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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Fear & Loathing In Teheran

15-04-2007 11:35

Do a Google search on ‘Faye Turney rape’ and over 80,000 results appear. Remarkable really, given the woman has not been raped at all and is even claiming that she was not. Such is the ravenous appetite in Britain for titillating tales of defenceless damsels and wicked Arabs, the Sun-reading British electorate doesn’t care anymore if the narrative is absolute fantasy or not, so long as the victim is a westerner and the aggressor is a Muslim.

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Is the Met assisting hate propaganda?

15-04-2007 11:16

AWAAZ - South Asia Watch, a group formed mainly by young educated British Asians, condemns what it believes to be an attempt by London's Metropolitan Police to lend authority to dubious claims being made by Hindu fundamentalist groups in Britain. "These claims mainly centre around the allegation that Muslim students on university campuses are engaging in 'aggressive conversions' or 'forcible conversions' of Hindu and Sikh girls".

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Faslane to Close

15-04-2007 11:03

As predicted, the hope of imminent independence has been the catalyst for the planned redeploment of the nuclear fleet to Devonport. So will an independent seize and disarm the sub's or is Plymouth ready for a peace camp ?

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Australia: Baby bonus for early ADF enlistment

15-04-2007 02:15

Recruitment and retention schemes
The initiative is part of the Federal Government's billion-dollar overhaul of recruitment and retention schemes in the ADF.

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Israeli Army shoot member of Brighton delegation with rubber bullet

14-04-2007 18:19

Israeli Army shoot member of Brighton delegation with rubber bullet

For immediate release: Friday 13th April 2007

A 28 yr old Brighton man was shot in the arm today by a rubber bullet fired by the Israeli Army. He was on a weekly demonstration against Israel’s apartheid wall in Bil’in village, Palestine.

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Mysterious Death of Dr. David Kelly: Murder theory that just won't go away

14-04-2007 17:44

The greatest British conspiracy theory of the modern age was unveiled this week. Lewes MP Norman Baker set out in detail for the first time why he believes the secret service murdered the Government scientist Dr David Kelly.

Miles Godfrey and Katya Mira report on a one-man crusade for the truth which has catapulted an unassuming Parliamentarian into the international spotlight.

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Bush's War On Somalia

14-04-2007 16:51

The media has hinted at these connections, but few 'journalists' have actually probed or profiled them in detail.

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We cannot look from the sides as we are led towards crisis over Iran

14-04-2007 14:25

Or war by Israel ...

War on Terror A Fraud

Maps and Charts of Iraqi Oil Fields/Foreign Suitors For Iraqi Oilfields

These are documents turned over by the Commerce Department, under a March 5, 2002 court order as a result of Judicial Watch’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit concerning the activities of the Cheney Energy Task Force. The documents contain a map of Iraqi oilfields, pipelines, refineries and terminals, as well as 2 charts detailing Iraqi oil and gas projects, and “Foreign Suitors for Iraqi Oilfield Contracts.” The documents are dated March 2001.

That's BEFORE 9/11.

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Call for action against G8

14-04-2007 13:20

Palestine: No Wars - No Walls
G8, walls, wars and exclusions go together. That is why thousands from the region, from all over Germany, Europe, Israel, and Palestine will come to Rostock to protest against the meeting of those who rule the world without being legitimized:

- on the international demo block “Palestine – no wars, no walls”, June, 2nd , in Rostock, Germany

- on the day of blockades against militarization, wars and occupations on June, 5th around Rostock-Laage airport, Germany

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Nablus: Kids Used as Human Shields in Balata Refugee Camp

14-04-2007 07:04

In a military operation taking place in Balata Refugee Camp (Nablus, Occupied Palestine), IOF troops forced two youngsters to serve as human shields.

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Weekly US Embassy Guantanamo Protest Two Months Old

13-04-2007 23:34

Eight activists from the London Guantanamo Campaign continued their weekly protest outside the US embassy on Friday, calling for the US military detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to be shut down immediately, and for all the remaining detainees, including the British residents still held there, to either be charged or released without further delay.

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History is great fun to rehearse - what does it do for us today?

13-04-2007 23:12

In response to the "Empire as a Way of Life" series of essays and the impotency of ALL erudite scholarship in the dissent space that has achieved absolutely zero efficacy in any of its attempts to halt the crimes of "empire". Instead of continuing on with business as usual - perhaps it's time to do a postmortem - as engineers and thinking peoples - to figure out why our anemic protests and rehearsal of profound works of history by the scholarly haven't worked to prevent new similar history from being constructed in new epochs as new faits accomplis only to be lamented over, and how to achieve better than zero efficacy in changing that!

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13-04-2007 22:49


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Faslane blockaded again - Faslane 365

13-04-2007 12:08

Trident Ploughshares ( as part of Faslane 365, the year long blockade of Britains nuclear weapons base, succesfully blockaded Faslane on the Clyde for 2 hours. Protestors arrived simultaneously and used concrete reinforced lock-on tubes to block 3 entrances. Base workers were unable to get in and work in the base was disrupted.

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Faslane naval base fully blockaded for over two hours

13-04-2007 11:39

Activists blockade the North Entrance to Faslane
13 April 2007 - Argyle and Bute, Scotland.

Activists from Trident Ploughshares this morning blockaded all three entrances to the Faslane naval base, home of the United Kingdom's nuclear weapons. The base was completely shut for over two hours and 24 people were arrested.

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Who really bombed Paris?

13-04-2007 01:42

Ever since the 1995 bombing of the Paris metro by the Algerian Armed Islamic Group (GIA) made France the first western European country to suffer so-called radical Islamist terrorism, its politicians and "terror experts" have consistently warned Britain to the dangers of welcoming Islamist political dissidents and radical preachers to her shores.

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Australia: Call for skilled migrants to be sent to the ADF

12-04-2007 22:19

Chronic shortages in the Defence
Prime Minister John Howard wants the migrants to help fill chronic shortages in the Defence [WAR] Force.

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The next Imperial Genocide: Iran may be the greatest crisis of modern times

12-04-2007 19:43

In a cover piece for the New Statesman, John Pilger evokes the memory of Germans 'looking from the side' at Bergen-Belsen to describe the challenge facing us in the West as the Bush/Blair 'long war' becomes 'perhaps the greatest crisis of modern times'.