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The Good Fight

23-01-2009 10:42

A day will come when Obama can’t hide behind a lame duck administration and mutter that there is “only one president at a time.” Israel’s murder and aggression will continue after the destruction of Gaza, and the naïve supporters who thought he might conduct a truly new foreign policy will turn their backs on him in disgust and anger when bombs fall in Lebanon or Gaza or Iran.

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History of Israeli Terror Killings & Gaza Aggression Timeline

23-01-2009 00:30

Gaza is full-scale war but just the latest bloodstained episode in Israel's six-decade reign of terror against Palestinians. Their ordeal continues in the West Bank and Gaza under siege, still attacked, and, as always, betrayed by the dominant media.

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a milltent thursday m&s picket 3rd week running

22-01-2009 23:46

Tonight around 15 angry protestors took part in a noisy and angry picket of Marks and Spencer, Britain's biggest corporate sponsor of Israel. A banner was held across the main entrance and information was distributed to passers-by. Many members of the public took the opportunity to join the picket and express their anger at Israel's actions in Gaza and Britain's continuing complicity.

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Demo about Heckler & Koch weapons activities, Market Square in Nottingham

22-01-2009 20:14

12.30pm on Thursday 22th January, people had gathered at the Council House Steps in Market Square, to protest about the activities of the gun manufacturer, Heckler & Koch. Offices of the company are based at Unit 3, Easter Park Industrial Estate on Lenton Lane, Nottingham.

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Film Night: Dealing And Wheeling In Small Arms

22-01-2009 18:09

Small World Cinema and NSPM present a film night about the international trade in small arms. The feature presentation is Dealing And Wheeling In Small Arms, a documentary about the uncontrolled spread of small arms, legal and illegal, from Europe into the war zones of Africa. This will be accompanied by "promotional break" consisting of short pro- and anti-gun videos. The films will be introduced by a speaker from Notts Anti-Militarism, and there will be a post-film Q&A for those who are interested in finding out more about the arms trade and opposition to it.

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Stop Exeter Uni's investment in the arms trade!

22-01-2009 14:51

In October 2005 a survey by Campaign Against the Arms Trade found that Exeter uni had the 7th highest number of shares in the arms trade for a UK university. In 2008 they refused to give figures for the survey – if they don’t still have shares in the arms trade it would have been ridiculous for them to do this!

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ISM London issues declaration supporting student occupations for Gaza

22-01-2009 14:07

22 January 2009: ISM London issues declaration supporting student occupations


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410 children killed by Israel in Gaza (by Latuff)

22-01-2009 11:53

410 children killed by Israel in Gaza
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of the valiant Palestinian people and their struggle for survive US backed IsraHell's state terror.

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Entrance to Arms Manufacturer Blocked by Newcastle Activists

22-01-2009 10:47

A group of activists from Newcastle locked themselves in a human chain blocking the entrance to BAE systems on Scotswood Rd early this morning in protest at the company's supplying of weapons used in the Gaza conflict and in atrocities across the world.

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Gaza! (by Latuff)

22-01-2009 08:56

Artwork I made for the Israel Apartheid Week. Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff on behalf of the brave Palestinian people and their struggle for survive U.S. backed IsraHell's state terror.

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Lift the blockade - Aid into Gaza! Bath demo - Sat 24th

22-01-2009 08:19

Following on from a 150 strong demo last weekend, bath Activist Network have called for a follow up demo this saturday. The protest will assemble at 12.30pm @Abbey courtyard, Bath.

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Netcu Watch // Steve Pearl and Netcu we know where you work...

21-01-2009 20:09

After some netcu related hilarity during the past few days demonstrations at Harlan, HLS Wooley and HLS Occuld we took PCs Bacon and the officer we know as "Dave" in to the main Cambridgeshire Police Headquaters. And a police officer dropped a real clanger.

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Audio: Two Sides, One Story - Cageprisoners National Tour - Sheffield

21-01-2009 01:37

On Tuesday 20th of January 2009 the Cageprisoners "Two Sides, One Story -- Guantanamo From Boths Sides of the Wire Tour" -- a tour to mark seven years of unlawful detention, abuse and torture, came to Sheffield. Christopher Arendt (former Guantanamo guard, Iraq Veterans Against War, ), Moazzam Begg (former Guantanamo prisoner, spokesperson for Cageprisoners, ) and Omar Deghayes (former Guantanamo prisoner, ) were introduced by Jillian Creasy on behalf of the Sheffield Guantanamo Campaign. It was an outstanding and very moving event and the audio of the meeting is attached and some photos follow.

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6000 march in Birmingham for Gaza but diversity of tactics stifled yet again

21-01-2009 01:30

Saturday the 17th January 2009 saw the biggest demonstration in Birmingham since the beginning of the invasion of Iraq. 6000 people were estimated to be present at the march to protest their anger at the murder of over 1300 Palestinians in Gaza, our government’s total failure to take any diplomatic action, and the corporate media’s predominantly pro-Zionist stance.

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Gaza: Analysis, Pictures, Video Material - Comprehensive Review

21-01-2009 00:50

We are e-mailing, writing media and politicians, sharing ideas and developing strategies to develop the Boycotts, Divestments, and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel as well as bringing Israeli leaders to justice for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Please begin to or expand your work in your community for BDS. For resources and tools, we are listing below links to: pictures and video, facts on Gaza, Declarations by the UN and human rights groups, political analysis, and the link to 25 actions to do.

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Israel Officers Warned Not to Travel To Europe (Fear Of War-Crime Arrest)

20-01-2009 23:28

High Israeli Officials have been warned not to travel to the UK or Europe for fear of being arrested for War Crimes in Gaza.

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Notts Anti Military Meeting

20-01-2009 17:47

A meeting hosted by Nottingham Anti Military group will be held at the Sumac Centre, Gladstone Street, Forestfields, on Wednesday 21st January 2009 at 7.30pm.

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While Israeli children return to school, kids in Gaza sift through rubble to find bodies of friends

20-01-2009 14:18

Image from
Israeli media reported Monday that Israeli children from the town of Sderot have returned to school and normalcy. Meanwhile, children in every part of the Gaza Strip are either bleeding in overcrowded hospitals or sifting through the rubble of what used to be their schools, mosques and homes.

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Another EDO Decomissioner Bailed. 2 Rearrested for Raytheon action

20-01-2009 12:57

A woman who was injured when she took part in the EDO MBM decomissioning action at the weekend has now been bailed on strict conditions and a curfew to an address in Bristol.

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weapons factory gets factored out of circulation for abit

20-01-2009 00:30

Please spread the wink - like wildflowers.