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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Little Peace Boat on the way to Climate Camp, arrives in Brighton Marina

23-07-2008 10:47

Peter under sail on the "Be Disarming"
Update on veteran peace campaigner,
Peter Le Mare, in his Little Peace Boat,
"Be Disarming"
...on the way to The Climate Camp and then to Westminster, London for this 50th anniversary year of CND peace symbol on Hiroshima Day, August 6, draw attention to the linked problems of Catastrophic Climate Change and World Peace.

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Demo press release: Binyam Mohamed: 30 tomorrow!

23-07-2008 07:21

THE LONDON GUANTÁNAMO CAMPAIGN is to hold a mock birthday party outside 10 Downing St, on Thursday the 24th of July, from 6 to 8pm for Binyam Mohamed, the last Londoner in Guantanamo Bay.

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Guardian Story Reveals Brown a Christian Zionist

22-07-2008 05:25

The Guardian shamelessly repeats Brown's long-refuted LIE that Iran's president threatened to "wipe Israel off the map", and frames its story in the language being used by the belligerent parties in Israel and the US, the ones threatening another illegal war, the ones who have created the illusion of a crisis, in order to feign justification for a war they planned years ago.

But to its credit, they've also outed Brown as a Zionist, and all future statements by this dangerous and irresponsible sycophant should be considered with this in mind.

No Middle East Peace Without Tough Love

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Dictatorial Powers

21-07-2008 12:25

"Based on advice given to Donald Rumsfeld by Defense Department lawyers regarding the use of isolation at Guantánamo, when the lawyers warned that it was "not known to have been generally used for interrogation purposes for longer than 30 days," Marri has now been held in solitary confinement for 66 times longer than the amount of time recommended by the Pentagon's own lawyers (this figure includes the six months that he spent in isolation in Peoria County Jail and the Metropolitan Correction Center in New York, before being transferred to Charleston)."

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South London Film Screening Tonight: On The Verge, Smash EDO

21-07-2008 08:56

@ Pullens Centre, 184 Crampton Street, Walworth, London, SE17 3AE (Close to Elephant & Castle Tube - Northern Line)

Free entry / donation

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Free the Cuban 5 Solidarity Demonstration Edinburgh 12-3

21-07-2008 06:20

Saturday 26 July - Free the Cuban Five demonstration!

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Day of action for Burma in Chester

19-07-2008 20:33

A rather damp and windswept stall
Wrexham Women for Peace and supporters held a stall for Burma in Chester city centre today, to encourage people to boycott TOTAL petrol stations, to call for the release of all political prisoners in Burma, and to support those affected by Cyclone Nargis. In the afternoon, there was a demo outside Hoole TOTAL petrol station.

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Bastille Day Card - Support Liberty in Burma

19-07-2008 14:08

On July 14th, three members of celebrated Bastille Day at the Institute Francais in London, calling on "Liberty Equality and Fraternity" with the Burmese "liberty" movement and the heroic prisoners of conscience in Burma. A Bastille Day card with approximately 150 signatures was sent to President Nicolas Sarkozy care of the French Embassy in London, highlighting French Total Oil's continuing shameful collaboration with the brutal Burmese dictatorship and calling for liberty for Burma.

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Start of 6 Days for 6 Years Vigil Outside US Embassy, London

19-07-2008 11:31

The London Guantánamo Campaign is holding a week-long continuous vigil outside the US Embassy in Mayfair, London, in the run up to Binyam Mohamed's 30th birthday on 24 July. Held illegally for 6 years, enough is enough. It's time for justice and the US to releasr Binyam...

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Freedom to Protest Court Case - Smash EDO Protester Appeals Conviction

18-07-2008 10:48

Smash EDO Press Release

18th July 2008

Freedom to Protest Court Case - Smash EDO Protester Appeals Conviction

For more info tel 07875708873, e mail

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Kucinich Says Unidentified Foreign Official Wants to Speak at Impeachment Talks

18-07-2008 02:43

Any guesses?

The Dems won't actually take any real action, but it is interesting that the crimes of Bush the Lesser will at least get some 'official' airing.

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Stop the War Activist in Nottingham Magistrates Court

18-07-2008 00:40

0n Thursday afternoon, 17th July, people gathered to demonstrate outside Nottingham Magistrates Court (off Carrington Street), in support of Henry Twigger.

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Saving Iceland Camp 2008 Begun

17-07-2008 22:25

Map of planned heavy industry and energy projects
The 4th Saving Iceland action camp has now begun in a beautiful threatened geothermal valley beside Hellisheiðisvirkjun in the Hengill area, where it will target the expansion of the geothermal power station for the Grundartangi plant and other Southwestern heavy industry projects.

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Army Recruitment, The Strand...

17-07-2008 20:15

Union flag for the 'recruiters' and for the 'dead'.
Anti-war protesters and activists gather in the Strand, London, to hold a protest outside the British Army recruiting office not far from Trafalgar Square.

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Smash EDO Update

17-07-2008 18:05

Next Big Demo/ Fundraising/ Freedom to Protest Court Case/ 'On the Verge' Screenings

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Communique: Perama Police Station Arson in Athens

17-07-2008 14:58

Report from mass-media ( A "red beret"-styled incendiary attack by around 20 hooded persons was realised at 5:30 in the dawn against the Police Station of Perama. The unidentified persons riding 10 motorbikes targeted the parked patrol cars outside the Police Station. The youth hurled two molotovs and a firework to provoke confusion and then threw 41 gas canisters beyond the police patrol cars and next to the police motorbikes. From the fire caused, 3 vehicles were totally wrecked, and another two seriously damaged. More than 4 motorbikes were burnt. Local residents were terrified from the loud blasts. Policemen found dozens of gas canisters near the police station. The perpetrators of the attack, on their way back, set a garbage bin on fire and set it on Irinis Avenue as a barricade, to make the police hunt after them more difficult.

A translation of the communique sent via e-mail to

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film showing of "Rendition" followed by a talk on Extraordinary Rendition

16-07-2008 17:35

The London Guantánamo Campaign and Brent Stop The War invite you to a FREE film showing of the film "Rendition" followed by a discussion with Andy Worthington from Reprieve about the topical issue of extraordinary rendition, the CIA-sponsored and international government-backed programme of the kidnap, transfer and torture of human beings

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Army Recruitment Centre Demonstration

15-07-2008 12:11

Policemen waiting for us at the meeting point in Waterloo station
Peace activists show their objection to the recruitment of young men and women for the war machine outside of an army careers office.

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Happy Birthday Binyam! actions: 6 Days for Six Year (18-24 July) & 24/7 demo

14-07-2008 14:42

End GTMO terror
Binyam Mohamed will be 30 years old on 24 July. Unlike most other people aged 30, on that day, Binyam will have spent one out of every five years of his life in illegal American detention. Join us for a week-long vigil outside the US Embassy in Mayfair (18-24 July) and/or at the 24/7 demo opposite Downing Street.

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July 11th 2008 - International Day of Truth Action - Photos

13-07-2008 20:34

London BBC Television Centre
Photos from the London protest at the BBC in White City and from protests around the world from the autonomous grassroots campaign for International Days of Truth Action on the Eleventh Day of Every Month until Justice.