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Doomed to Failure

31-01-2007 14:54

Bush has ignored the Baker plan in nearly all points-except for sending troops to train Iraqi security forces. He rejects a diplomatic involvement of Syria and Iran.. Shiites will fight Sunnis in the whole Arab world.

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Mark Wallinger: anti-war art and the state of Britain today

31-01-2007 09:46

State Britain is on at the Tate Britain until 27 August. Entrance is free. Go to

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Reality knocks, nobody Home!

31-01-2007 05:15

All demagogues and most politicians are familiar with the curious phenomenon of the diminished intelligence of a crowd relative to the mean intelligence quotient of all the individuals that comprise it! The level of intelligence of a crowd decreases as the size of the crowd increases. Less known, however, is the diminished ability of the crowd to act without the assistance of an orchestrater or conductor. In the face of the most heinous crimes, today’s populations are conspicuous by their complacency, silence and inability to act. The crowd waits patiently for an appropriate catalyst or activator to trigger an appropriate response.

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Iraq for Sale - screening in Cardiff

31-01-2007 00:10

Iraq for Sale
WHAT: Cardiff, United Kingdom screening of Iraq for Sale
WHEN: Thursday, February 15 2007 08:30 PM

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7/7: Angels & agents of Tavistock Square

30-01-2007 23:52

Daniel 7:7
The agents were conspicuous, diligently adhereing to their tasks, proceeding busily, workman like. Apart from the obvious foot soldiers, (the blokes in blue) there were one or two more covert ones that stuck in my mind. Their cover was blown, not because of what they did, but because of what they didn’t do.........

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Jafarzadeh and the Downing Street Dossier Redux

30-01-2007 21:42

Is it possible we are stupid enough to fall for it again?

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Jesus Christ Commands George Bush to Nuke Iran

30-01-2007 18:06

George Bush gets ready to strike them all out.

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Iraq’s colonial occupier, the US, denounces “foreign meddling”

30-01-2007 12:01

In recent weeks US government and military officials, aided and abetted by the American media, have stepped up the war of words against Iran. As they did precisely four years ago, in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, the political and media establishment is attempting to build up a case for military action against a country that has no designs on American territory and represents no threat to the US population.

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Suicide Bomber in Eilat: Blame al-Qaeda

30-01-2007 09:01

Just in the nick of time, as the US, Israel, and the “moderate” Mahmoud Abbas were about “to renew long-stalled peace talks,” a suicide bomber attacks a bakery in the Israeli resort town of Eilat.

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SDO Demo Crazy Failures mp3

30-01-2007 05:56

SDO Demo Crazy Failures
It is not about defending D Hicks, it is about OUR rights of protection from powerful individuals and state - radical radio 30 mins stereo

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Call for End to Iraq War

29-01-2007 20:36

Anti-War Rally in Washington
Rep. Maxine Waters, Rep. John Conyers, Rep. Lynn Woolsey, Navy Seaman Jonathan Hutto, Bob Watada & Others Call for End to Iraq War at Anti-War Rally in Washington

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Bush authorizes shoot-to-kill policy against Iranians in Iraq

29-01-2007 13:48

Troop surge paves way for wider war

The Bush administration has authorized US military forces in Iraq to hunt down and kill Iranian government personnel operating in that country, according to a report that first appeared in the Washington Post last Friday. The newspaper said President Bush authorized the new “kill or capture” program last fall during a meeting with his most senior advisors, which also resulted in the approval of a series of other measures aimed at destabilizing the Iranian regime.

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Failed Logic and Rhetoric in the USA

29-01-2007 12:22

Hillary Clinton and the neo-cons have much in common, their policies in relation to a continued presence in Iraq (oil theft) are similar as are their inept, amateurish and transparent attempts at rhetoric. Hillary’s latest offering was a statement to the effect that the Bush regime has dug a “deep hole” in Iraq that would take some time for “us” to emerge from! Notice the tactic of blame laying [political capital] while at the same time ensuring continued presence in Iraq on the basis that “we” would be rectifying all of Bush’s mistakes – very good Hillary, continued neo-colonial occupation and oil appropriation has nothing to do with it! Are Americans so stupid that they no longer recognise horseshit when they see or smell it?

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hope and horror in latin america - solidarity report from london

29-01-2007 02:31

demo flyer
come to the demo today (monday) 2pm - 5pm opposite downing street! calderon is giving a press conference at 2.40 with blair - show him that he's not welcome!

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EDO Corp Carcinogens Poison US Drinking Water

29-01-2007 00:48

In 1975 it was discovered by US authorities that arms maker EDO Corporation were responsible for
contamationaing drinking water in the US city of Norwalk.

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The Coming War Against Iran - Part 14

29-01-2007 00:32

Iran and the US Bases
Bush and Cheney have less than two years to go in their current role and want to go down in the history books as the heroes of the Pax Americana, as the men who managed to conquer the Middle East and its oil, as the men who took full-spectrum dominance seriously, while in their own country booking successes through exorbitant profits for the military-industrial complex and the realization of radical legislation. The prelude was long and the path was full of obstacles, but the goal of a third great war - a war with Iran - is increasingly within sight. Dan Plesch in The Guardian sums it up in one sentence: 'All the signs are that Bush is planning for a neocon-inspired military assault on Iran'.

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As Iran’s nuclear program stands in shambles, US continues its military agenda

28-01-2007 21:39

“Iran’s efforts to produce highly enriched uranium … are in chaos and the country is still years from mastering the required technology,” according to Guardian.

Of course, the revelations will not stop the neocons and the Israelis from attacking the Muslim nation, as the reason for the attack has nothing to do with nukes or any possible threat Iran may or may not pose to Israel.

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Leaked Israeli Document Gives Frightening Glimpse of Apartheid

28-01-2007 20:11

The Electronic Intifada has obtained an Israeli Ministry of Defense Powerpoint presentation which provides a frightening glimpse into the mindset of the bureaucracy of apartheid.

"What does exist, and is plain for all the world to see, is a horrifying regime of totalitarian control of millions of Palestinians who remain prisoners of Israel's racist system and the army and settler militias that enforce it."

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Tunez NOT Trident Benefit Gig PLUS join the Oxfordshire Faslane 365 Blockade!

28-01-2007 14:53

Do you sing, dance, act, juggle, do stand-up comedy sketches, or basically love performing? Do you believe that the proposed new nuclear weapons programme should be scrapped? We're looking for acts for a fundraiser for the Oxfordshire Faslane group on the 11th March - and potential blocakders/supporters :)