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Climate Camp - Will Your MP, Cops, MI5, & Special Branch Be There?.

Harold Hamlet | 21.07.2009 10:50 | COP15 Climate Summit 2009 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | Repression | World

Many MPs claim they use the summer break to spend time in their constituencies; Coppers, FIT Surveilance Teams, MI5 and Special Branches go to Climate camps in the summer and claim double time, huge amounts in expences and have second homes, Just like MP´s they are accountable to nobody. An inquiry is needed to determine whether they turning up for work or bunking off? We also need a revolution of sorts next year, after the General Election..

It´s been alledged that MP´s ( see [1] below ) and the Securitat are milking the state for nothing? There needs to be a public inquiry into the expense scandle and time wating of of the secutirtat, and another into MP´s, as third ( holiday) home flipping (holiday homes) of MP´s. .

What on earth is your MP and the Securitat up to this Summer of Love [ìbid].

Tax payers need to know the truth. Some have siad they will be at climate camp. MI5 declined to comment on whether they would be there, and it´s quite likely that lots of cops will take time off fighting crime to come along take photos, and go on a searching frenzy for campers cooking utensils.

Some will be sitting at their desks - feet up - drinking cold beer, G&T´s and Pimms trolling left-wing websites [ Davey´s comment: ]

Others, running up vast expenses infiltrating legitmate left-wing groups and individuals, to harrass disrupt, and discover who is leading their post-capitalist revolution Just like Don Quiote´s tilting at windmills and other adventures, bonkers!.

[see MI5: leave young Muslims alone - Guardian: & 'UK plc can afford more than 20 quid,' the officer said -: Guardian: ]

And others using illegal methods and gratuitios violence at the G20 demonstration at legitimate peaceful demonstrators, and even one or more members of the Police TSG aledgedly murdering a completely innocent man. [ G20 policing caused man's death: police coverup and media lies: ]

More,Mass Arrest of 114 Climate Activists in Raid:

So who will be claiming tax payers money, expenses and double over-time off the state to be at one of the Summer of Love´s top events, while 3 million are umemployed and many are acused of being dole scroungers, and fiddlers.

The unnaceptable face of the police in their efforts to support the economic system- capitalism: that these days only benefits the very rich, and bleeds the poor, has decimated the planet and destroyed the lives of millions in Britain alone.

Surely this can no longer be tolerated: our so-called democracy of parliament needs to be truely democratised.

Parliament needs to be taken over by good people in the next general election and all left forces should combine, green, socialist and anarhist to challenge MP´s in their constituencies.

It´s the start of the revolution after the Summer of Love. Lets love the coppers and get them on out side: most of them after all are just workers with families, like us, but are enchained in a propaganda system that needs overturning

We need to transcend class boundaries, middle class, working class, public schools, state school, is irrelevent, Muslim Catholic Jew, libertarian socialist, socilaist, Green and anarchist, on the dole of receiving trust money from your parents - we are all fighting the same battle.

The planet and the people need saving, by the people themselves. After all, we are all just flesh and bones, animals and humans alike, but we want to keep this beatiful world, and erase suffering. Humans have a mind that can restucture society.

Further more, we are conscious of the dire prolems the elites have inflicted on the world and it´s people to line their own pockets, and live the good-life. We have a duty to bring about change, for ourselves and future generations.

So we all have a duty to work together against the causes and causers of the worlds problems.

More pointedly, Now´s The Time to act to make Another World Possible.

How? By starting at Climate camp, and taking no sh*t from the state. here in Britain. Then, move onwards through the Summer of Love, bring everbody on board, including a few good MP´s and even Arthur, then next move forward together next year, .

Finally. it must be internationalised.
So begin, by going to climate: start the revolution. I wont be going becuase I have to visit my Mum, and family, but I will be there in spirit.

It´s well to note to draw confidence from the fact that the elites, and their political supporters are sh*t scared. The mighty and powerful, are really weak, pathetic cowards.

In the end, a mild Autumn wind will blow their houses down without even a huff or a puff, so tell this to the bottom rung on the elite ladder, the pawns: your hypocritical MP. That is if you see them on a freebie holidays this summer, or send them a message about Climate Camp, and ask them what they are really doing to save the planet.


Harold Hamlet

[1] 38 Degrees is a new organisation which brings you together with other people to take action on the issues that matter to you and bring about real change in the UK.

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Harold Hamlet