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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Is Iran Next? What can the average person do to stop a new war with Iran?

16-03-2007 19:25

Marches, petitions, calls, and faxes to congress are important channels for political action, but what could possibly stop a new war with Iran? One has to wonder, are our congressional leaders even reading their faxes? A notable website called recently published over 80 names and organizations of people whom directly influence policy and the president. Maybe through side channels, average Americans can get their message through.

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Corruption in the Defence Industry

16-03-2007 19:00

Last night a very interesting couple of talks took place in the Redlands Friends Meeting House in Bristol, organised by the Bristol Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT).

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Pix of Trident Vote Protest - Wed 14 Mar 07

16-03-2007 14:02

Greenpeace bikes get the message across
Pictures of the protests against replacing the UK’s thermo-nuclear horrorshow Trident submarine/missile systems; from Waterloo to Parliament Square

For permission to copy and use, see CopyLeft at the end of the story below the photos.
For a link to other sets of photos, see one of the comments at the foot of this page.

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Next BIG Aldermaston Blockade Monday 19th March

16-03-2007 10:59

Join us for a big show of strength against Trident

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ARE NETCU WASTING THEIR TIME? Report into political policing

16-03-2007 01:39

Is international policing against the animal, earth and human rights movements working, or are NETCU just wasting their time?

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Fake Congressional Opposition to War

16-03-2007 01:13

Rhetoric and wishy proposals with no chance of passage are once thing, real bipartisan action with teeth another, and so far there's none from either House with key senators and congressmen voicing the usual boilerplate about not wanting to cut off funding the troops because we have to support them. Their kind of support means letting them die or get maimed and be disabled for life for imperialism on the march. Some support.

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No Trident! Troops Out! - Liverpool

16-03-2007 00:28

Organised by: Communist Party Merseyside Branch

On the: 24 March 2007

At: People’s Centre, Mount Pleasant, LIVERPOOL

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Rise of the Anti-War Soldier

15-03-2007 22:41

A new video about the Washington D.C. anti-war protests in January, 2007, including US-Labor Against the War and Iraq Veterans Against the War.

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an open letter to AIPAC - The New Pro Israel: Mutually Assured Survival

15-03-2007 21:12

We are writing to you out of our deep concern about your potential participation in a war against Iran, and to warn you about the catastrophic consequences that would result. We are Jewish professionals devoted to developing strategies for reducing tension, preventing violence, and transforming conflict. We work in the areas of political science, international relations, conflict analysis and resolution, psychology, history, Middle East studies, and other fields engaged in observation, research and practice in relevant bodies of knowledge. Many of us have family, friends, and colleagues in Israel. We are all committed to the survival and security of Israel and the elimination of anti-Semitism around the world.

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Plymouth Says No to Trident

15-03-2007 19:58

Plymouth activists joined the nation-wide protests against Trident. Pics attached.

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Anti-Trident Demo, London 14 March 2007: Photos

15-03-2007 18:17

Tony Loves WMD banner in front of Houses of Parliament
Photographs of the Greenpeace banner and two groups of cyclists, demonstrators and other events of the day... As posted this morning when it seems to have disappeared into the ether.

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Parliment square Trident protest images.

15-03-2007 12:52

Another rally with speeches ect.
Several hundred people answer CNDs call for a rally outside Parliament. Meanwhile inside Mr Blair has to rely yet again on the Tories for support in getting the bill passed. This will no doubt please his idol Margaret Thatcher who was previously responsible for wasting billions on WMD.

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US puts Pressure on Pakistan to Support a US Led Attack on Iran

15-03-2007 08:41

Former ISI Chief, Gen (retd) Hameed Gul has said that the Untied States is paving the way to use Pakistan's territory for its expected attack on Iran in order to shift the blame of its failure in Afghanistan to Pakistan.

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Arrests of peace campaigners in House of Commoms

15-03-2007 00:29

As MPs debated today over the UKs strategic nuclear deterrence programme in the hours before a final decision was made 3 people were arrested in the House of Commons. They were just a few of the many across Britain who placed themselves in the hands of police officers to make their message, and that of the nations heard. Risking their careers and their freedom for their principles. Read more . . . .

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Bradford Anti-Trident Rally

15-03-2007 00:04

An anti-Trident rally was held in Bradford to call for politicians to vote against the replacement of Trident.

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Trident critical mass pics

14-03-2007 23:46

fish need bikes like britain needs trident
Not much to say really on what was a foregone conclusion thanks to the spineless toadies who claim to represent us. If Britain wasn't already morally bankrupt as a result of the Iraq war then we certainly are now after deciding to squander 26 billion on dangerous and useless toys for the boys.

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Police use tazer torture on 15 year old child

14-03-2007 19:27

A 15-year-old boy has been shot with a Taser gun during a police raid in Moss side Manchester.

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Anti-Trident Demonstrators Arrested at Faslane, Scottish Parliament and Parliame

14-03-2007 18:54

Individuals and groups from across the country today denounced Trident as illegal and immoral and called for disarmament of Britain’s weapons of mass destruction in concurrent demonstrations at Faslane Naval Base, Scottish Parliament and Parliament Square. Four people were arrested after blocking the entrance to Faslane, where Trident nuclear weapons are based, while five were arrested after unfurling a banner which read “Whatever They Vote Trident is Still Wrong” on the Scottish Parliament building, and ten people have blockaded Parliament Square.

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An urgent call to stop the war on Iran!

14-03-2007 18:08

Brothers and Sisters, Iranians, Americans and peoples from around the world,
the American-Iranian Friendship Committee (AIFC) calls upon you to join us
this March 17th, show determination, resilience and unity to stop the war in
Iraq and deter the establishment from starting another war.

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anti-trident celebs posing for pics outside parliament

14-03-2007 17:57

bianca jagger, vivienne westwood, annie lennox, and anita roddick joined mps jeremy corbin and ian gibson for a photo-call outside parliament this morning.