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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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United Kingdom now a self-evident sick society

17-11-2006 20:59

As I type this in a web cafe as people leave the cafe I am being verbally intimidated with people stating 'star' in a really nasty way. The fact that such verbal intimidation is epedemic and such practice started in London is proof that the United Kingdom is a world leader in social sickness.

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Melbourne: Businesses Targeted by G20 Protests

17-11-2006 16:07

The G20 meeting of Finance Ministers, the World Bank and the IMF is appearing in Melbourne, Australia over the weekend of 18-19 November. They are being welcomed by a series of conferences, creative protests and festivals by a wide variety of anti-globalisation activists.

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Call for Telegraphs ‘Bin Laden story’ to be investigated by the PCC

17-11-2006 15:25

Demand that press plays fair and remains accurate. Not a call or impartiality but decent honest journalism

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Daughters of Rebecca at Faslane

17-11-2006 12:59

Red Dragon
Welsh activists took part in the Faslane 365 blockade between Monday and Wednesday this week.

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17-11-2006 11:44

Here’s how you can make £900m available for children in need, and reduce the number of needy children.

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Trident nuclear warhead convoy passes Oxford again on A34

17-11-2006 10:34

Botley 1
This convoy, travelling north on the A34, passed Oxford around 12.30pm on Monday 13 November. As if to emphasize the dangers of this practice, the following day, Tuesday 14, there was a serious accident on the same road, at the Milton Interchange, involving several vehicles.Local councillors are putting a motion to the City Council on 20 November calling for opposition to replacement of UK nuclear weapons.

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Office Occupation at Oricas Head Office in Melbourne

17-11-2006 10:06

Close to one hundred protesters occupied Oricas chemical services department in Melbourne early this afternoon. The protesters gathered due to concerns over Oricas track record s in transportation blunders of dangerous chemicals and their involvement with the Barricks, Lake Cowal Gold Project.

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One two three four take a hike? from g20 today

17-11-2006 08:34

Falun Dafa stole the show, but I missed the action at Orica - though there were enough cameras around that somebody ought to be able to report?

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Australias "Guantanamo" on remote Xmas Island

17-11-2006 05:31

"Guantanamo" on remote Xmas Island
A new maximum security immigration detention complex under construction on Christmas Island, has been dubbed "Australia's Guantanamo Bay". Australia's new remote offshore detention centre will have cameras in bedrooms, electric fences and electronically controlled doors - to force centre-wide lock-downs. The level of security and surveillance, greater than at any existing detention centre, makes parts of the complex comparable to a maximum security prison.

The 1200 bed centre, is said to cost more than $300million...

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Police Use Section 14 Powers at EDO but Fail to Enforce them

16-11-2006 22:47

EDO Demos have been growing in anger and in numbers over the past few weeks. Police have had an increased presence...

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Targeting Iran?

16-11-2006 15:58

The United States has already started a campaign of destabilization through fomenting ethnic unrest. There have already been a series of explosions and bombings targeting mostly civilians, in Khuzestan and Kurdish cities bordering Iraq, and raids on government vehicles and even civilians in Baluchestan, on the Pakistani border, by small groups which have surfaced calling for independence.

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Bradford Priest Arrested at Nuclear Blockade

16-11-2006 13:07

Over 50 Anti Nuclear protestors from Leeds and Bradford took part in a mass blockade of the Faslane Nuclear Naval Base in Scotland this morning. Twenty seven of the protestors, including the Revd Chris Howson from Bradford were arrested for their role in the blockade, which included 'locking on' to a giant CND symbol outside the main gates of the base.

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Nightime attack at EDO

15-11-2006 21:33

EDO is a Brighton based factory , US owned, making components for use in Iraq and Palestine.

The unmanned drones which, EDO manufacture components for, have been used in the massacre in Beit Hanoun over the past weeks

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Lobster for Iran

15-11-2006 18:06

The European and American reaction to Iran’s nuclear program was that of Uncle Tom’s slaveowner, Simon Legree, on learning of an escaped slave. How does this dusky dare to touch the white masters’ toys? Their empty talk of an “Iranian threat” is designed for the ignorant: Iran has never, ever attacked a European nation since the wars for Anatolia in the 5th century BC; whereas European imperialists have repeatedly occupied and controlled Iran, most recently in 1942, or by proxy in 1953, when they deposed democratically-elected Mosaddeq and returned to dominate this ancient nation.

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SOCPA - brian haw to be moved, or not?

14-11-2006 16:49

superintendent terry
a mystery surrounds police plans at the state opening of parliament tomorrow. a protestor has been told that he cannot stand opposite the carriage gates in parliament square. superintendent peter terry claimed that brian haw would be moved away towards westminster abbey too, but brian haw has been told nothing.

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Washington debate sets stage for escalation of violence in Iraq

14-11-2006 14:05

In the wake of the popular repudiation of the Iraq war in last week’s midterm elections, representatives of the US political establishment, both Democratic and Republican, are seeking to work out a new policy that will avert outright defeat and maintain American domination of the oil-rich country.

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The quagmire deepens in Afghanistan

14-11-2006 13:55

In the wake of the US elections, the Bush administration has been anxious to affirm there will be no “course correction” in Afghanistan, despite the escalating armed resistance to the US-led occupation of the country.

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Desperate Neocons, More Dangerous than Ever

14-11-2006 12:07

Fresh from his embarrassment at the hands of Vanity Fair, the Prince of Darkness, known in polite circles as Richard Perle, is now screaming at the rafters for the decimation of Iran, an act long overdue, according to the perfidious neocons.

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Myths and Truths about the UK military

14-11-2006 10:53

The British military is facing a recruitment crisis, according to a recent report by the National Audit Office. This means, the military will try harder to recruit you – and they might present a very rosy picture to you, which does not match reality.