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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Iran Clock Ticking

02-02-2007 17:04

"Another source with a pipeline into Israeli thinking said the Iran war plan has expanded over the past several weeks. Earlier thinking had been that Israeli warplanes would hit Iranian nuclear targets with U.S. forces in reserve in case of Iranian retaliation, but now the strategy anticipates a major U.S. military follow-up to an Israeli attack, the source said.

Both sources used the same word "crazy" in describing the plan to expand the war to Iran. The two sources, like others I have interviewed, said that attacking Iran could touch off a regional - and possibly global - conflagration."

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Lindis Percy:- Pervert Walked Free, But I Was Jaiiled Over £50

02-02-2007 14:40

A Peace campaigner said today she could not understand why she had been jailed as the controversy over prison crowding continued.

Grandmother-of-six Lindis Percy, 65, who moved away from Hull in August and now lives in Harrogate, spoke after her release from Low Newton Prison for women, in County Durham, after serving half of a seven-day sentence imposed last Friday.

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International Days of Action in Support US refusenik Lt Ehren Watada

02-02-2007 14:10

International Days of Action in Support US refusenik Lt Ehren Watada on 4 & 5 February 2007.

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Eight charged under SOCPA 128

02-02-2007 10:52

Eight people charge under SOCPA 128 and Criminal Damage after action at American airbase in Suffolk.

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Israel Rape Forces

02-02-2007 10:21

They can have the biggest WMD arsenal in the world, but they "nuke" Palestinian women almost every day...

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Cheney’s Oz Visit

02-02-2007 08:37

Dick (dark side) Cheney is to visit Oz this month to thank Howard for his support, RUBBISH! Howard has recently returned from the U.S. where ample opportunity to “thank him”, presented itself. No, the world’s most hated man and notorious psychopath is visiting Oz to inspect and organise something tangible and corporeal. Why these neo-conservative clowns persist in treating the Australian people as servile morons is beyond me, or is it? Perhaps our fearful leader, John Howard, has given the ‘wrong’ impression to the world. Is it possible Howard the despicable coward does not reflect the true Australian character, are we really a bunch of colonialist slaves and lackeys? For now the shoe fits perfectly; the ‘boss man cometh’ to re-organise his slaves AND to set his property interests in order!

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Messianic Cult Cover-up for a Massacre?

01-02-2007 21:55

Hundreds of people killed
Battle in Najaf: Is US-Iraqi Claim of Gunfight with Messianic Cult Cover-up for a Massacre?

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Expanding the War to Iran: Another “Urban Legend?”

01-02-2007 21:42

Rejecting the notion that the United States was planning to attack Iran and Syria, White House Spokesman Tony Snow called it a myth or an “urban legend.”

As a journalist who covered Washington in the months leading up to the U.S. invasion of Iraq in March 2003, I recall the many “urban legends” that were circulating at that time.

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IRAN. Chirac: "Teheran could be completely destroyed"

01-02-2007 19:55

In an interview given to journalists today, french president Chirac said: "France can not accept a nuclear armed Iran" and "Teheran could be completely destroyed." source: yahoo news germany. link:

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The War on Iran

01-02-2007 15:14

The war has already begun and it has nothing to do with nuclear weapons and threats against Israel and everything to do with who rules America

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The Miracle (of Propaganda) — Refashioning Goliath into David

01-02-2007 11:40

Our delusions of our underdog status would be laughable if they did not have such dire consequences for ourselves and the rest of the world. This David (read, the U.S.) versus Goliath (read, our ostensible enemies) story is told and retold to us to justify the worst crimes against humanity.

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Stepped up US preparations for war against Iran

01-02-2007 11:17

USS Bataan, steamed through the Suez Canal on Tuesday on its way to the Gulf
A relentless and unmistakable American buildup for war against Iran is currently underway. Military preparations are being accompanied by a daily barrage of propaganda against Tehran issuing from US sources and relayed uncritically via a compliant media. The chief accusation currently being levelled against the Iranian regime is that its agents are supporting and arming Shiite militias inside Iraq to attack US troops—a charge that has yet to be substantiated with concrete evidence.

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Iran Blame Game Shifts into High Gear

01-02-2007 10:32

“The Pentagon is investigating whether an attack on a military compound in Karbala on January 20 was carried out by Iranians or Iranian-trained operatives, a U.S. official told CNN on Tuesday…. Some Iraqis speculate that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps carried out the attack in retaliation for the capture by U.S. forces of five of its members in Irbil, Iraq, on January 11, according to a article published Tuesday.”

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Baptists stand by 'Jesus loves Osama' sign

01-02-2007 09:00

Even a holocaust in Iraq?
"[Jesus] said we should love our enemies as controversial as that may be," he said.

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Lawyers warn on Illegality of Any Offensive Military Action by US against Iran

31-01-2007 23:49

Today European, international, and U.S. legal and human rights groups issued an open letter warning of the illegality of any offensive military action by the United States against Iran.

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Anarchists lay seige to US Capitol, smash window at military recruiter

31-01-2007 21:57

click the link for an audio report

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State of the Onion

31-01-2007 21:46

State of the Onion Address January 23rd 2007

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Saddam Hussein’s Last Words: "To the Hell that is Iraq!?"

31-01-2007 17:29

The execution was carried out, as a psychological weapon, to usher in sectarian violence and division throughout the Middle East. The timing also coincided with several announcements and news reports of war plans by the United States and Israel in regards to Syria and Iran. It is no coincidence that shortly after the execution, the U.S. President identified Syria and Iran as the enemies of Iraq and raided an Iranian Consulate in Iraqi Kurdistan.

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Parliamentary Public Meeting - Ban Uranium Weapons

31-01-2007 16:46

CADU Parliamentary Lobby anbd Public Meeting 7th February

The Campaign Against Depleted Uranium is pleased to announce a lobby of the UK Parliament and public meeting, please come along and show your support. Free CADU Lobby Packs are available from the office - please email us for a copy.

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EDO Corp Forbes Listed As One Of The Biggest Losers of 2006

31-01-2007 15:25

Again EDO Corp get a bad report from Forbes.