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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Rapier missiles at Dover & Ch' Tunnel

04-08-2005 15:33

'Rapier' misiles have been installed near the Channel Tunnel and the Port of Dover in a 'supposed' training exercise.

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Did July 7th bombs explode under trains?

04-08-2005 02:30

Victims of two of the three London tube explosions say the bombs went off under the trains. Their eyewitness accounts appear to contradict the theory that suicide bombers were responsible for killing 39 passengers on London's tube network that day.

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Scotland at war

03-08-2005 22:22

Clustered planes seen in the sky at night above Scotland

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"The Decline and Fall of the American Empire" [audio link]

03-08-2005 15:11

JOHAN GALTUNG ,founder and Director of TRANSCEND and professor of Peace Studies
A talk given at UC Santa Barbara, Nov. 23, 2004
"The Decline and Fall of the American Empire"

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All the alleged terrorists are Muslims

03-08-2005 06:31

Police aware of terror cells?
The AFP wants to misinform or spread disinformation in the community, by not providing the dangerous information they say they have, so we can be aware of the danger? But they want the community to share information with them about danger. Why is that? Why do we pay the AFP to lie to us about danger in the community, when communication is a two-way-street?

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NIGERGATE: 51st US STATE--ITALY--Exporter of War-Pretenses for ROVE, LEDEEN

02-08-2005 19:41

George Bush's Private Eye
Have our Italian friends consumed too much of MSG or prions in their pepperoni? Have they thus taken leave of their senses that they allow the US CIA to get away with kidnapping persons from Italy? Have they taken so many steroids in bulking up for the soccer game that they are so deficient of testosterone that they will not bring the 19 US spies in the Abu Omar opera to justice? Surely if the US can kidnap persons it wants from Milan's ancient streets, then Italy can publish photos of the 19 so they can be returned to Italy.

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Peace Tax Protest - still no day in court

02-08-2005 15:47

A High Court judge has rejected an appeal by the “Peace Tax Seven” for a full hearing over human rights and military taxation.

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Dutch government lies to protect Hutu-extremist killers in Burundi

02-08-2005 13:41

Agnes Van Ardenne: Thought FNL were just loveable rogues until August last year
"Sonofabitchism", Netherlands-style. What is the true nature of the Dutch government's relationship with Palipehutu-FNL?

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World Tribunal on Iraq : Final Declaration of the Jury of Conscience

02-08-2005 01:25

World Tribunal on Iraq - Jury of conscience
The World Tribunal on Iraq met in Istanbul from 24-26 June 2005. The principal objective of the WTI is to tell and disseminate the truth about the Iraq War, underscoring the accountability of those responsible and underlining the significance of justice for the Iraqi people. Here is the final declaration of the jury of conscience :

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arrests in parliament square

02-08-2005 00:54

world of fear
a peaceful protest against the new legisltion that makes all unauthorized protests illegal within 1km parameter of parliament square ended with the results of five arrests by the police...thanks for protecting us from these criminals!!

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UK Police use anti-terror law to disperse protest

02-08-2005 00:22

Five peace protestors were arrested today in a peaceful vigil outside the Houses of Parliament, as the Serious Organised Crime and Police Bill (SOCPB) was enforced for the first time in London.

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Portraits from Parliament Square

01-08-2005 23:00

Sinister Extremists!
I was so scared and intimidated by the unruly mob gathered in Parliament Square that I fled fearing for my own safety. As the pictures below prove this gang of would-be terrorists were on the brink of probably doing something. Today UK Indymedia is proud to announce the launch of it's campaign to get the brave bobbies that tackled them awarded George Crosses!

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01-08-2005 22:44

This is a 1,100 word article about Parliament Square peace protestor Brian Haw whose demonstartion has survived yet another attempt to evict him from the square. 13 labelled photos are attached.

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Leeds march and rally for peace - 10th September

01-08-2005 22:29

Stop the bombings, stop the war -
Peace and Unity in our community.

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Hiroshima Day Statement

01-08-2005 19:57

The following statement has been sent to Oxford MPs Andrew Smith and Evan Harris. Any peace groups that want to add their names, please get in touch

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New documentary addresses notorious question: Why Do They Hate Us?

01-08-2005 18:57

Why does the world "hate" America? What is the base of the growing "anti-Americanism" in most countries? An American filmmaker talks to the citizens of the world to find out.

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DSEi action planning meeting tonight!

01-08-2005 13:13

DSEi action planning meeting.
Tonight (Monday August 1st), 7pm, LARC, Fieldgate St, Whitechapel.

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Interview with Iraq Body Count Founder

01-08-2005 10:26

The Iraq Body Count has published a dossier on civilian casualties in Iraq over the last two years.
Three Monkeys Online carries an interview with Prof. John Sloboda, founder of IBC - to discuss the figures, their methodology, and criticisms of their work.

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Bin Laden my target, then where has he bin?

01-08-2005 06:58

So is this a sudden change in philosophy
Don't you just love it how prisoners are believed when the authorities want to believe them yet if a prisoner pleaded innocent they'd never believe them, ever, unless they were proven innocent beyond a reasonable doubt! So is this a sudden change in philosophy in the war on justice, human rights and liberty.

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All the wicked witches in Pakistan?

01-08-2005 00:59

Monitoring the witch-hunt
"Everybody has a right to get knowledge," said Abdul Samad of Britain, one of about 100 foreigners enrolled in Karachi.