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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Smash Edo Video Update

12-07-2007 16:48

First in a series of video updates froom the Smash EDO Campaign

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Scotland United Against Terrorism

12-07-2007 10:13

Scotland United Against Terrorism
It's been an incredible week. The despondency of the attack on Glasgow airport a week ago was turned on it's head in Glasgow today at the extraordinary Scotland United Against Terrorism rally.

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"Accidents" of War: The Time Has Come for an Honest Discussion of Air Power

12-07-2007 09:15

The first news stories about the most notorious massacre of the Vietnam War were picked up the morning after from an Army publicity release. These proved fairly typical for the war. On its front page, the New York Times labeled the operation in and around a village called My Lai 4 (or "Pinkville," as it was known to U.S. forces in the area) a significant success. "American troops caught a North Vietnamese force in a pincer movement on the central coastal plain yesterday, killing 128 enemy soldiers in day-long fighting." United Press International termed what happened there an "impressive victory," and added a bit of patriotic color: "The Vietcong broke and ran for their hide-out tunnels. Six-and-a-half hours later, ‘Pink Village' had become ‘Red, White and Blue Village."

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UN commander in Golan 'worried by Israel's actions'

12-07-2007 06:01

Israeli Military, Extremists Prepare For Next War

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Filipina Senator Opposes Arroyo State Terrrorism & U.S. Imperialism

12-07-2007 01:37

Senator Madrigal with NDF representatives Louie Jalandoni and Jose Maria Sison
Of distinguished progressive lineage, Senator Jamby Madrigal of the Philippines takes a principled stand critical of the Arroyo regime's bloody and brutal repression of Filipinos backed by the Bush neocons. This article provides the historical context for the Philippine crisis and Senator Madrigal's views on U.S. imperialism in the neocolony and its complicity with State-terrorist repression of citizens by extrajudicial political killings and forced disappearances already condemned by the UN, Amnesty International, World Council of Churches, Human Rights Watch, and the Permanent People's Tribunal of Europe.

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Revealed: UK Govt Willing To Break International Law to Protect Arms Deal

11-07-2007 21:35

UK Government Was Willing to Break International Law to Quash BAE Investigation

(Source: Campaign Against Arms Trade; issued July 9, 2007)

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Canadian PM says NO to extending Afghan combat mission

11-07-2007 17:09

Cdn Prime Minister Harper says he has no desire to prolong Canada’s combat mission in southern Afghanistan beyond 2009

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The Observer under investigation for breach of accurate reporting on Iran

10-07-2007 22:41

The Press Complaint Commission in the UK have launched an investigation into the complaint brought against the Observer newspaper by Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran (CASMII), for the Observer's breach of the journalistic codes of Accuracy and Opportunity to Reply in its reporting on Iran.

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The State of the 'Criminal' Justice System

10-07-2007 15:38

I am 14 years old, and am being dragged through the courts on a jumped up charge, whilst the police make every attempt to make me plead guilty.

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UK terrorism (part 5) by Latuff

10-07-2007 09:45

UK terrorism, part 5
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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On Cue, “al-Qaeda” Threatens Iran

10-07-2007 09:21

On the one hand, “al-Qaeda” supposedly declares a hankering to attack Iran, while on the other, according to NewsroomAmerica, “al-Qaeda” is “using Iran to organize and launch operations against U.S. and coalition forces in Iraq and elsewhere, western officials say…. The Financial Times reports that while the extent of al-Qaeda operations based in Iran isn’t clear, it is believed to be taking place with the direct approval of Iran’s hardline Islamic government.”

Go figure.

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UK terrorism (part 4) by Latuff

09-07-2007 22:23

Postcard from London
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Curiouser and Curiouser: St Athan Military Academy and the Future of Wales

09-07-2007 16:58

Around 40 activists from across Wales met on Sat. 7 July at the Temple of Peace in Cardiff to plan a campaign against the building of a new military academy at St Athan. The vast, privately-owned training school will be run by a consortium ‘Metrix’, with partners including arms manufacturers Raytheon and the Open University. Plans for the academy have been welcomed by all the major political parties in Wales, and by Wales TUC.

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No more DESO

09-07-2007 13:25

DESO, the government department for funding and lobbying for the UK arms industry, is to be scrapped.

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US Middle East Wars: Social Opposition and Political Impotence

09-07-2007 12:35

Everywhere I visit from Copenhagen to Istanbul, Patagonia to Mexico City, journalists and academics, trade unionists and businesspeople, as well as ordinary citizens, inevitably ask me why the US public tolerates the killing of over a million Iraqis over the last two decades, and thousands of Afghans since 2001?

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The Blair Legacy: What did the British Expect?

09-07-2007 08:00

Why is there such anguish over Blair's legacy? Labour in power serve the same interests as the conservatives and Blair was part of that tradition.

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UK terrorism (part 3) by Latuff

09-07-2007 01:16

UK terrorism, part 3
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Footprints for Peace Weekend - July 14th and 15th

08-07-2007 22:48

Footprints for Peace are a group of people from Australia. They are on an Interfaith peace walk which started in Dublin and aims to be in London on August 6th to mark the anniversary of Hiroshima Day. They have already stopped at several nuclear facilities like Fillingdales, Faslane, and Sellafield and they will later be stopping at Aldermaston. They will be arriving in Nottingham on Saturday 14th July.

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Women in Black continue monthly vigil in Cardiff

08-07-2007 22:43

Women in Black held their regular monthly vigil on the steps of the National Museum in Cardiff on Saturday. The vigil takes place on the first Saturday of every month, from 12 noon - 1pm.

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UK terrorism (part 2) by Latuff

08-07-2007 06:57

UK terrorism (part 2)
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.