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Kebele to show 'the film they tried to ban'

26-03-2008 16:00

Thursday 27th March
Kebele Social Centre,
14 Robertson Rd

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Aldermaston Anniversary

25-03-2008 20:18

Nottingham and Leicester CND mark the fiftieth anniversary of the first march to Aldermaston.

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The March 20, 2008 US Declaration of War on Iran

25-03-2008 18:16

March 20, 2008, destined to be another day of infamy. On this date the US
officially declared war on Iran. But it's not going to be the kind of war
many have been expecting.

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Rochdale doves descend on Aldermaston

25-03-2008 15:01

Rae Street and Mai Chatham fix the doves to Aldermaston's fence
Rochdale and Littleborough Peace Group took cards signed by hundreds of supporters showing doves of peace and CND symbols to hang on the Aldermaston nuke factory fence.

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Iraq: Five years and counting... (by Latuff)

25-03-2008 12:35

Iraq War
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Death toll of U.S. soldiers in Iraq reaches 4.000 (by Latuff)

24-03-2008 12:30

4000 U.S. soldiers dead in Iraq
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff. To be published in this week's issue of Läsarnas Fria Tidning:
High-resolution file for printing purposes here:

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New video from Nahr al-Bared Camp

24-03-2008 11:49

Still from the video
The anarchist video collective "a-films" announces its latest short film (4 min.) from Lebanon called "Landscape of Destruction".

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The Stopping Non Stop Walk Aldermaston to London

23-03-2008 23:38

Maya Anne Evans and Milan Rai are trying to walk non stop (with naps) from Aldermaston to London (55 miles)

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"The Film they Tried To Ban": On The Verge- Screening 23rd April

23-03-2008 16:44

Despite what has been described as a nationwide attempt by the police to stop the film being shown, renowned Brighton activist group Smash EDO, working in association with SchNEWS will be bringing 'On The Verge', a documentary about their struggle, to Nottingham Uni on April 23rd.

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Chinese embassies under international attack

23-03-2008 16:00

A Chinese government spokesperson claimed that 17 embassies and consulates in the 10 countries had been attacked, including the use of an incendiary device in San Francisco, as shown below.

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Brian Haw on the fifth anniversary of the criminal invasion of Iraq

23-03-2008 03:06

Brian wishes more people recognised the suffering and would turn out to protest against the war.

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Hugo Chavez and the Obama/Clinton Twins

22-03-2008 23:44

The Obama/Clinton statements about the South American crisis are pretty much like their statements on every other foreign policy issue. They differ very little from one another or from the Bush administration.

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Showing solidarity with Tibet in peaceful protest through London

22-03-2008 17:24

An account of the march through central London today, to show solidarity with the Tibetans in the wake of the last weeks crackdown in Lhasa and beyond by the Chinese.

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Victories are within sight for communities that host U.S. foreign military bases

22-03-2008 13:40

Victories are within sight for people in a growing number of nations where communities that host U.S. foreign military bases have long fought to get rid of them.

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Air strikes in Gaza

22-03-2008 08:00

A slightly delayed report form the Circus...

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Latuff's Iraq War cartoons available for download NOW!

22-03-2008 01:30

Download for free a zip file containing 252 high-resolution artworks (cartoons, photomontages, comics) produced by me on the eve of the Iraq War in 2002, until March 20th, 2008. All the artworks can be freely reproduced, without my formal permission.

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Asking Wallace Art Collection not to whitewash Totalitarian Oil

21-03-2008 20:35

Wallace Collection
Four activists held a demonstration outside the Wallace Collection art gallery at Hertford House, Manchester Square, London on Wednesday 19th March. The Art Gallery is currently considering a sponsorship deal with Total so the activists were asking them not to accept sponsorship from the largest western sponsor of the brutal Burma junta. A boycott is not yet called for as it is hoped the gallery will do the right thing and not become associated by Total with oppression in Burma.

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Iraq Cambridge Rail Station Vigil, March 20th.

21-03-2008 16:02

A Timely Reminder...
Yesterday evening from 6:00pm onwards, a small but significant group of local activists turned up at Cambridge Railway Station to remind the public that it was exactly five years to the day that Shock and Awe heralded the start of one of
possibly the bloodiest and longest running Middle Eastern conflict of recent times, so Iraq, aka Gulf War mark 2.

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"Democratic Imperialism": Tibet, China, and the National Endowment for Democracy

21-03-2008 11:57

While in recent years far more information has been made available concerning the CIA’s violent linkages with Tibetan forces, to date only one article has examined the connection between Tibet’s current independence campaigners and an organization that maintains close ties with the CIA, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

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Pics from Iraq 5th anniversary protests in London

20-03-2008 23:56

Bliar nicked at last
Small protest opposite Downing Street on Thursday 20 March 2008, marking the fifth anniversary of the US- and UK-led invasion of Iraq, and calling for the immediate withdrawal of UK troops and a full public inquiry into the war. The protest was called by Stop the War, CND and the British Muslim Initiative.