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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Hillary Clinton is a fascist

25-07-2009 11:33

The British mainstream news coverage of Honduras has been non-existent. The CNN coverage has been biased, covering up facts that are well known in the rest of the americas and employing right-wing commentators like Robert Armstrong and the Council of Americas ( a US business organisation) while ignoring ALBA, the OAS and even the UN. Even independent english-language coverage has been poor, inaccurate and lacking.

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Bush and Obama: Different Styles of Coup-Making

24-07-2009 07:39

General Vásquez's troops occupy the presidential palace in Tegucigalpa
Although nobody but Americans believes Washington was not behind the late June coup in Honduras, Barack Obama brings his own touch to subverting one's hemispheric neighbors.

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Zelaya Heads Home to Honduras on the Anniversary of Bolívar’s Birth

23-07-2009 20:05

"Presuming that thousands of Hondureños and Hondureñas will flock to the border to accompany their President, a land crossing like this presents various dilemmas to the coup regime, which claims to have 18 criminal charges lined up to imprison Zelaya, but blinked from the opportunity to arrest him on July 5, when it blocked a runway to prevent his airplane from landing. To arrest him, the regime would have to violently break through a multitude of its country's own citizens. If it does arrest Zelaya, he will become an even more powerful symbol from prison inspiring greater resistance to the coup."

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Open letter to Foreign Secretary David Miliband on Afghanistan.

23-07-2009 19:03

This is an open letter to British Foreign Secretary David Miliband about the continuing carnage in Afghanistan. Just why are we there? 3 related photos are attached.

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A Radiant Day

23-07-2009 16:08

US Military & Mobile Phone Industry behind the false claims of ICNIRP and WHO
who tell us there is no harm or danger from Mobile Phones.

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Arms fair targeted

23-07-2009 12:28

The Celtic Manor Resort was left with smashed windows and breached security after they hosted a major arms conference this week. There was also protest outside with remarkably light policing and not a FIT camera in sight.

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Houses of Parliament G20 peace activist receives caution

23-07-2009 10:08

A peaceful protester who trespassed into the grounds of the Houses of Parliament by scaling the perimeter fence received a caution from the Metropolitan Police.

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Twitterers paid to spread Israeli propaganda

23-07-2009 07:53

The passionate support for Israel expressed on talkback sections of websites, internet chat forums, blogs, Twitters and Facebook may not be all that it seems.

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The Warsaw Ghetto and Gaza Strip

22-07-2009 18:43

A comparison between the fascist policies of Israel at the present time to Nazi atrocities in the past

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Honduran coup sponsored by Chiquita

22-07-2009 12:38

Chiquitas Bloody Bananas
Democracy Now! are leading with an expose of Chiquita Bananas involvement in the Honduras coup, and that the US School of the Americas are still training Honduran soldiers despite announcing the suspension of military aid.
Chiquita UK are based in Dewsbury, Yorkshire, so you don't need to travel to the Honduran embassy in London to protest this corporate coup.

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Honduras: Anti-Chavez ‘free speech’ warriors linked to coup

22-07-2009 12:07

"So why are these free speech crusaders so soft on the coup regime in Honduras?

Probably because IAPA representatives in Honduras have been central to the coup.

For instance, Roberto Micheletti, who was installed by the coup as de facto president, is the owner of various companies, including the newspaper La Tribuna.

One of his associates at the newspaper is Edgardo Dumas Rodriguez, a Honduran representative to the IAPA. "

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Germany And NATO's Nuclear Nexus

22-07-2009 07:28

US B-61 nuclear bombs are stored in Büchel Air Base
Among the American nuclear arms in Europe are 200-350 air-launched B-61 bombs stored in air bases in Germany, Turkey, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands.

US nuclear weapons stored in Germany "can be mounted on German Tornado fighter planes" because "nuclear bombs stored at NATO bases are designed to be delivered by planes from the host country" and "German air force pilots headquartered in Buechel will be ordered to drop nuclear bombs in case of a military attack or war."

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Smash EDO Bikes not Bombs reminder

21-07-2009 20:35

WEDNESDAY JULY 22: Bikes not Bombs -A Critical Mass bike ride against EDO/ITT.

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“I want to have control of my person and my life.”--letter from Strasbourg jail

21-07-2009 11:53

We are documenting a personal report from a prison inmate in France [relating to the events against the Nato Summit in Strasbourg/ Baden-Baden]. He reports—without any claims to exhaustive analysis—on how he is dealing with it, the nature of the surveillance, from particular experiences, and to the power of both help and solidarity.

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Climate Camp - Will Your MP, Cops, MI5, & Special Branch Be There?.

21-07-2009 10:50

Many MPs claim they use the summer break to spend time in their constituencies; Coppers, FIT Surveilance Teams, MI5 and Special Branches go to Climate camps in the summer and claim double time, huge amounts in expences and have second homes, Just like MP´s they are accountable to nobody. An inquiry is needed to determine whether they turning up for work or bunking off? We also need a revolution of sorts next year, after the General Election..

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US State Department: No coup d'etat has taken place in Honduras

21-07-2009 07:30

Despite the United Nations, European Union, Organization of American States and every Latin American nation clearly condemning the events as a coup d'etat, the United States government has today stated it doesn't consider a coup has taken place in Honduras.

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Democra-Phobia: Fear of Citizen Power in Honduras

20-07-2009 18:59

“If, as now appears not impossible, the Honduran Coup can be defeated by the large majority of ordinary people largely independently of the actions of the governments, that would be a greater victory for popular struggles than any other sequence of events.”
That is the authentic story from Honduras: the story written by its own people, from below.
And that’s why the “talks” in Costa Rica were a circus sideshow.
From here on out, it’s all about “Citizen Power,” the immediate history of the steps the people of Honduras take to organize their own freedom and a more authentic democracy. That’s been our focus here for the past month. And it will continue to be the central thrust of our reporting.
Update: Here's an important development in international solidarity with the popular movements of Honduras:
The International Transport Workers Federation has called upon its four-and-a-half million members in 656 labor unions worldwide (it includes Longshoremen, Teamsters and Seafarers among other union sectors in the US and throughout the world) to refuse to load or unload products from the 650 merchant ships that are registered under the Honduran flag for as long as the coup regime is in place."

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Pipelineistan and the end of Empire

20-07-2009 11:49

Just as the Nazi defeat at Stalingrad marked the final folly of Hitler's attempt to dominate Eurasia it looks like Afghanistan will mark the end of the Anglo-American empires of evil.

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Demonstrate against the arms industry, Newport, 22nd July

20-07-2009 09:01

Demo against EDO and other arms companies that profit from the production of military weaponry.
UV Europe Conference, Celtic Manor, Newport, 9am onwards
Wednesday 22nd July, 9am onwards!

Bring friends and banners, and lots of things to make lots of noise.

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Germany: First New Post-Cold War World Military Power

20-07-2009 06:48

Humanitarian intervention was an ad hoc ruse employed to launch NATO as an active 'out of area' warfighting machine and a political body to circumvent and replace the United Nations. Once the first part of that objective had been achieved it was dropped as quickly as it had been concocted and wars could then be conducted for traditional reasons: Territorial designs, the acquisition of resources, control of vital transport routes including sea lanes, punishing recalcitrant adversaries, revenge. In the process Germany became the first major post-Cold War international military power.