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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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US troops are worse than scabs

06-12-2003 23:05

A working class perspective on the US anti-war movement's adaptation of the slogan "Support Our Troops".

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05-12-2003 17:10

Peace Party for Campaign Against Arms Trade (

Seaside Tribe ( are attempting to raise the profile of the small pressure group CAAT. By organising creative parties with a political message we hope to raise the level of awareness to many party people. On Friday 12th Dec we shall donate all profits to this worthy cause.

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SERBIA&MONTENEGRO: Conscientious objector arrested by military police

05-12-2003 16:34

WRI Logo
A conscientious objector was arrested by Serbian military police today.

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MIAMI: Giving Hospitality Under Siege.

05-12-2003 05:31

It was Thursday the week of FTAA protests in Miami and if
the clocks didn't strike thirteen they sure should've.

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Ocean Graves for Leftists

03-12-2003 18:05

Not only were leftists sent to Pacific ocean graves near Chile by Pinochet, but during the so-called dirty war in Argentina, thousands of leftists were pushed alive out of airplanes over the Atlantic ocean. Their mothers protested for years in the Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires to learn their fate. This is the way that fascists and their cohorts in the CIA and US government treat people who want land reform, better wages and working conditions, health care and education for everyone and no child labor or starving children. They exterminate the more intelligent and compassionate members of society.

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Camp Xray Video and Reflections

03-12-2003 10:56

Here's a Video of Manchesters' Camp Xray. Also After the excellent Camp X-ray recreation in Manchester, some of us wanted to express our thoughts about it. Here's a page of some of the reflections.

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Making A Case For 9/11 Skepticism

02-12-2003 21:54

While 9/11 Skeptics await the results of the 9/11 commission with an open mind, we are also firmly convinced that the U.S. government is incapable of conducting a truly independent and unhindered investigation into the Sept. 11 phenomena. We view our work as an international citizen’s or people’s investigation of the same, one in which many active minds have long since come together in a fruitful and increasingly international dialogue.

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Reclaim The Bases II weekend, 17/18 January 2004

02-12-2003 21:38

Reclaim The Bases
The upcoming RTB II weekend needs more support!

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Bristol IMC feature on Fairford trial

02-12-2003 01:25

Link to (and extract from) Bristol indymedia feature about trial of the Fairford gate 3.

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President of the Apes videos

02-12-2003 01:00

Funny movie clips about George Bush's ape-like behaviour, and his Dad's Darth-Vader-like approach to life.

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Sheffield Stop the War benefit this Thursday

02-12-2003 00:12

A benefit this Thursday

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Bush Protest Photos...

01-12-2003 22:20

discussions with SWP-er
more photos from the london march on the 20/11/03 against bush's visit. black and white.

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Video clip of scenes from Manchester protest against Bush visit

01-12-2003 18:02

A video clip of scenes from the Manchester lunch-time rally against the Bush visit which took place on 19th November 2003 in the Peace Gardens, St Peter's Square.

The soundtrack to the clip is the song "Unites States" by superb anti-war protest band Sieze the Day.

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ISM Reports: A Friend Asked Me....Ben J in Jenin + Other Stories

01-12-2003 15:41

1st December 2003
The Latest ISM Reports

1) A friend asked me....Ben J in Jenin
2) I Punched an Arab in the Face_ Haaretz article
3) Palestinians love to laugh_Ben J
4) First European meeting of ISM support networks
5) ISM Announcement - Trainings in December

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South Korea: conscientious objector Cheol-min Kang arrested

01-12-2003 15:11

Arrest of Cheol-min Kang on Friday
Korean conscientious objector Cheol-min Kang has been arrested on Friday, 28 November 2003.

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ISM Reports: Witness Statements. Army Murders Two Children In Burqeen, West Bank

01-12-2003 15:00

***As always we hope you pass these reports and information along to your representatives and local media outlets. For a list of contacts, please see: .***


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ART OF WAR: Postcard from Iraq

01-12-2003 01:05

Postcard from Iraq
A. O. W. Postcard from Iraq

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Thank Tony! (well, maybe not...)

29-11-2003 21:47

Here's an American Website set up to send thanks to Tony Blair for helping the US out in Iraq...

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29-11-2003 19:52