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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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China, Tibet and U.S.-sponsored counterrevolution

02-04-2008 22:52

How could progressive people be on the same side as Bush, the CIA and the ultra-right? How do we explain the paradox of progressive people supporting a movement that is financed and supported by the proponents of the U.S. Empire, as well as by all of the other old European colonial powers that had divided, humiliated and looted China for a full century prior to the 1949 revolution?

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Israel Hosting NATO Naval Excercise

02-04-2008 19:02

Forgive me, but where in the NATO mandates or charter does it say anything about its working with Israel against Iran in a potential military confrontation?
And where does that put NATO relative to its already chilly relations with Russia?

The NATO high command had better do some really critical thinking right now.

Because if they don't they just may get suckered into an Israeli "false flag" operation (of course, blamed on Iran), from which there can be no retreat, putting NATO on a military collision course with Russia.

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Boycott Beijing 2008 Olympic Games: Sign Petition Now!

02-04-2008 16:59

EveryOne Group ( is promoting a petition ( and an international campaign to ask for an immediate halt to the harsh sociocultural repression underway in Tibet, a repression perpetrated by the Chinese authorities towards thousands of innocent people.

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Drown out Blair's shameless lecture

02-04-2008 15:49

Nearest tube: Victoria Station

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Israel Laying Groundwork for Aggression Against Iran

02-04-2008 15:40

Once again proving who the real 'threat to peace' in the world is.

The International Community has to stop the Appeasement of these rogue states.

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Anti-NATO Convergence Centre in Bucharest attacked by Anti-Terror Police

02-04-2008 11:43

Police arrest all activists at the Anti-NATO CC in Bucharest

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Iran: 3rd US International Crime in the Making

01-04-2008 16:49

If only America had an independent media and an opposition party. If there were a shred of integrity left in American political life, perhaps a third act of naked aggression -- a third war crime under the Nuremberg standard -- by the Bush Regime could be prevented.

Note that, unlike Afghanistan and Iraq, the hand of Israel's Extremists in starting this war is not hidden at all, except perhaps by the media/propaganda factory.

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Heads-up warning - Nuclear Attack on Iran appears imminent!

01-04-2008 03:32

This heads-up wakeup call has embedded links for self-study so that the reader can affirm the truth or falsity of this warning and reach his or her own informed conclusions on the matter. The full url is

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Brutal arrest of 23 anti-militarist activists in Poland

30-03-2008 22:24

23 Polish antimilitarist activists were violently arrested on Sunday (30/03/2008) at a private flat of one of them morning after coming back from a demonstration after-party in Slupsk in nothern Poland.

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The 'Rogue Entity' - 20 Questions Media Avoids on Israel

30-03-2008 20:36

Please take some time to download this excellent documentary, as share (or screen) it with friends and family. Then, act on what you've learned. After all, this only succeeds because the people aren't informed, and don't do anything to demand change.

Peace, Propaganda, and the Promised Land /film.php?id=169

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The Tibet Card: Punishing China for its reluctance to impose sanctions on Iran

29-03-2008 14:18

It seems that the US government excels at propaganda for it continues to win over the very people it has betrayed and caused to be killed; buying their trust, it offers a friendship that is only self-serving.

Engaging China in a Tibet uprising would distract or dissuade it from building alliances with Iran. Iran must be kept isolated at all costs

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Asking Sarkozy to kick Total Out of Burma at Arsenal Summit

29-03-2008 11:57

Arsenal Armoury Cannons
At the Anglo-French summit held at Arsenal Emirates Football Stadium on Thursday 27th April, protesters asked French President Sarkozy to kick French Total Oil out of Burma. President Sarkozy has previously told Total not to make further investment in Burma, but Total currently funds the brutal military regime with over 500 million dollars a year. In December it upgraded its offshore gas platform whilst asking its corrupt military partners for a maritime exclusion zone around the platform.

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A Less than Grand Strategy: NATO's New Vision, The Preemptive Use of Nuclear Wea

29-03-2008 10:28

A few months ago, a report was published entitled "Towards a Grand Strategy for an Uncertain World: Renewing Transatlantic Partnership". It was written by five generals and it proposes a new vision for the NATO alliance and a strengthening of ties between the United States and the European Union. On the whole, the report contains an unabashed support for increased militarism and an arrogant endorsement of continuing Western hegemony throughout the world. The "Western way of life" must be preserved at all costs and those groups and/or nations which pose a threat to Western dominance must be wiped off the face of the earth.

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The Mystery of American Foreign Policy

29-03-2008 01:13

'The enemy of my enemy is my friend'.

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Freedom Rider: Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran

28-03-2008 21:23

But the Bush/Cheney war criminals are intent on an armed assault on Iran before the clock runs out on their terms in office. The nearby Saudi Arabians are taking U.S. threats against Iran seriously, holding drills to counter leaking of nuclear material from an American strike. Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are as war-crazed as the Republicans when it comes to Iran.

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Sounding out Tony Blair

28-03-2008 18:21

Tony Blair is giving a lecture on "Faith and Globalisation" on Thursday 3 April at Westminster Cathedral. The publicity for his speech makes no mention of Iraq or Afghanistan. Join Stop the War to ensure that, as Blair speaks, the voice of the anti-war majority in this country is heard loud and clear as every hypocritical word is accompanied by a wall of sound outside the Cathedral.

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AWE Aldermaston, the view from Construction Gate. 25.03.08

28-03-2008 18:00

Photography forbidden!
The view from Construction Gate: more pictures of the demo at AWE Aldermaston.

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On The Verge Tour - Police Harassment Backfires ;-)

27-03-2008 22:26

Members of smashEDO are sure someone is co-ordinating a campaign against the film. Andrew Trivett says: "At first we thought it was just Sussex police being spiteful. But it has become clear that there is an organised effort to stop people seeing it." Sussex police deny involvement in a campaign. A spokesman says: "To confirm, we haven't sent a circular to other police forces."

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Nottingham, Leicester and Lougborough Join Aldermaston Blockade - an audio piece

27-03-2008 13:47


People from Nottingham, Leicester and Lougborough travelled to Aldermaston Nuclear Weapons Establishment near Reading to join nearly 5000 others in marking the 50th anniversary of the first march to Aldermaston. Riseup! Radio went along and asked the question: why ARE nuclear weapons still the issue?

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Worried Just a Bit? Bush Launches Economic 'Shock and Awe' on Iran

27-03-2008 13:02

Although the "Shock and Awe" doctrine became famous after the Pentagon adopted it for the military invasion of Iraq, the doctrine has always had an economic side too. In fact, the authors of this doctrine believed that the economic ruin visited upon a target nation might be more effective than bombs and bullets – largely because they are more invisible, more politically palatable than big-bang extravaganzas.