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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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The Futility of UN Security Council Resolutions

14-06-2010 11:27

Israeli ambassador gestures during the UN Human Rights Council session, 24/03/10
Although the United Nations Security Council, which some politicians believe is one of the most undemocratic organizations in the world, voted in favor of a fourth round of sanctions against Iran over its uranium enrichment program, global public opinion is well aware of the fact that 15 countries, 5 of which are entitled to remain in an unquestionable monopoly and dominance, cannot in reality represent the interests of the international community.

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How the CIA Steals Money From Taxpayers

14-06-2010 08:23

In 1989 Catherine Austin Fitts became Assistant Secretary for Housing in Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). She began to notice money was not properly tracked as it moved between different HUD departments and there was a lack of proper accounting mechanisms to deal with discrepancies in revenue indicated fraud at an alarming level. [28] She attempted to put in place some credible financial tracking mechanisms to identify where the money was going and to identify the responsible individuals and HUD departments, but after 18 months on the job she was suddenly fired by the Bush administration. Fitts was told the day after she left that her financial reforms through ‘place-based financial accounting and statements’ would also be terminated. [29]

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Democracy Village - Sat 12 June - pics

13-06-2010 20:56

Images from the Democracy Village in Parliament Square on Saturday, 12 June 2010 - more interesting than Trooping the Colour.

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UN "green light" for a pre-emptive US-Israel attack on Iran?

13-06-2010 10:07

Sunday Times, 13 July 2008
The UN Security Council resolution grants a de facto "green light"; to wage a pre-emptive war against Iran, which has been on the Pentagon's drawing board since 2004. It prevents Russia and China to sell both strategic and conventional weapons and military technology to their de facto ally: Iran. At the same time, by barring Iran from purchasing conventional military equipment, the resolution prevents Iran from defending itself from a US-NATO-Israel attack.

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Peace News Summer Camp 2010: Confirmed workshops to date

11-06-2010 18:58

Join people from across the broad spectrum of the British peace movement for five days of exploration, celebration and empowerment!

This year's themes this years themes include: feminism and peace; sharing our skills; challenging the military; engaging with other movements; radicalising our lives; and debating nonviolence (see below for more info).

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Heckle those kocks 2: Return of the Kocks

11-06-2010 14:39

Back without demand the fun fiasco that is a Heckle those Kocks karaoke night.

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Obama's charade on Iran sanctions

10-06-2010 19:46

The Obama Administration has already “checked the box” to show that engaging Iran doesn’t work. Now it has started the process of “checking the box” to show that the “broadest and toughest” sanctions ever imposed on the Islamic Republic don’t work. And that will leave the Obama Administration with no other options except formal adoption of regime change as the explicit goal of its Iran policy—and/or military strikes against the Islamic Republic.

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Military watershed: Longest war in U.S. and Afghan history

10-06-2010 18:44

NATO defense ministers’meeting at the NATO headquarters, Brussels, 10 June 2010
This week news about the U.S. and North Atlantic Treaty Organization armed conflict in Afghanistan, the most large-scale and the longest-running war in the world, has begun to penetrate the wall of public relations and complacency erected by Washington during the past year’s unparalleled military escalation in the South Asian nation.

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Condemnation of Israel’s Attack on Humanitarian Aid to Gaza

10-06-2010 13:01

The Mindanao Peoples’ Peace Movement a coalition of more than a hundred multi-sectoral, peace and human rights organizations coming from the grassroots tri-peoples communities in Mindanao would like to add our voice to raging protests worldwide against Israel’s attack on the Freedom Flotilla on international waters on the morning of May 31,2010 which resulted to the death of nine (9) peace and human rights activists while injuring others and the subsequent arrest of the MV Rachel Corrie on June 6,2010.

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Activists deliver boat to Downing Street to protest Israeli impunity

10-06-2010 11:27

Message to Number 10
A group of activists dropped a 12 foot dingy outside Downing Street at around 8.30am this morning to protest against the British government’s continued support for Israel in the wake of its deadly raid on the Gaza Freedom flotilla on Monday May 31st.

The activists drew attention to the influence of the Zionist lobby over many MPs and the media, an influence that reinforces the impunity enjoyed by Israel even when it commits murderous crimes in breach of international law. The demonstrators made an explicit link between the Zionist lobby and the UK government’s proposed changes to universal jurisdiction, which are due to be introduced this month.

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Iran and the latest UNSC sanctions: the US game-plan revealed

09-06-2010 22:33

Today, the UNSC is scheduled to vote on Iran sanctions and they will probably pass. There is a lot of debate on the importance of sanctions and what it all means etc. But instead of concentrating so much on the latest news, we have to step back and observe the overall-pattern which is emerging to see what's really going on.

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Brazil slams UN Security Council Sanctions Resolution against Iran

09-06-2010 20:16

Brazil's ambassador votes against the UN Security Council sanctions on Iran
The following is the statement by Brazil, a UN Security Council member, read to the council yesterday, strongly opposing the new sanctions resolution against Iran. The resolution was adopted today under the pressure of the US, UK and France. Turkey and Brazil voted against and Lebanon abstained.

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Trail of Tears for Afghanistan - 25 June to 1 July - London to Colchester

09-06-2010 20:13


25 June - 1 July 2010



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Action for Gaza bank and motorway shut Bristol city centre

09-06-2010 19:35

Just had this report phoned in more to follow I'm sure.

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Iran's disappeared nuclear scientist: Video points to unlawful US abduction

09-06-2010 09:34

Shahram Amiri
The mysterious disappearance of an Iranian nuclear scientist took another twist with the broadcast of a video message in which he claims that he was abducted by American and Saudi intelligence agents and taken to the US where is being held against his will.

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Israel Is Fueling Anti-Americanism among U.S. Allies

09-06-2010 05:16

Biden is the least qualified to allay Arab anger for being the most vocal among U.S. officials in “legitimizing” Israel’s blunder. The Gaza flotilla episode has dispelled the benefit of doubt the Arab allies have given to President Barak Obama’s promises of change in U.S. foreign policy in their region.

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The Gaza Freedom Flotilla and Al Qaeda: Israeli propaganda exposed

08-06-2010 22:59

Tel Aviv deliberately invoked Al-Qaeda, the horrors of Auschwitz, and the tragic attacks of September 11, 2001 to demonize the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, but in so doing it has revealed its machinations and fabrications.

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Anti-capitalists attack in Bristol - liberation for Palestine, and not only.

08-06-2010 15:25

Last night, a group of individuals decided to turn their anger into action - striking a number of targets on Whiteladies Road. The list is this:
HSBC bank, windows smashed with hammers, red paint thrown inside
Morgan Beddoe estate agent, every window smashed in reach and damage to door
Conservative Party office just off Whiteladies Road, window smashed
Territorial Army, windscreens smashed on their civilian vehicles in the car park.

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Solidarity Vigil for Gaza, Saturday June 5th

07-06-2010 11:06

It was a busy day for activism in Cambridge City on Saturday June 5th, with Campalsoc staging a solidarity vigil in response to the week's events, while on the other side of town, and then later in the day a party took place in protest at the forced closure of Strawberry Fair, but more about that soon in another item.

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Was the Obama Administration involved in the Planning of the Israeli Attack?

07-06-2010 09:28

May 26 meeting between Rahm Emmanuel and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu
The Broader Military Agenda

The Israeli Navy Commando had prior knowledge of who was on the Turkish ship
including where passengers were residing in terms of cabin layout. According
to Swedish author Henning Mankell, who was on board the Marmara , "the
Israeli forces attacked sleeping civilians."