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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Join the Army: Be depressed - Protest this Saturday (London)

21-09-2006 13:49

London Soldier is an armed forces publicity event held at Chelsea Barracks between September 21st to 23rd September. It is a space for the armed forces to pretend that the life of a soldier, sailor or pilot, is a wonderful, care-free life. This Saturday a group of people will be going to give a counter view to give out information about what life in the armed forces is really like.

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21-09-2006 12:42

A skillful foreign policy keeps options open and avoids falling into cul-de-sacs.. German Middle East policy is more than unskillful. It is a catastrophe for everyone, for Germany, Israel, Lebanon and the Palestinians.

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How the War Party plans to lie us into war – again

21-09-2006 08:56

For the War Party, deception isn't just a tactic, or even a strategy – it's a lifestyle. That's why they're indifferent to getting caught. Like a hardened criminal arrested for his umpteenth felony, the neocons see brazen lying as just a routine procedure. Caught red-handed, they just move on to their next subterfuge, one invariably designed to drag us into war.

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Bush wants a bloodbath in Baghdad

21-09-2006 08:53

Increasingly desperate over the deteriorating situation in Iraq, the Bush administration is demanding that the US-installed government in Baghdad support a savage intensification of repression or give way to a dictatorial regime that will.

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Bombmakers Exposed near Victoria Station

21-09-2006 08:38

"Stop Lockheed - New Nuke Bomb Makers"
Block the Builders/TP/Catholic Worker affinity group rooftop occupation and banner drop from Lockheed Martin UK HQ

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21-09-2006 06:34

How the US pursues its imperial aims

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Retired Colonel: ‘We Are Conducting Military Operations Inside Iran Right Now'

21-09-2006 06:24

Just now on CNN, Air Force Col. Sam Gardiner (Ret.) said, "We are conducting military operations inside Iran right now. The evidence is overwhelming."

Gardiner, who taught at the U.S. Army’s National War College, has previously suggested that U.S. forces were already on the ground in Iran. Today he added several additional new points.

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Brighton Activists Shut Down Arms Factory

21-09-2006 05:17


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Ex-UK Intel Official says Liquid Explosive Claims "Fiction"

21-09-2006 00:35

This is the exclusive story that the entire British media establishment ignored. It's a story that almost every major newspaper was offered, but didn't want to print. It's the story of how the British and American governments, for all intents and purposes, invented a terror threat in August 2006, to trigger a climate of fear and paranoia convenient for the legitimization of a political agenda of intensifying social control at home, and escalating military repression in the Middle East. And in so doing, they diverted the attention of the police and intelligence services toward a phantom, and away from a very real threat that remains intact, and that the government refuses to deal with.

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C4ISTAR conference and dinner succesfully disrupted

20-09-2006 22:04

Protesters including anarchists, anti-war and animal rights activists converged on Birtsmorton court in Worcestershire this evening causing chaos for the warmongers who were arriving by the coachload hoping to be on time for the C4ISTAR conference and reception dinner.

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Sheffield says time to go to Manchester

20-09-2006 19:15

Sheffield walks to Manchester - Time to Go

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No Wars are "Humanitarian"

20-09-2006 14:16

Justice, democracy, freedom and human dignity should define our future, not the concepts of war strategies.

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9/11 - Five Years Later: The Official Story Falls Apart

20-09-2006 13:33

9/11 - Five Years Later
The following article argues that the 9/11 Truth Movement is making a mistake by concentrating on controlled demolition at the WTC and no plane at the Pentagon: "If the American people really want the truth about 9/11, we’ve got to stop diddling around with theories about maybe a cruise missile hit the Pentagon, or maybe controlled demolition took down the towers. Maybe so, but let’s go there only after we’ve met the real people in flesh and blood, who have suffered to get the truth out."

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Warmongers gathering in Worcestershire TODAY!!

20-09-2006 09:57

RUSI (Royal United Services Institute) Malvern C4ISTAR Conference 2006
19 - 21 Sep 2006
Theatre Complex, Grange Road, Great Malvern, Worcestershire
see for more info

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Houses demolished in Korean resistance to US base expansion

20-09-2006 03:21

For over four years, the Korean villages of Daechuri and Doduri have
defiantly resisted the seizure of their homes and fields for the expansion
of an United States Army base. On September 13 at dawn, 22,000 riot police
invaded and occupied the villages. Police demolition equipment managed to
wipe out 68 empty houses. But the vastly outnumbered villagers and
supporters put up a fierce resistance, and managed to stop the cops from
destroying many of the houses that the Ministry of Defense had threatened
to destroy.

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19-09-2006 23:49

A public meeting with Palestinian activist Rauda Morcos

Rauda Morcos, poet, teacher and co-founder of Aswat (‘Voices’), the
Palestinian feminist lesbian organization will speak about the work of Aswat, Palestinians inside Israel and the effects of Israeli occupation.

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La Jornada: George W. Bush, Culpable

19-09-2006 22:39

Major Mexican paper covers the delivery of guilty verdict at White House gates by Bush Crimes Commission

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Southampton Peace Activist Jailed

19-09-2006 21:11

Activist jailed by Reading Magistrates' Court

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Where the Terrorists Come From

19-09-2006 19:00

Iraqi "Uranium Baby"
Let's be careful about calling people
terrorists, but the people who are
strapping on bombs and walking into
a situation where they can murder
several dozen civilians can, I believe,
be considered terrorists and not
military personnel.