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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Community set to oppose downer propaganda: Bashir

15-08-2005 07:47

[file photo] (Rooters)
9-ll, Bali, Spain, Australia's Embassy in Jakarta, London and Egypt all have similarities and follow the same pattern, in that without them it would have been impossible to get the support from the west necessary to pre-emptively and illegally strike a sovereign nation state and whoever is behind these bombings wanted to go into an illegal and degrading war and not preach and teach peasants in Indonesia.

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NHS doomed, while arms trade is subsidised to the tune of 1 billion a year

14-08-2005 22:33

Acording to Britain's most senior doctor, a tax funed National Health Service which is free for everyone to use is unsustainable and should be scrapped. Meanwhile, the British Arms Industry enjoys a cool £1 billion in handouts from the tax payer.

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DISARM DSEi direct action training - 28th August

14-08-2005 13:47

A day of discussion, skill sharing and hands-on workshops with an emphasis on affinity group actions. The morning will focus on the basics of affinity group actions; the how, why what, where and when. Find out how to form a small gorup and work together to take effective action. The afternoon will be an opportunity to explore some more specific tactics and how they have been used against DSEi, the world's largest arms fair.

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Workshops and Stalls needed for DISARM DSEi conference

14-08-2005 13:17

DSEi (Defence Systems & Equipment International) will this year be held from 13 - 16 September at ExCeL, London Docklands. DISARM DSEi is planning a week of action and resistance, including two days of workshops on Sunday 11th and Monday 12th September. These will be held in our convergence centre, in East London.

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Public Meeting. Brighton. We are all Terror Suspects.

14-08-2005 07:27

As a result of “Terror” legislation, the age old right to peacefully protest is under serious threat, with the banning of protest being introduced in central London and laws designed to protect people from stalkers being used to imprison people involved in protest as well as I.D cards, tagging, torture, imprisonment without trial…

Speakers from CAMPACC, Haldane Society Of Socialist Lawyers, Statewatch and Smash Edo (a Brighton based campaign to close down Edo/Mbm arms dealers) will discuss these and other subjects.

This meeting is free and open to all.
Wed 14th September 7-9pm
@Sussex arts club, 7 Ship Street. Brighton

Called by Campaign Against Criminalizing Communities (CAMPACC). Smash Edo. Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers and Stateswatch.

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Report back from Jerry Hicks talk in Cambridge

13-08-2005 20:01

Jerry Hicks, a sacked trade unionist working at the Bristol Rolls Royce plant, talked in Cambridge on the Thursday 11th August. The meeting was organized by the Marshall's Aerospace branch of the Amicus Union in Cambridge, but the audience was quite mixed with trade unionists sitting next to anti-war and social justice activists.

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Iraqis say 15 dead after military shooting -- but U.S. denies

13-08-2005 19:48

Iraqis say 15 dead after military shooting -- but U.S. denies

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Figures: UN's nuclear watchdog IAEA permanently controls Iran

13-08-2005 18:06

Coming September 3, when IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei reports on Iran's nuclear activities, the figures below will be used concerning the number of visits in the field to inspect in Iran.

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Activists remember Burundi's Gatumba massacre

13-08-2005 17:49

Victims of the Gatumba massacre
Human rights groups around the world are marking the first anniversary of the Gatumba massacre, in which more than 150 Congolese "Banyamulenge" Tutsis were killed, at a refugee camp in western Burundi.

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13-08-2005 14:57

Around forty Anti arms trade protestors were prevented from marching through Brighton today (saturday 13th August) by over 150 officers, some in public order gear with dogs.

The camapaigners were trying to draw attention to local arms dealers EDO MBM.

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EDO Brighton demo VIDEO

13-08-2005 14:41

4min/14mb video from EDO demonstration in Brighton, UK

13th of August 2005

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Sussex Police show customary restraint towards peace demo - ringleader nicked

13-08-2005 14:26

In a typically restrained and reasonable manner, Sussex Police stopped an attempted march through Brighton against local arms manufacturer EDO.

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Civil Liberties - Torture - An Idea For Our Time

13-08-2005 10:36

Civil Liberties
Torture - An Idea For Our Time

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Plowshares action in the Netherlands

13-08-2005 09:59

A 52-year old Italian peace activist disarmed two F-16 fighter airplanes last Wednesday. He managed to reach the planes unseen and used a hammer to damage the planes and the control system. He was caught and arrested as he was hammering on the second F16. The damages is said to be millions of euros.

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DISARM DSEi picket

12-08-2005 21:38

Picket Spearhead Exhibitions Ltd, organiser of DSEi, 1pm on the First and Third Mondays of every month, at Spearhead Exhibitions Ltd, Oriel House, 26 The Quadrant, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 1DL.

Next picket: Monday 15th August, 1pm

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Jan Benvie - second report from Baghdad

12-08-2005 15:07

This is a 800 word report from Scot Jan Benvie who is currently in Baghdad with Christian Peacemakers. One photo is attached.

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[audio] Ex-MI5 officer on London bombings and the War on Terror

12-08-2005 13:24

Trained professional intelligence analyst David Shayler has some serious problems with the mainstream media's interpretation of the London bombings and the War on Terror. With his anti-war hat on he suggests some ways forward.

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SchNEWS - Nuke Kids On The Bloc

12-08-2005 11:52

“US nuclear strategy is driven by a paranoid fear about the county’s vulnerability to weapons of mass destruction (WMD); pressure from the military-industrial complex for raising defence spending and creating new uses for nuclear weapons and the United States’ aspiration to remain the world’s sole superpower with an unparalleled nuclear might.” - Praful Bidwai, co-founder of the Movement in India for Nuclear Disarmament

Last weekend was the 60th anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki - and what better way for the world to commemorate than by ignoring global treaties and building more weapons of mass destruction.

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"Swiftboat Veterans to Overthrow Iran"

12-08-2005 03:27

As international showdown approaches with Iran, this article explores US techniques used to overthrow undesirable governments, typified by the notorious 'Swiftboat Veterans' who undermined John Kerry's bid for US President in 2004

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Pictures from Hiroshima Day Lantern Vigil

11-08-2005 23:42

Lanterns being dropped in the river...
As well as the Open Boat Day, also on the evening of Sunday August 7th, a lantern vigil to mark the 60th anniversary of the atom bomb being dropped on Hiroshima took place.