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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Art of War : Love

15-06-2004 20:56


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Peace Activist on Hat Trick of Presidential Pardon

15-06-2004 19:34

Australian peace activist given presidential pardon from East Timor leader, Xanana Gusmao for disarmament of a US Navy Aircraft docked at Shannon Airport, Ireland where 10,000 US troops pass through every month.

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AmBush Shannon June 25/26 2004

15-06-2004 14:17

This is a promo video for the un-welcoming of George W. Bush who is ariving in Shannon airport/warport on the 25th of June for a E.U.-U.S. summit.

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Hunger Strike against the Wall of Israel

15-06-2004 12:23


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The G8 and Iraq

15-06-2004 00:29

On the poltical manuverings going on between the G8 around debt, dollars and Iraq.

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Memo's legalizing torture

14-06-2004 16:15

Lately some memo's were given to Newsweek, Washington Post about legalizing torture.

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joint Colombia-Venezuela-Cuba solidarity rally this thursday

14-06-2004 01:13

this thursday, three latin american solidarity groups will be co-organising a joint rally in solidarity with the people of colombia, venezuela and cuba. come along and find out for yourself how the US is militarily intervening in the region and preparing for a wider war, specifically between the ultra-right government of colombia and the ultra-left government of venezuela. (and for those who think that all governments are just as bad, remember, pinochet killed all the anarchists too...)o

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Talk and Film about the Israeli Wall

13-06-2004 11:08

5.00pm Sunday 13th: Talk & Film about the Israeli Wall @ Occupied Social Centre, Tufnell Pk, with Uri Ayalon, journalist and facilitator in the school of peace in
Neve-Shalom Wahat al-Salam.

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NO WAR NO BUSH! Rome, June 4 Photo reportages:

13-06-2004 09:17

157 PHOTOS in 2 galleries

to those that wanted another day of war

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ANTI BUSH PAN-EUROPEAN NOISE PROTEST on Friday 25 June 2004, 20 hours

12-06-2004 20:38

GRAPHICS - note times wrong, corrected version will be forwarded on Monday
President Bush arrives at Shannon airport, together with Powell and Rice, on Friday 25 June, on an official UE visit to attend an EU-USA summit meeting. The Barcelona Stop the War Coalition (Plataforma Aturem la Guerra), supported by delegates of Irish and European Anti-War groups, calls on all interested groups, associations and individuals to organise and participate in an anti-Bush Pan-European Noise Protest throughout Europe. Agreed time 20.00 (8p.m.)(this would be 21.00 (9p.m.) in central Europe time. Duration 1/2 hour

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Secret plans for Trident replacement

12-06-2004 16:51

(Not-So) Secret plans for Trident replacement

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Doctrines And Visions: Who Is To Run The World, And How?

11-06-2004 13:32

A major statement by Noam Chomsky regarding terrorism, the war in Iraq, the military situation worldwide, and the "democratic vision" of President Bush and Prime Minister Blair. Note that the discussion of the militarization of space has local relevance for Cambridge residents, as one of the major components in research and development of space-based weapons - the US-run airbase RAF Feltwell, is located very near to us.

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Iraq Occupation Focus launch

11-06-2004 11:52

Iraq Occupation Focus
End the Occupation: Why the US/UK should leave now

Audio from public meeting and launch of Iraq Occupation Focus with Tariq Ali, Jeremy Hardy, Haifa Zangana and Ewa Jasiewicz.

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More photos from Nottingham G8 protest

11-06-2004 10:45

anti g8 nottingham
More photos from the G8 action at oil depot near Nottingham on wednesday 9th June

30+ activists shut down an oil distribution depot in nottingham this morning in solidarity with the G8 protests in the US, to protest about global warming and oil war in Iraq.

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"Have your say" at the Beeb...

10-06-2004 23:27

Falluja child corpse
"Have your say" at the BBC, but will this organ of the "Government talking on its feet" (to quote Pilger) dare to publish it ?
"USUK cannot export democracy at the end of so many DU tipped missiles mainly because they do not have it at home. The illegal USUK attack was against the wishes of the majority of the USUK natives...."

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Oxford P10K activist arrested by Israelis

10-06-2004 22:28

Ian Hodgson, Oxford resident and P10K organiser, was arrested by the Israeli army today.

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America's Self-Accusation

10-06-2004 16:43

"Bush's division of the world in `good' and `evil' nations, terrorists and alliance partners, ultimately reflected an instinct-politician who didn't wrestle with the complexities of international law beyond his own claim to power.. Unlike God's advice in the White House, the transformation of simple soldiers into criminals is not a mysterious process. Psychic insensitivity is an individual survival mechanism of all soldiers.."

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Abu Ghraib: The Charade

10-06-2004 16:11

In this article, Palestinian activist Amer Jubran examines the factors behind the decision of the U.S. Government and the corporate media to admit that Americans have been torturing Iraqis. Responses to Mr. Jubran can also be sent to

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pictures of protest at BAE Systems Edinburgh, Wednesday, 7.6.2004

09-06-2004 17:21

blue lock at the gate, banner, at BAE systems Edinburgh, Crewe Toll
Here are the pictures relating to the posting from earlier this morning, about the lock-on actions in front of BAE systems in Edinburgh.

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Let’s Come Together Against NATO in Istanbul

09-06-2004 17:17

We are calling on all those who are fighting for “Another World” to come to Turkey against this gathering of global killers. Let’s meet in Istanbul against war, occupation, neo-liberalism, capitalist globalization and the ensuing increasing poverty and injustice. Let’s merge our struggles for a world without war.