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Corporate Media Grooms “Diplomatic Row” Over “Kidnapped” Brit Marines

24-03-2007 17:11

The Brits appear to be guilty of staging “a deliberate provocation” by taunting the Iranians, who are rightfully paranoid of having their cities and populace shock and awed by the neocons.

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Silvia Cattori interviews von Sponeck

24-03-2007 14:43

Hans von Sponeck: To those who are violating human rights, I would say: You must live with your own guilty conscience, and how can you, in the light of all the evident damage, live with your guilty conscience? ...

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9/11 Lie In Rough Shape

24-03-2007 14:35

Recent media attacks - by people it has since been exposed are employed by the Bush/PNAC Regime - against American celebrities who support an investigation highlight the fear being created by the failure of the cover-up. Please, keep up the pressure.

The most damning fact is that the War Criminals, Profiteers, and LIARS cannot present any hard evidence to support their own Conspiracy Theory, well over five years after the fact. Even their FBI Director admits there is no evidence linking "al Qaeda" to the attacks.

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DISARM DSEi public meeting

24-03-2007 14:30

Saturday 28th April 2007, 2pm
ULU (University of London Union), Malet Street, London WC1E 7HY

Come along and get involved in the campaign to shut down DSEi 2007.

It is likely there will be police photographers outside the meeting. You may wish to wear a scarf in this cold weather.

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The Failure of Modern Western Society

24-03-2007 08:52

Wind down from your artificially induced stress/pace and confront your personal reality – take stock for a moment. Your existence has been confined to sustaining and maintaining a system that makes ever-increasing demands on your liberty and freedom – the pillars upon which joy and satisfaction are built/derived! The frenzied pace of western society is largely the result of the manic need for ever increasing profits and greater concentrations of wealth in the fewest possible hands, which inevitably makes higher demands on those at the bottom of the financial scale. Obtaining wealth is simply a matter of applying unfair downward pressure in favour of upward flowing benefits; wealth is not created it is the result of manipulation and/or theft – the historical record bears this out. Put simply, profit is exploitation/theft!

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Navigating the web of lies and hoaxes seeded against Venezuela’s Government

24-03-2007 00:49

VHeadline en Español News Editor Jesus Nery Barrios writes: Continuing our cyber crusade, navigating the web of lies and hoaxes seeded against Venezuela’s Bolivarian Government, President Hugo Chavez and its brave people in the mainstream media, and to show readers the other side of the coin, allowing them to achieve some balance in the information they receive and to arrive at their own conclusions, we find yet another oft-reiterated topic concerning the land of Simon Bolivar, Luis Aparicio and Jacinto Convit (the Venezuelan physician who discovered a vaccine for leprosy).

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Washington's Covert War inside Iran

24-03-2007 00:30

Much attention has been given to the Bush Administration’s preparations for possible war against Iran as well as its drive to impose sanctions. Meanwhile, a less noticed policy has been unfolding, one that may in time prove to have grave consequences for the region. There is a covert war underway in Iran, still in its infancy, but with disturbing signs of impending escalation.

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Afghans now rejecting NATO troops - for Taliban

23-03-2007 19:51

Senlis Council’s Norine MacDonald QC. said:
“The results from the survey are extremely alarming because they indicate that the international community is in serious trouble in Afghanistan .

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Belgian MPs Unanimously Confirm Uranium Weapons Ban

23-03-2007 11:02

On Thursday 22th March 117 MPs from across the political spectrum unanimously backed the Chamber Commission on National Defence's March 7th decision to outlaw uranium weapons and armour plate.

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Students stick together for peace

23-03-2007 09:25

This morning Bradford students took part in one of the most daring and creative acts of civil disobedience ever seen at Faslane Naval base. Ten of them superglued themselves together outside the North Gate whilst another four chained themselves together outside the South Gate, effectively shutting the base.

