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Serving British soldier exposes horror of war in 'crazy' Basra

28-04-2007 21:43

A British soldier has broken ranks within days of returning from Iraq to speak publicly of the horror of his tour of duty there, painting a picture of troops under siege, "sitting ducks" to an increasingly sophisticated insurgency.

"Basra is lost, they are in control now. It's a full-scale riot and the Government are just trying to save face," said Private Paul Barton.

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American water supply and food contaminated by rocket fuel

28-04-2007 20:17

According to the US research organisation the 'Environmental Working Group' which has just given evidence to Congress, high levels of perchlorate in breast milk in recent CDC studies "are cause for serious concern and should lead to immediate action."

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The Grinding Machine: Terror and Genocide in Rwanda

28-04-2007 17:32

In his 7 April 2007 commemoration of genocide, delivered in Murambi, Rwanda, President Paul Kagame spoke—in the Kinyarwanda language—with the inflection and innuendo of viciousness. He complained that the French should have tasted the RPF’s wrath when—Operation Turquoise, 1994—the RPF had the chance to inflict and wound them. He complained about all the Paul Rusesabaginas abroad, and their white friends, who malign and slander the good name of Rwanda. And when he complained about the Hutus, there was no mistaking the message—Rwandans say—for the threat that it is. President Paul Kagame said that the RPF Army made a mistake: that they should have finished off all the Hutus before they fled to Congo (Zaire), and they should have finished off all those who returned, when they had the chance. Kagame’s supporters, both emboldened and embarrassed by his words, issued a sanitized version of this speech; the original has disappeared from public view. Rwanda today is a cauldron of terror. It is not over. For many Rwandans, every day it begins anew.

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A modern Orientalist view of Iran

28-04-2007 16:54

In an article titled "A Nation of Nose Jobs, Not Nuclear War" by Peter Hitchens in Mail on Sunday is only one of many recent audacious pieces that amalgamates two favorite issues used to support the American propaganda machine against Iranian sovereignty: women and the nuclear energy program. In a disingenuously compassionate tone, and using literary chicanery for his aim, the author draws unsuspecting readers in by impersonating a wide-eyed, open soul in search of understanding an enigma.

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The Imperial Nuclear Order

28-04-2007 10:44

But why not a much grander "Shock and Awe" through the so-called "conventional" weapons? And why Iran? The answer to this would have to address two questions: why is invasion necessary in the first place? And why does invasion have any reasonable chance of success only if the nuclear option stays on the table and may indeed be exercised? We have stated some of the factors impelling the U.S. to invade Iran. Furthermore, unlike Iraq, Iran cannot be softened and broken through sanctions. The unilateral, U.S.-imposed sanctions, which have been in place since 1979 in one shape or another, have simply not worked; with unbearable U.S. pressure, China and Russia may agree to some kind of limited sanctions imposed by the Security Council but such sanctions are unlikely to do any great damage to Iran because most states will find ways of bypassing them.

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Neocon Sarko Poised to Win French Elections

28-04-2007 10:29

In short, the French people have a choice between a neocon who likes to call Muslim immigrants voyous (thugs) or a graduate of the elite École nationale d’administration, in other words Ségolène Royal is one of a handful of énarques selected to become senior bureaucrats in France. For some reason, probably a throwback to their royal past, the French people accept this ironclad political monopoly with little question.

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Australian ALP to vote on uranium mines policy

27-04-2007 23:20

No Uranium Mines
"I sought advice and indeed direction if you like from the rank and file of the party and those who attended those meetings were very strong in their view that we shouldn't change the policy," he said.

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Denver to DC

27-04-2007 20:50

Beit Shalom Ministries is leading the walk form Denver, Colorado to Washington D.C. Currently, they are in Manhattan, Kansas and have been sharing information at Kansas State University. Watch their video updates on Google video and witness the police state in America. They have produced two powerful new documentary films on the war in Iraq and 9/11 truth available for FREE.

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Holocaust Denial

27-04-2007 06:38

When is holocaust denial not a crime? When the victims are not Jews it would seem! As the world begins to target the lies and excesses of conservative governments, coalition leaders are becoming more nervous and agitated as each day passes. But the monstrous oversight of all opposition parties – and it’s not accidental – is continued holocaust denial. There is no dismissing the figures from a world-renowned authoritative journal (Lancet). The 660,000 civilian dead in Iraq CONSTITUTE A HOLOCAUST in any ‘language’. The screaming figures can no longer be dismissed, avoided, or denied nor can the RESPONSIBILITY for the CRIMES.

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Oslo: the police is raiding the blitz looking for explosives

27-04-2007 01:03

The police has closed the road around blitz and raided the place looking for explosives

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Blitz in Oslo raided by the police

26-04-2007 23:58

The police in Oslo, Norway, has stormed and raided the autonomous centre Blitz after the anti-nato demos thursday.
According to the police they were looking for "explosives".

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Oslo, demonstration against nato updates: all people is being released.

26-04-2007 23:26

all the demonstrators are being released.

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BAE Systems in Bristol occupied this morning

26-04-2007 21:49

A number of activists acting independently got into the BAE Systems site in Filton, Bristol, this morning, and briefly occupied an office, hanging a banner out of the window.

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solidarity to the demonstrators arrested today

26-04-2007 21:44

Demonstrations in Oslo against the Nato meeting: more the 100 people arrested.

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anti NATO demo oslo

26-04-2007 20:44

First line of police got crossed at some point
Nato foreign ministers having an unofficial dinner on the docks of Oslo, outside demonstrators beat their drums and let the the ministers hear their slogans as they arrive.

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Sheffield Peace in the Park - Saturday June 2 - Endcliffe Park - 12-8pm

26-04-2007 20:15

Peace in the Park
This year’s Peace in the Park festival is set to be the biggest and best ever!!!

Peace in the Park is 5! The festival started as a positive peace protest in 2003, at Devonshire Green, and has been moving and growing ever since.

Due to the huge attendance of last year’s festival in the General Cemetery, Peace in the Park will be moving to Endcliffe Park, Ecclesall road where there is enough space to pack in even more music, people and fun!

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Updates from the anti nato demonstrations in Oslo

26-04-2007 14:26

We are going to be streaming updates from the demonstrations in program today from 18:00 local time.
Adress is

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Somalia Islamic Courts Like Golden Age Compared to US backed Violence in Somalia

26-04-2007 13:42

A report from Chatham House, the influencial UK think tank blames US interference in Somalia for the current violence and says the Islamic Courts rule overthrown by CIA back Ethiopian troops last year now sems like a 'golden age'.

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Demented Taliban Leader Evokes Dead Osama from Beyond the Grave

26-04-2007 12:54

Dadullah, who is demented, as most of the Taliban leadership suffers from dementia, does not offer proof for his statements because there is no proof, not that this would ever stop CNN from posting irresponsible headlines. CNN, while stating that Cheney was secreted away in a bomb shelter when the “attack” occurred, does not bother to mention Cheney was indeed a mile away, safe and sound even if he stood outside.

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Trial of 3 Smash Edo Protesters Ajourned

25-04-2007 21:08

The trial of three anti arms trade protesters in court since Monday 23rd April has been postponed.