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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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activists from 'block the builders' closed down parliament square today

14-03-2007 17:45

bin trident
shortly before midday, nine activists surprised police by locking-on in the road to lumps of concrete and a mock trident missile at parliament square today

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14-03-2007 16:52

A half page spin-defuse to forward to your MPs REALLY, QUITE FAST . . . .
THE GIST. But from ***(*).

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Colombia, Bush visit - Soldiers against protesters

14-03-2007 15:08

Massive protests greeted Bush as he came to Bogota to support his ally Uribe

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Bilderberg alert - will Iran war be fixed up this weekend?

14-03-2007 14:37

Conference interior
It's always extremely difficult to find out when Bilderberg meetings will be - this year we've had no word from the US sources and this could very possibly be this year's early venue and date located. The hotel WAS block booked but now appears NOT to b so there may have been a last minute change of venue or ewe may be bieing led up the garden path

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Glasgow: Forthcoming public meeting with Palestine ambassador

14-03-2007 13:56

Public meeting with Professor Manuel Hassassian, the Ambassador from Palestine to the UK.

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Parliament Square street shut by anti-nuclear protestors

14-03-2007 13:35

Anti-Trident protestors today shut down Great George Street in Parliament Square at around 11:45 am today for about 15 minutes. After police picked them up and moved them to the side, two of five lanes were reopened to traffic.

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Iran: Upping the Ante

14-03-2007 13:16

Can the United States and British governments really be at it again? Can they really expect the public to believe a mirror image of their barrage of lies on Iraq, now applying to Iran? Well, it is all there. Iran is “sponsoring terrorism”. (Was that not Iraq, before the invasion, when there was no known link to terrorism. There is now and the US and UK imported it on the backs of their tanks and with their puppet “government's” militias.)

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Parliament Square Anti-Trident Protest

14-03-2007 12:21

A group of people are currently blockading the roads around parliament square in protest over the government’s plans to renew Britain’s nuclear capability.

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Pelosi and Dems Taken to Task by AIPAC, Cheney

14-03-2007 10:09

It seems a neocon hysteria has washed over Congress, enveloping even Dems, who are presumably “liberal,” whatever that means. As it turns out, according to the “authoritative” Congressional Quarterly daily report, more than a few Democrats were opposed to Pelosi inserting language in an Iraq occupation spending bill that futilely attempted to prevent the neocons from launching their shock and awe campaign against the people of Iran.

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Troops Out of Iraq! 17 March.

13-03-2007 23:19

Mark four years of war, invasion and occupation of Iraq this Saturday 17 March,
12 - 3pm Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester

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Israel to attack Syria in the coming summer

13-03-2007 21:33

Israeli soldiers are training at the Golan Heights for an attack on Syria in the summer.

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Nice one Greenpeace!

13-03-2007 17:16

Today activists from Greenpeace scaled a large crane by Parliament and hung a banner suggesting that our prime minister is rather keen on WMD. Not an unreasonable assumption when you consider that that Mr Blair wants to spend a mere 20 billion of our money upgrading Trident. Anyone wishing to view the clear and obvious benefits of spending this kind of money on nuclear weapons should type 'hiroshima' into google.

Press release by Greenpeace below.

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Belgium Bans Depleted Uranium Weapons And Armour

13-03-2007 14:23

They were first with land mines, first with cluster bombs - now Belgium has become the first country in the world to ban uranium weapons!

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Kurdish Demonstrators Arrested at the Syrian Embassy in London

13-03-2007 00:12

the demo penned in
Some 100 Syrian Kurds from across the country held a protest today at the Syrian embassy in London to commemorate the so-called Qamishly uprising in 2004, where tens of Kurdish rioters were killed and thousands arrested by the Syrian police and army. The demo was restricted and 'penned in', but four angry protesters managed to break off and get to the embassy. All four, two of whom are said to be asylum seekers, were violently arrested and taken to Belgrave police station.

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AIPAC Pushes to Eliminate Anti-Iran War Language from Pelosi Iraq Bill

12-03-2007 22:45

According to Congressional Quarterly, some of the same Democrats most vehement about ending the Iraq debacle are resisting denying the President unilateral authority to go to war in Iran. The hypocrisy is astounding.

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30-day Countdown to War

12-03-2007 22:16

We are almost certainly in the last days of a countdown to nuclear war. Israel has made plans to attack Iran in a war of aggression, which will probably begin with some staged attack such as the attack on the Liberty in 1967.

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Rapists and torturers must not be allowed to rule our pirated authority

12-03-2007 17:13

Rapists and torturers must not be allowed to rule our pirated
authority through defending the further 'escape' of the
bushmob for 911.

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First Aldermaston SOCAP arrest on run-up to Trident vote

11-03-2007 23:48

with flag
At the start of the week that sees a vote on Trident replacement (14 March), Juliet McBride from Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp was arrested after spending over two hours on a high security fence surrounding the new Orion laser at the Atomic Weapons Establishment, Aldermaston.

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Iran and the Congo's Vanishing Uranium Bars

11-03-2007 23:16

A mysterious Congo vanishing uranium bars incident has emerged, coinciding with a decisive International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Board of governors meeting in Vienna on March 5-8, regarding Iran's nuclear program.

Are we dealing with a similar fabricated Psyop in the case of the alleged missing Congo uranium bars, which could at some later date be used as a pretext directed against Iran?

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Merseyside Anarchists: How Can We REALLY Stop The War?

11-03-2007 18:26

At the first meeting of the new Merseyside Anarchist group we discussed a lot of things and decided that it was worthwhile continuing with the group. We also decided that the next meeting on Thursday March 15th should look at the war in Iraq from an anarchist perspective and discuss actions for the 18th March - an international day of action against the war.