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March coverage 18th from further afield

18-03-2006 20:17

As people make their way home from the London march and rally today, over in Cities throughout the United States people are coming together to express their own growing anger at the continuing occupation of Iraq...

Protests are also being held in other cities across the world. They include Baghdad, Basra, New York, Madrid, Rome, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto and Dublin. Organisers said it was the first time there have been co-ordinated demonstrations in the US, Britain and Iraq...

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The call to action, March 18th 2006

18-03-2006 18:14

Back in January the Assembly of the Social Movements, and the World Social Forum being held in Venezuela, issued the following call to action...

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Early reports from Anti-war Demos 18th March - London

18-03-2006 16:15

Disappointingly throughout this afternoon the BBC has been reporting only 12,000 people on the London anti-war demo. However folks on the scene say the turn out is MUCH bigger than that, maybe reaching towards 100,000.

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Leaflet for Smash EDO Demo at ASI Arms Conference, London, 3oth March

18-03-2006 15:33

Please distribute as widely as poss

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Alert -- Secret 2006 G8 Summit 'Nuclear' Communique Revealed!

18-03-2006 02:25

A secret draft of the "G8 Summit Communique on Energy Security," scheduled to be released officially on July 16th at the July 15 - 17, 2006 G8 Summit in St. Petersburg, Russia, has been leaked. The Communique is now posted for the global public to read and review, front and center at

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Condoleezza Rice to visit Liverpool on Friday 31st March!

17-03-2006 23:16


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Captain Ahab and his Watery Death

17-03-2006 21:15

The novel Moby Dick appeared to Moltmann and others as the American myth. "The white whale is the symbol of evil and Captain Ahab is the tragic hero. America's messianic dream becomes the tragic myth."

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Cycle of Peace in 2006

17-03-2006 17:07

The Peace Cycle began as a completely new initiative in 2004, and the inaugural ride that year proved to be a great success, making national headlines in almost every country it passed through. Whilst numbers fluctuated across the whole route, some 25 cyclists from around the globe reached Jerusalem together, in solidarity with one another and with all those working for a just peace in Israel and Palestine.

The group of cyclists included people whose ages ranged from 12 to 60, whose faiths included Muslim, Jewish, Christian and none, and whose nationalities included British, Irish, Swiss, German, American, Australian, Italian, Swedish, Greek, Palestinian and Israeli –
what united them all was their belief in a just peace.

One cyclist, Rebecca Tyrer (who has stayed on to work in the West Bank) proudly quoted, “There were so many times when I thought I wouldn’t make it, but we did it! More to the point people are still talking about us and everything we still represent. I think one of the most powerful aspects of The Peace Cycle for me was our reception in Palestine.”

Another cyclist, Khurram Yaqoob recalls The Peace Cycle 2004 as being, “… a great journey of adventure, self-realisation and tears. Be prepared for a fantastic challenge as you pass through a variety of countries on your bike! I mean, you are actually using your own energy and a metal contraption to travel to the other side of the globe!”This feature length film, narrated by acclaimed actress Julie Christie, follows their amazing physical and emotional journey - a journey which is to be repeated by more cyclists in 2006!

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Join the call for the liberation of Ahmed Saadat!!!

17-03-2006 15:01

Who wants to join this call address the following email :

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Condoleezza Rice protest at town hall

17-03-2006 12:58

Short report of the demo and the start of the council meeting

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Food Not Bombs Event Against the War this Saturday 18th March in City Centre

17-03-2006 11:54

There will be a Food Not Bombs event on Saturday 18th in Birmingham city centre to show solidarity with the international demonstrations against the war taking place in most cities across the globe.

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For a Worldwide Network against War

17-03-2006 02:19

The recent deluge of expressions of “concern” about Iran by Cheney, Bolton, Blair, Rumsfeld et al should be setting alarm bells ringing throughout the world.

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Gagged 11 - Anarchist Newsletter of south east Wales

16-03-2006 21:25

GAGGED! #11 March 2006
Anarchist Newsletter of South-East Wales • Against Power & Profit • Anti-Copyright
Email to to subscribe online. If anyone wants copies contact & we'll work somthing out.

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news from on the ground in ecuador

16-03-2006 13:19

The following has been sent by a friend in Ecuador...

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Korean Farmers Attacked for US Base Expansion

16-03-2006 07:04

For over four years, Daechuri and the nearby community of Doduri have defiantly resisted the siezure of their homes and fields for the expansion of an United States Army base. They are currently under siege. Greatly outnumbered and losing people and resources, only international public outrage can stop this atrocity from occuring.

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Protest against Jericho prison raid - 14-03-06

16-03-2006 04:09

Unauthorised demonstration outside Downing Street, London, against Israeli attack on Jericho prison in Palestine.

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Israel: Gal Lusky's 'IFA' Caught Up in Moshe Katsav,Mohamed Hadid, Zwebner 'UCSY

16-03-2006 04:03

That might also explain why Michael Zwebner did not take the opportunity of the Hurricane to promote his and his 'business' partner, Palestinian con man and Al Qaeda Islamic terrorist charities connected suspect Mohamed Hadid's,'s 'airwater machine'. Perhaps he felt using you or Israeli President Moshe Katsav again to promote his worthless 'UCSY' shares might get old.Originally I imagined it was because New Orleans was too close to his scam in Miami but then again he sent 120 or so fictitious 'airwater machines' to Texas somewhere in one press release.

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shamnesty gig review, Edinburgh

16-03-2006 00:41

This is 30% news, 70% vitriol, can't decide whether to post.

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If you're not angry, you're not paying attention.

15-03-2006 23:00

This weekend there will be massive demonstrations all over the world against the occupation of Iraq and the theatening noises being made against Iran. Many people doubt the effectiveness of such 'A to B' marches and lobbying, instead prefering direct confrontation with the companies that seek to profit from war and direct action aimed at putting a spanner in the works....

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Rachel Corrie Readings at Parliament Square, Thursday 16th.

15-03-2006 20:35

Artists Against the War are inviting everyone to the readings from Rachel Corrie diaries at London's Parliament Square and Hanover Square W1.