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Anti-war protesters on trial

07-11-2003 15:57

Three people face charges of criminal damage in Gloucester Crown Court after
the main gate of USAF Fairford was pulled open with ropes by a crowd of
anti-war protesters last Febuary.

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They Put a Bag Over My Head & Flew Me To Syria for Torture and Interrogation

07-11-2003 15:55

This is What They Did to Me

I am here today to tell the people of Canada what has happened to me.

There have been many allegations made about me in the media, all of them by people who refuse to be named or come forward. So before I tell you who I am and what happened to me, I will tell you who I am not.

I am not a terrorist. I am not a member of al-Qaida and I do not know any one who belongs to this group. All I know about al-Qaida is what I have seen in the media.

I have never been to Afghanistan. I have never been anywhere near Afghanistan and I do not have any desire to ever go to Afghanistan. Now, let me tell you who I am.

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Art of War: The Holy Land

07-11-2003 05:11

The Holy Land
The Holy Land

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Wall Down Demo 9/11/03

07-11-2003 01:00

On the Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall


The separation of farmers from the crops they need to live because the farmers are Palestinian

The destruction of homes because the families are Palestinian

The partition of land with the spoils going to the illegal settlers because the settlers are Israelis


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Sunday 16th Nov 12pm – Bush Protest in Aylesbury

06-11-2003 12:32

A different protest venue and a gentle warm up for the Bush visit.

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Oxford Union Iraq Debate

06-11-2003 02:17

Oxford Union Iraq Debate, Thursday 6 November, 8:30pm.

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Public Open Air Video Showing

05-11-2003 14:52

On Monday 10th at 7:00pm outside the crown court building in Plymouth, there will be a series of video projections of public service movies advising on procedures during nuclear attack cut with "When The Wind Blows". Worryingly funny stuff!

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Inspection teams move in on Birmingham University

04-11-2003 01:03

The Weapons Inspectors move in
In response to growing concerns that Birmingham University has become a fertile recruitment ground for arms dealers and their supporters in the oil trade, B*U*S*T the War and People & Planet were today forced to investigate.

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Oxford "Stop the Wall" protest meeting

03-11-2003 21:34

Help needed in Oxford to raise awareness of the apartheid wall being built in the West Bank.

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Savage Intimidation

03-11-2003 05:57

The My Lai massacre in Vietnam was not an isolated incident. As this article illustrates, it is part of a strategy of counterinsurgency warfare, which intends to eliminate popular support for guerrillas by shock and awe. This savage intimidation is still being managed and financed by the US all over the world. The starkest example is in Colombia, where paramilitaries are using chainsaws to torture, dismember and kill peasant farmers who support the guerrillas.

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Wiesenthal Center 'outraged' By Poll Calling Israel A Threat To World Peace

02-11-2003 07:12

As the tanks roll over the refugee camps in Palestine and the apartite wall goes up, with open blatant racist policies with the mandatory wearing of special ID badges of non- “jewish” people, While "israel" "legalizes" the Murder of Palestians and Theft of more Palestinian land the destruction of Palestinian Property and isreal drains billions in blood money from US.

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audio: tyrants hate the truth

01-11-2003 19:55

audio clips to educate and entertain:
in case you've missed it, there's a new genre of music out there, dubya dub... thought you folks in the UK might get a laugh, have some fun with this as well. Haven't heard a bliar dub yet (-;

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Clowning Around for Peace

01-11-2003 17:14

A funny thing happened in Seattle after Bush declared war on Iraq. Martial law was begun in Seattle streets. Riot police followed the protesters' every move, standing in rows, pounding their billy clubs anxiously in their palms, badges and nametags hidden. Sick of this intimidation, protesters are getting creative...

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Do not forget Iraq

01-11-2003 03:42

Love live the innocent Iraqis

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Demo tomorrow, 9-10am! DSEi anti-terror searches ruling!

30-10-2003 20:58

Tomorrow (Fri 31st) we expect a High Court ruling on the DSEi anti-terror searches case. The hearing will be at 10am in Court 2 of the Royal Courts of Justice. A small demonstration (banners, placards, leaflets) is planned outside the main entrance of the High Court from 9am-10am.

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STOP BUSH public meeting with John Pilger and Bolivian activist!

30-10-2003 17:01

Stop Bush! Hear about the revolt in Bolivia...
Public meeting with John Pilger, Jorge Viana activist from Bolivia reporting back from what is happening there and Ashraf El-Bayoumi the organiser of the Cairo conference against US imperialism and globalisation