly cut them out of the lockons. At some point a car was used to block the other side of the road, being abandoned with the tyres let down. Later Critical Mass cyclists and others on foot blocked the rest of the flyover.

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Pics from Canning Town DSEi Train Action

14-09-2005 16:18

stopping the DLR eastbound
Pics from today's action stopping trains going to the Excel centre and the DSEi arms fair at Canning Town train station, delaying arms dealers / buyers getting to the fair (wed 14th June)

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Meditation For Peace ~ This Evening!

14-09-2005 14:25

There will be a 'Meditation for Peace' in Parliament Square this evening at 5pm.

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Full DSEi Timeline - 14th September

14-09-2005 12:10

Timeline of Events:

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DSEi related photos

14-09-2005 09:08

Police at front of Commercial Road Squat - Weds am
Photos from last night and this morning, including the start of this mornings critical mass

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Anti-DSEi CAAT March Speeches (mp3)

14-09-2005 07:37

Audio of the first three speeches made at the end of the CAAT march against the dsei arms fair - tuesday 13th september 2005.

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Baby Bloc Action (Comment)

13-09-2005 23:24

At about 11am yesterday, about 20 people attempted to blockade the bridge at Custom House DLR, right by one of the most popular entrances to ExCel, home of DSEi.

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Suprise legal outcome-High Court Judge Protects Attorney Generals Office

13-09-2005 22:38

More Non-news from the Courts

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Rebel Clown Army detained on tour of arms dealers in Central London

13-09-2005 21:40

Clowns paying attention to tour guide
After their initial disappointment that the Arms Fair wasn’t a fun fair after all, clowns wanting to find out more about the nasty arms dealers of this Unfair Fair, visited various arms dealers, suppliers and buyers, including BAE, US Embassy, Saudi Embassy, Aegis.

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DSEi Timeline - Tuesday 13th Sept (CAAT demonstration + Diaper Bloc)

13-09-2005 21:27

Timeline of Events from the first day of the DSEi arms fair, covering CAAT's demonstration and the Diaper Bloc [Flyer pdf].

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DSEI March. Tuesday. Pictures.

13-09-2005 20:39

The demo.
Several hundred people. Several hundred cops. Sunny day.

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DSEI RTS Saturday. Pics.

13-09-2005 19:35

Reclaiming the erm...pavement.
I left BEFORE the rain started.

Ha Ha Ha Ha ha ha ha!

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If we can't beat them, burn them

13-09-2005 16:36

"A new draft US defense paper calls for preventive nuclear strikes against state and non-state adversaries in order to deter them from using weapons of mass destruction and urges US troops to "prepare to use nuclear weapons effectively."

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Pics from CAAT Anti-DSEi March (tues 13th sept)

13-09-2005 16:27

Pictures from today's CAAT march against DSEi arms fair. The march met up at East Ham Central Park and left around 1pm heading towards the Excel Centre where the arms fair is being held.

The march got as close as it could without breaking through police lines, where it paused just past connaught bridge underpass for speeches against the arms trade from local campaigners, including a local councillor.

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Diaper DSEi Baby Bloc Invincibility Police Pics

13-09-2005 16:17

Pics from this mornings baby bloc action outside Custom House docklands railway station.

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Office REED Elsevier targeted in the Netherlands - Destroy DSEi

13-09-2005 14:02

Last night anti-militarist activists of Onkruit decorated the head office of Reed Elsevier in Amsterdam in the Netherlands with slogans and paint bombs.
The action is a protest against the involvement of Reed in the organisation of the DSEi arms fair.

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Police Searching Flats in Berlin as NATO conference goes on

13-09-2005 12:24

Parallel to the DSEi arms fair in London, NATO defense ministers are meeting in Berlin. This was not left without reaction.