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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Photos from Ramallah, West Bank and a short report.

23-01-2005 00:47

Apartheid wall.
Here are three photos from Palestine showing the Apartheid wall and the stopping nad searching of Palestinians by Israeli soldiers.

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Protests and Counter-Inauguration at Bush Coronation

22-01-2005 19:58

Heard about the protests at Bush’s inauguration this week? No? Little attention has been paid to the protests, but some ten thousand people gathered in Washington DC to register their opposition to the Texan tea-leaf, and smaller demonstrations occurred all over the US.

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New Labour, New War Crimes

22-01-2005 19:31

election day posters?

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Labour war crimes poster

22-01-2005 14:43

Just got this from Progressive Webgroup Alliance mailing list

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Rumsfeld cancels trip to Germany after war crimes accusations

22-01-2005 08:36

US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld cancelled a planned visit to Germany after a US human rights organisation asked German authorities to prosecute him for war crimes, Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa) has learned.

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a planetary embrace

21-01-2005 18:37

We ourselves, the "weak" are actualy stronger than the "strong". In Washington the celebration of Bush election only have been reached after using so many military ressources that demonstrate that they, the "strong" are really, really affraid; and they will be more and more afraid until they discover that this were not the way.
For us, the "weak", maybe the way begin calling them what they are.

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DC IMC Bush Protests Precis - "Insurgents" Delay "Second Coming"

21-01-2005 06:38

short precis from Washington - dc imc - on the counter-inaugural protests 20th jan 05
- see below

(+ funniest pic of the day award - Vice President Cheney's Limo hit by Snowball :-)

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Pics from anti-bush vigil at US Embassy London

20-01-2005 21:00

Jan 20th 2005: Pics from the candlelit protest outside the US Embassy, Grosvenor Square London, coinciding with the inauguration of Bush in Washington DC US.

There were one hundred candles - each representing one thousand Iraqi civilians killed since the invasion.

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Dublin Catholic Worker Protests Bush Coronation

20-01-2005 17:58

Dublin Catholic Worker Protests Bush Coronation & Remembers the Names of the Dead

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Palestine and the UN - Public Meeting - Brighton

20-01-2005 14:00

Public Meeting on Palestine and the UN with David Roberts from the Campign for UN Renewal

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Troops Out Public Meeting:Camberwell

20-01-2005 10:17

Troops Out-End the Occupation of Iraq-Public Meeting

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Regime Change in Iran

19-01-2005 13:34

The Zion War Train just keeps rolling along.

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Review of Danny Schechter's new film `WMD - weapons of mass deception`

19-01-2005 05:41

Major media do not want you to see this film!
This is a detailed review with photos of independent filmmaker and Emmy award winning journalist Danny Schechter's latest film `WMD - weapons of mass deception`.

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Bush to Visit Brussells - Red Carpet & Flowers

18-01-2005 16:16

will the fomenter of war and chaos be greeted with cheers and flowers?

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Brighton ISM talk

18-01-2005 15:24

Monday 24th January, Cowley Club, London Road, Brighton 6-8
ISMers recently in Palestine will be talking about their experiences and showing video footage.

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Is Syria Next?

18-01-2005 15:12

Once again the disinformation is being spread, that Syria is where the terrorists are coming from, that Syria is harbouring terrorist training camps, that Syria is supporting insurgents in Iraq.

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Caterkiller cause the real criminal damage

18-01-2005 13:30

An activist was given a 12 month conditional discharge for criminal damage and ordered to pay £364 costs at Solihull magistrates yesterday for 'scuffing' a Caterkiller boss' comapny car. The activist was involved in a protest in June last year against Caterkiller's sale of D9, D10 and D11 armoured bulldozers to the Israeli military.

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Let's Move! An Appeal to the Global Conscience

17-01-2005 12:22

To those who consider the war in Iraq a mistake but still fear the consequences of military withdrawal, we ask these questions: when will enough be enough? If not now, when?

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Iraqi Insurgents Responsible for Fewer "Collateral" Casualties than American For

15-01-2005 15:45

In a much publicized article in The Atlantic Monthly, William Langewiesche wrote: "For the most part, . . . the insurgents' attacks are less nihilistic than they are logical and precisely focused, whether against the American coalition and its camp followers or their Iraqi agents and collaborators. The truth is that however vicious or even sadistic the insurgents may be, they are acutely aware of their popular base, and are responsible for fewer unintentional 'collateral' casualties than are the clumsy and overarmed American forces" ("Letter from Baghdad," January/February 2005).

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`Dear Mrs Blair` shows at the Scottish Parliament.

14-01-2005 14:12

View of the new Scottish Parliament.
This is a short report with photos of the showing of the film `Dear Mrs Blair` at the Scottish Parliament on Thursday 13th January 2005.