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The Gulf of Sneezes

11-02-2007 21:06

Military and intelligence sources with decades of experience in the Persian Gulf have warned EIR that once the second U.S. naval carrier group, led by the USS Stennis, arrives in the Persian Gulf sometime in the second half of February, there will be such a concentration of American and Iranian naval equipment in that narrow area, that "a sneeze" could start a conflagration.

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Peace Plane flies to Grammy Awards with message "Bring Our Troops Home Now"

11-02-2007 19:07

A small group of members from Democracy for America Miami and Miami Veterans for Peace have come up with a novel approach to broadcasting a message to end the occupation of Iraq: an aerial banner that reads, "Bring Our Troops Home Now". These two groups decided to first try their idea at this year's Super Bowl in Miami, but bad weather prevented the plane from taking off. Now the organizers have turned their attention to this Sunday's Grammy Awards, which will be in Los Angeles. A plane has been leased to fly the same message over the Staples Center where the Grammys are taking place.

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Israeli Plot to Create Buffer Zone in South Lebanon in Collusion with UN

11-02-2007 18:33

Hizbollah's Hasan Fadlallah MP unveiled an Israeli plot to create a "buffer zone" in south Lebanon in collusion with the United Nations and "the head of the unconstitutional government" Fouad Saniora. In a press conference, the member of the Loyalty to the Resistance Parliamentary Bloc said Israel was "seeking to create the buffer zone after it failed in its July war against Lebanon."

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A Strike on Iran would signify the Beginning of an Epoch of Nuclear War

11-02-2007 18:29

In my paper entitled "2007: Opening a New Page in the World's History", published in September, 2006, I examined the possibility that a US strike on Iran using small-scale nuclear munitions would to be launched, and that the strike would become the beginning of an epoch of nuclear wars. There were various responses to the paper. Some authors, including recognized experts, doubted the possibility of such a development. At present, few people doubt that there will be a strike on Iran. Rather, the question is whether nuclear or conventional weapons will be used in the offensive.

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Munic: Thousands protest against the NATO (pics+report)

11-02-2007 17:26

"It is the tragic of each and any democracy, that everybody here can tell freely his oppinion in public and that state representatives have to be protected in a democracy. In dictatorships things like that would not happen."
Horst Teltschik, organizer of the NATO-security conference in an interview given to BR 2

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Cambridge University arms investment demonstration, 10 Feb 2007

11-02-2007 13:36

On Saturday 10 February 2007, around 200 Cambridge students took part in a demonstration against investment by their colleges in the arms trade. Organised by Cambridge Students Against the Arms Trade (CSAAT), the participants assembled outside the Guildhall and marched around the the centre of Cambridge with chanting and banners before assembling on the lawn of the Senate House (where cards were checked so that only members of the university were admitted) to listen to speakers who included the local M.P. David Howarth.

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Second Day of Action Against Israeli Company Importing Valentine's Day Flowers

11-02-2007 08:38

Sunday 11th February 2007




Photos/Interviews, Call 07845039980, email

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“friendly fire” killing of British soldier by US pilots

11-02-2007 02:29

The scandal surrounding the release of video evidence of a British serviceman’s death by “friendly fire” underscores that the lies and deceit surrounding the illegal invasion of Iraq continue.

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Iran Attack: Once Again, the New York Times Serves as Propaganda Tool

11-02-2007 00:29

Recall, back in May of 2004, a superficially contrite New York Times editorial staff admitting it published “questionable” information about claims of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, information that ultimately paved the way for the slaughter of 650,000 Iraqis.

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Birmingham raids & racism in Britain

10-02-2007 20:32

here is a selection of news items on last week's 'terror raid' in Birmingham and two relevant articles on racism

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US Holocaust Commission and Holocaust denial

10-02-2007 14:52

The US recently successfully put a Resolution to UN General Assembly RIGHTLY condemning Holocaust Denial. However the Resolution ignored huge non-Jewish Holocausts e.g. the US-driven Iraqi Holocaust and thus was Holocaust Ignoring, something even WORSE than Holocaust Denial because it is Passive Holocaust Denial that admits of no refutation – who does one refute something that has not even been asserted?

