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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Wrexham: Report and photos from Peace Day events 2013

25-09-2013 22:05


This is what we did for World Peace Day in our little corner of the planet - Wrexham, north Wales...

Report from Veteran for Peace Ben Griffin's talk on Thursday 19 September to follow

Schools Peace Day - Friday 20 September

Service for Peace - Saturday 21 September

Peace Day on the Library Field - Saturday 21 September

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US anti-drones activist Brian Terrell speaking in Oxford

25-09-2013 13:04

Anti-drones activist speaking in Oxford as part of UK tour

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Questions Plague UN Report on Syria

24-09-2013 19:57

A senior United Nations official who deals directly with Syrian affairs has told Al-Akhbar that the Syrian government had no involvement in the alleged Ghouta chemical weapons attack: "Of course not, he (President Bashar al-Assad) would be committing suicide.” When asked who he believed was responsible for the use of chemical munitions in Ghouta, the UN official, who would not permit disclosure of his identity, said: “Saudi intelligence was behind the attacks and unfortunately nobody will dare say that.” The official claims that this information was provided by rebels in Ghouta.

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Palestine Today 23 09 2013

23-09-2013 18:15

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Monday, September 23, 2013

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UG#662 - Leaving The Cave of Media Shadows (Transcending The Paltry Ego...)

23-09-2013 02:22

A philosophical, reflective, show this week mixing analysis, poetry and eyewitness testimony. Author Morris Berman likens most of the US population to prisoners in Plato's Cave, nurse Cathy Breen describes her experience of traveling to Iraq just before the US started bombing in 2003, and Peter Dale Scott discusses and reads his poetry on a lifetime's struggle to resist war.

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This Week in Palestine Week 38 2013

20-09-2013 17:05

Welcome to this Week in Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for September 14th to the 20th, 2013.

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Palestine Today 19 09 2013

19-09-2013 17:47

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media CenteR,, for Thursday, September 19, 2013

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Palestine Today 18 09 2013

18-09-2013 18:43

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Wednesday, September 18, 2013

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UG#661 - Countering Intelligence 4 (Death Dealing Drones Return Home to Roost)

17-09-2013 16:45

This week, a radio adaptation of Drone Nation, the last part of Scott Noble's Counter Intelligence film, which begins by noting that the under the NDAA, the US president has claimed the power to kill anyone, any time, without notice. It traces the logic back from US drone attacks which trialled the same amorality abroad, but notes that US skies are increasingly populated by drones from the FBI, Police Forces or other government agencies. Next, a talk by Medea Benjamin, author of "Drone Warfare: Killing By Remote Control", followed by a keynote speech from Glenn Greenwald at a Civil Liberties conference.

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Thousands Of Yahoo Groups Hacked Week Of Sept 8 by Yahoo

14-09-2013 20:20

Daniel Loeb, Hostile Takeover Operative

Daniel Loeb, a Wall St. billionaire
involved in private equity, a former
vice president of Citigroup,
whose wealth is estimated by Forbes
to be 1.5 billion, in a hostile takeover
wrested Yahoo with the help of 3 of his
Wall St. cronies from Jerry Yang in 2011 and 2012. But this week
he has accelerated the slashing of Yahoo Groups

Bill Gates gave 3 months notice before he totally eliminated Microsoft Groups, as he
broke his contract and word.

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Protests at Arms Dealers’ Charity Dinner – report and pics

12-09-2013 23:54

A few dozen people, including a small ‘critical mass’ style bike ride, took part tonight in a protest outside the traditional dealers’ dinner at the end of the DSEI international arms fair.

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The DSEI Arms Fair: World's Despots Descend on London Courtesy of UK Taxpayers

09-09-2013 15:31

Private security firms, despotic regimes and the rest of the military industrial complex will converge on the Excel Centre in London this week, for the DSEI (Defence Systems and Equipment International) Arms Fair. This meeting is like Market Day for the warmongers of the world, and the taxpayer is picking up the bill.

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DSEI Arms Fair ‘Critical Mass’ and Blockade – report and pics

08-09-2013 23:12

On the first day of action against the biennial DSEI arms fair at Excel in Newham, protestors can claim some victory after blocking one of the two entrances for four hours, and causing disruption at the other gate for a couple of hours, seriously affecting the first of two get-in days before the official opening on Tuesday. There were more than a dozen arrests and some scuffles during the afternoon.

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Hands Off Syria

08-09-2013 22:27

URGENT CALL OUT John Kerry is at the UK Foreign office 9th September

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One Town, Many Events for World Peace Day in Wrexham

08-09-2013 21:39

2013 flyer

21 September is World Peace Day. The occasion has been marked in Wrexham for a number of years, starting in a small way with a service at the Catholic Cathedral and picnics for peace in town, and has grown year on year.

For 2013, there is a full programme of six events for peace over three days organised by various groups.

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The War on Syria and Noam Chomsky

05-09-2013 10:39

A careful reading of the “Left” liberals’ response to the Western-backed terror in Syria, reveals that the “Left” liberals have display a staggering level of complacency, complicity and outright hostility to the Syrian people. Representatives of the milieu of the “Left” liberals led by the like of Noam Chomsky have lost credibility. Their arguments are part of the standard propaganda talking points that serve Israel-U.S. Zionist ideology.

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Jordan Invites US Targets for Syrian Retaliation

04-09-2013 13:26

Centcom’s Forward Command in Jordan, officially called Centcom Forward-Jordan (CFJ), remains the oldest and the most important US target for Syrian retaliation.

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Vigil at US embassy tonight – report & pics

03-09-2013 22:39

A few hundred people attended a vigil outside the US embassy called by the ‘Stop the War coalition’ tonight. Feelings were high, and different groups were represented, but pretty much all agreed that the mainstream media is simply not telling the truth.

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How the U.S. Political Left is Failing Over Syria

03-09-2013 11:07

It’s now painfully clear that Obama’s war on Syria is a replay of Bush’s march to war in Iraq, both built on lies. Zero evidence has been put forth that proves the Syrian government used chemical weapons. On the contrary, evidence has been recorded that suggests the U.S.-backed Syrian rebels are responsible for the attack.

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‘Peace Strike’ begin a 24-hour picket outside US embassy

02-09-2013 23:04

This evening, ‘Peace Strike’ activists began a rolling 24/7 picket outside the US Embassy in London.