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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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The Real Reasons Why Iran is the Next Target

11-10-2004 13:37

Cover of Upcoming book; 'Petrodollar Warfare'
The Iranians are about to commit an offense far greater than Saddam Hussein's conversion to the euro for his oil exports back in the fall of 2000. In March 2005 Iran is going to start competing with New York's NYMEX and London's IPE with respect to international oil trades - using a euro-based international oil-trading mechanism. What does that mean? It means that without some sort of US intervention (likely covert, but possibly overt), the euro is going to establish a firm foothold in the international oil trade in 2005 - which given U.S. debt levels and the neoconservative desire for U.S. global domination - provides a rather problematic situation. Indeed, numerous articles have revealed Pentagon planning for operations against Iran in 2005. The publicly stated reasons will be over Iran's nuclear ambitions, but the unspoken macroeconomic issues explain the Real Reasons regarding the 2nd stage of petrodollar warfare - Iran's upcoming oil Bourse.

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Declaration of Independence Calton Hill 9th October 2004.

10-10-2004 20:16

Flyer for the day.
This is a 1,600 word report with photos of the Declaration of Independence on Edinburgh's Calton Hill on Saturday October 9th 2004. This was the alternative to the bowing and scraping on the Royal Mile that same day.

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Gtr Manc'r Transport info to Demo 17th Oct. Time to Go- Bush Out - Troops out

10-10-2004 16:51

Greater Manchester transport information to the Demo which concludes the European Social Forum. Departing times for each coach pick-up point are approx. Please arrive early, Ring the contact numbers for your area. Book your coach seat now to avoid disappoint, as they say. £10 unwaged, £15 waged £20 solidarity price.

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Video: The brutal murder and decapitation of British hostage Kenneth Bigley

10-10-2004 14:23

Bigley makes a final statement to the camera.

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from the Beatles to Bigley

10-10-2004 09:03

Poet Tony Hillier respectively tries to express his emotions, at the time of the death of kidnapped Ken Bigley,

Swindon, UK, 9 October 2004

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Fairford Coach case in Court of Appeal next week!

08-10-2004 21:55

The Fairford coach case is at the Court of Appeal next week. The coach detainees will be taking the police to court once again over the basic human right to protest and the right not to be detained. The following press release recently appeared on the Fairford Coach Action website.

(For fun, also see -

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I am a mother . . . The power in the lone feminine voice raised in protest

08-10-2004 16:47

A voice is rising above the wails of grieving mothers heard around the world. It's a bold and angry voice speaking out against the tyrants who cold-heartedly consume our children in the name of phony "Wars on Drugs" and "Wars on Terror."

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120 police detained and prevented from attending demo!!

07-10-2004 21:31

The police of London were travelling to a peace demo in Gloucestershire when an overwhelming number of anti-war protestors stopped and searched them in the sleepy hamlet of Lechlade. The police claim that the search was intentionally slow, and many police were filmed by the protesters through the duration of the search.

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Afghanistan: Two days before the elections

07-10-2004 12:30

Ducks in garden
As I sit typing this at 14.20 local time on Thursday 7th October there is a bomb scare 100 metres up the road. A suspected car bomb near the UN guest house.

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M$ Windows XP Professional Bugging Device?

07-10-2004 04:33

A hypothesis that Microsoft's Windows XP is a complex variation of a bugging device.

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HR 10 - 3rd Reich White Elephant

07-10-2004 00:44

HR 10 - 3rd Reich White Elephant

The 3rd Reich is at it again. Another 'bogus' defense contract. This is just Big Brother.

No way hozay!

Terrorists come into a country with their own equipment, normally by sea. This is just aimed at US citizens, exclusivly.

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Business, National Defence And Terrorism Do Not Mix

07-10-2004 00:08

This is an updated article that prompted the resignation of the US Cyber-Security Chief.

Headlines on and

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Hacktivism - 27,000 Identified Targets

06-10-2004 23:31

A US consortium has been monitored for a number of years, manipulating democracy, and organising genocidal campaigns to boost sales of a range of products. 27,000 people have been identified and extensive background information gathered and distributed globally, for world-wide defence.

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Samarra then (2001) and now.

06-10-2004 22:30

Map of Iraq showing Samarra.
This is a short account with photos of Samarra during my visit in 2001 and how it appears to be now under US bombardment.

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Telling It Like It Is - America Under Attack

06-10-2004 22:26

Telling It Like It Is - America Under Attack

Various neo-nazi tactics in US

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Former German Defense Minister Confirms CIA Involvement in 9/11

06-10-2004 22:18

Former German Defense Minister Confirms CIA Involvement in 9/11

More on Bush's neo-nazi connections

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HALLIBURTON DOWN UNDER Broadcast Transcript (Australian Dateline)

06-10-2004 21:07

Halliburton's Australian no-bid defence contracts,local infrastructure involvement televised in Oz for the first time

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Western Sahara - still illegally occupied after almost 30 years

06-10-2004 19:34

Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford

Invites you to a seminar entitled

'The Saharawi refugee camps: death and stagnation in no man's land' by Fatima Mahfud.

1-2pm on Thursday 14 October 2004

Blackhall Seminar Room, Queen Elizabeth House
21 St Giles, Oxford

All Welcome

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Israel does NOT want palestinian state

06-10-2004 19:05

In the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz Sharon's political senior advisor Dov Weisglass has publicly said for the first time that an Independant Palestinian State is out of the question.