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Report from Carmel-Agrexco Action

10-02-2007 14:37

Over 100 protesters gathered outside Israeli company Carmel-Agrexco's UK headquarters in Hayes, Middlesex, in a mass picket of the depot. Protesters are blocking both gates. At least 2 lorries have been turned away. There are Palestinian flags waving and someone has made a coffin covered with 'Carmel flowers'. Police have been stop-and-searching people without any legal basis. They also half-heartedly attempted to coral people into pens but haven't succeeded.

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What’s the Death Toll, Mr. Bush?

10-02-2007 14:07

The ever increasing, unmentionable death toll of U.S. military expansionism in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and elsewhere exceeds one million souls. The human casualties have achieved unification and consensus at last! The slogan of death is unutterable, perfectly silent and devastatingly effective! Devoid of tribe, nation, race, religion and every other divisive factor that contributed to their demise, all humans are united in death – they are finished! In death there are no ideologies, 'critical issues' or causes.

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A Warning to Africa: The New U.S. Imperial Grand Strategy

10-02-2007 10:19

Imperialism is constant for capitalism. But it passes through various phases as the system evolves. At present the world is experiencing a new age of imperialism marked by a U.S. grand strategy of global domination. One indication of how things have changed is that the U.S. military is now truly global in its operations with permanent bases on every continent, including Africa, where a new scramble for control is taking place focused on oil.

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Bashir remains preacher and teacher, says community

10-02-2007 02:47

Or he just doesn't like the US, CIA and Australia?
[If you form a triangle against someone you can push anyone out or seemingly into any position.]

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Chinese Smile vs American Gun

09-02-2007 17:19

China's President Hu Jintao re-establishes trade links with Africa vowing not to interfere with the sovereign rights of African nations. The net result of this soft approach is African nations clamouring to the Chinese whose trade links with Africa extend thousands of years into the past. Archaeologists have uncovered the remains of large African port cities containing artefacts and trade material from China and Africa. Large amounts of ceramics, ivory, gems, precious metals and a wealth of other artefacts reveal a long history of lively and thriving two-way trade between the two continents.

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Under the Spell of the Hegemon

09-02-2007 12:56

Empire-building is a blindness, delusion and false security. Since all people yearn for freedom and self-determination, imperial humbris is based on rewriting human nature and history, stylizing arrogance as a natural law and trashing international law and democratic empowerment. The empire sees the speck in her sister's eye but not the log in her own eye.

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Scooter Libby Outed Unit That Spied on Iran at Nuke Conference

09-02-2007 00:33

Scooter Libby is on trial for perjuring himself in regard to his outing of CIA operative Valerie Plame and thus her front company Brewster Jennings. Jean C. Edwards is a former CIA agent who recently listed Valerie Plame's famous CIA front company Brewster Jennings Associates as her own former employer. Edwards attended at least three conferences with nuclear engineers and scientists from Iran, Pakistan, and other prospective and actual nuclear nations, apparently to spy on them. The conferences were held in Trieste, Italy, in 1991, 1992, and 1995 while Edwards worked for the CIA. In the lists of attendees below, Edwards is listed as Jean C. Edwards from Jamaica.

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Oil in Darfur? Special Ops in Somali? New Old "Humanitarian" Warfare in Africa

09-02-2007 00:23

However, a sizeable few westerners see the Darfur conflict as merely the latest campaign to overthrow an Islamist government by any means necessary, where the necessary means, in the case of Darfur, might be described as a conspiracy to wage war on Sudan by using "peacekeeping" or "humanitarianism" as policy instruments in combination with international threats of military action. The respected bi-weekly journal, Africa Confidential, has described the recent "peace settlement" of March 2002—which ostensibly brought to a close the decades old war between north and south Sudan—as "regime change by stealth." Darfur was not included in the deal, and explosion of violence in Darfur, the journal noted, was rather suspect in its timing.

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The Watada Mistrial: Here's What Really Happened

08-02-2007 23:00

A first-hand report from the trial in Fort Lewis, Tacoma, Washington, another in the continuing series of historic trials of American military resisters to the Iraq War. Contrary to the current corporate spin, the judge was
doing just the opposite of "protecting Lt. Watada's rights" by declaring a mistrial.

Rather, the judge did not want this case to go to any factfinder who had any chance of being fully informed of Lt. Watada's belief that the war in Iraq is illegal. For more on the Watada trial and other resisters, go to