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Dialog among Civilizations: Whytalksfail? Part-1

23-03-2007 05:15

This analysis explores why dialogs among civilizations continually fail to produce results by showcasing one short dialog as an illustrative example. The showcased dialog is meant to illustrate the depth of passion, preconceptions, and self-interests that often formulate opposing view points such that if ever they come together for a discussion, they fail to communicate despite all the rationality and compassion they can muster in the best of cases, friends. The Preamble is informally structured into three seamless sections. First section is the narrative that highlights vast disparity in views, emotional affiliations, and cultural attachments, as exemplary of any deeply contentious and dichotomous problem space that is insoluble and irresolute under current best practices among nations and peoples. The second section is the analysis that points towards a rational approach that can potentially make this problem tractable and make contentious dialogs among civilizations actually work despite jealously coddled self-interests. It further examines a snippet from a dialog between former American President Jimmy Carter and his detractors on his own new book "Palestine, Peace not Apartheid" to extend the analysis. The third section develops the rational solution space by proposing a strangely commonsensical algorithm that has hitherto been ignored by nations and statesmen alike, like the proverbial trumpeting elephant in the bridal suite. It further makes suggestions on how to globally deploy this algorithm to validate its premise. The Preamble is followed by a short illustrative dialog in the form of letters and replies to demonstrate how dialogs fail. The illustrative sequence showcasing where it succeeds is left for Part-2. Hopefully that will happen - by employing the commonsensical algorithm developed here - before another civilization is made to hit the dust at the hands of hectoring hegemons!

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Pete Seeger for Nobel Peace Prize

23-03-2007 00:51

To read and sign the petition to American Friends Service Committee to nominate Pete Seeger for the Nobel Peace Prize go to:

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Fighter Training

22-03-2007 17:39

An upcoming conferenec on Fighter pilot training, sponsored by Israeli Aerospace industries may be of interest to readers

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Cultural Barbarians are at the Gate

22-03-2007 17:25

Presently we Iranian are facing two facets of US militaristic doctrine, on one hand, we can see their exercise of hard power and our country being encircled by US armies to the east, west and south. On the other hand, they are constantly flexing their soft power and there is no day that western media are filled with rumour, exaggerated claims and bare faced lie.

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massive westminster security breach - won't be on mainstream

22-03-2007 13:11

yesterday afternoon, a lone protester drove her car through the main gates into the westminster compound, her aim to perform a citizen's arrest on tony blair. this was a massive breach of security, but police are anxious to keep it quiet for all sorts of reasons, so i doubt you'll hear about it on mainstream media.

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Removing a lock-on

22-03-2007 01:42

Start by reviewing the situation (take as long as you like :)
Photos of the removal of the successful blockade of Faslane on Monday

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George W. Bush's Ides of March

22-03-2007 01:06

For Iraq, March brings not alone the fourth anniversary of the illegal US led invasion, butalso the memory of the 1991 'turkey shoot' on the Basra Road and the US encouraged uprisings in the south and north - then bloodily put down - with US assistance. March marked the beginning of the forty day period of mourning for the thousands of retreating conscripts and civilian families incinerated in their vehicles, when B52's bombed the front and back of the sixty mile convoy, then relentlessly bombed the rest 'like sitting ducks', as one pilot explained.

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Over 100 nations support South Africa’s call for a “time out” on new UN sanction

22-03-2007 00:21

Campaigners claimed today that South Africa’s backing for a 90-day time out before any further sanctions against Iran are considered, has the support of over 100 nations. The idea for a time out, first proposed by Mohammed ElBradei, the Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, would be supported by all the 56 signatory nations of the Baku Declaration as well as a majority of the 118 nations of the Non-Aligned movement, according to academics in London and Washington.

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"Naming the Dead" ceremony in Reading, Berks.

21-03-2007 09:15

Peace activists mark 4th anniversary of Iraq war

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21-03-2007 02:39

Peace demonstrations were held in over 1,000 U.S. towns and cities, as well as in hundreds of locations around the world, over the March 17-19 weekend.