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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Tajikistan: Strategic U.S. Victory, Tactical Setback

21-05-2004 17:48

US Strategists will hail Russia'a withdrawal from Tajikistan as yet another Cold War victory. But while politicians pat each other on the back, all sorts of smugglers -- from drug dealers to militants -- will be hiking the mountain paths along the Afghan-Tajik border, headed toward the world beyond.

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The Silencing of America: Americans Are Afraid of Bush’s Violent Regime

21-05-2004 17:16

American Police
George W. Bush is scaring Americans into silent complicity. Creating “no protest zones” patrolled by American police riot squads, aiming high-powered weaponry on unarmed American people TRYING to exercise free speech...this is not freedom.

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Arms company EDO MBM shut down for a day (Pics & Report)

21-05-2004 16:50

The view of arms dealers arriving for work
The arms firm EDO MBM in Brighton was shut down for a day by anti-arms trade activists who blockaded the entrance and occupied the roof. 10 arrests were made.

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21-05-2004 16:05

Following a citizens weapons inspection at HMS Warrior (Northwood HQ) by Trident Ploughshares activists, a report has been produced by the group outlining their findings. (The report is based exactly on a report by Hans Blix of UNMOVIC)

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Getting Away With Murder - From the Bogside to Basra

21-05-2004 15:33

Map of Iraq: "injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" - Martin Lut
Approximately 150 people gathered today in Guildhall Square, Derry in a show of solidarity with Iraqi victims of British military violence. The crowd gathered around a large black cloth map of Iraq as they listened to families read accounts of how their own relatives were killed by the British military in Derry and Belfast. The families’ testimonials also included references to particular Iraqi victims of British state violence. The event was covered by local radio and news media who photographed and interviewed families.

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Israel fears growing terror threat by settlers

21-05-2004 15:28

Do Palestinians have any rights to defend their homes?
Illegal Settlements: Israel Bulldozes ONLY Palestinian homes and towns in punishments and land stealing,thus creating more homeless refugees, killing women and children, re creating Ghettos, practicing racism against arab israelis and Bedouins..

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Protest as Iraq C.P.A. media commisioner speaks at LSE

21-05-2004 15:23

A small group of London School of Economics staff and others protested outside the LSE on Haughton Street this morning as Simon Haselock, Media Commisioner for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq spoke at a seminar inside.

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What Israel Represents

20-05-2004 20:15

..a sworn army that routinely kills women and children .
There is honor only in REFUSAL ; all else is hideous life long complicity.

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Brighton activists blockade arms firm

20-05-2004 18:35

This morning activists blockaded the premises of arms firm EDO MBM, blocking traffic entering or leaving an industrial estate in Brighton for 4 hours. 5 people climbed onto the roof of EDO's building and dropped banners. At the time of writing this, one person is still on the roof.

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Cambridge Activists Scream Against War, Occupation, and Torture

20-05-2004 16:02

On Thursday 20 May Cambridge activists and residents joined arms to create a collective scream against the illegal war, occupation, and torture in Iraq. Participants viewed the action as a striking way to reach fellow residents with a message of opposition to the silence of government, and of solidarity with those in Iraq who are screaming in the face of ongoing violence.

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Farnborough International 2004

20-05-2004 11:18

The United Nations say that 90% of war-victims are civilians and at least half of these childern. Ironic then that Farnborough International 2004 should be using childern to foster acceptance of weapons systems at its 'air show' this year (Monday July 19 - Sunday July 25).

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CKUT Radio: War Crimes in Rafah

20-05-2004 08:42


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Amnesty International Rafah Update and Plea to All Communities

20-05-2004 02:29

Israeli military demolishes homes and kills civilians.

US Tax dollars is being spent creating more refugees, more violence.

Foreign Aid to Israel is Aid in Ethnic Cleansing.

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Protests are taking place against the Israeli

19-05-2004 12:08

Protests are taking place against the Israeli atrocities taking place
Gaza. Please spread the word and join us.

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[GAZA] New Bloodshed In Rafah

19-05-2004 11:23

Wednesday,May 19, 2004

1/New bloodshed in Rafah_journal
2/Medical Rights Being Violated in Gaza Strip_PR from PHR

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Scream against Occupation

19-05-2004 07:48

An informal group of Cambridge residents, sickened by the rising tide of
torture and human rights abuses committed by British and American troops in
the illegal occupation of Iraq, are taking their anger onto the streets of
Cambridge on Thursday in an unusual protest.

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The occupation's Head of Media Development speaking at LSE on Friday

19-05-2004 00:27

Simon Haselock, the Head of Media Development for the Iraq occupation's Coalition Provisional Authority is coming to london's LSE to lecture students and the public on building democracy this Friday 21 May

maybe someone ought to tell him to 'switch the channel'

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Lynndie England comix (by Latuff)

19-05-2004 00:17

Land of the FREAK
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Iraqi people and their struggle against foreigner occupation.

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18-05-2004 14:11

Jacket of Kitty Kelley's Long-Awaited Book
George Bush's family offers a deep, dark mine of scandalous material as it threatens to become a self-serving dynasty that is bigger than the US Constitution. Kelley's book about the would-be dynasty could be the biggest obstacle to its becoming a reality, bigger than Michael Moore's film "Fahrenheit 9/11" because it will cause more discussion. Anyway, the big question remains, Did Sharon Bush spill the beans to Kitty Kelley? Read on.

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Pix of The Wall Must Fall Rally, Sat 15 May 04 - Set 1 of 5

18-05-2004 12:33

Photos of the rally against the Israeli Apartheid Wall in Trafalgar Square.
For links to the other sets of photos, see one of the comments at the foot of this page.
For permission to copy and use, see CopyLeft at the end of the story below the photos.