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Exploring the “chasm”: A libertarian reply to Celia Hart

27-04-2005 21:10

* Responding to the invitation extended a few days ago from Havana by Celia Hart Santamaria – member of the Cuban Communist Party and daughter of prominent figures of the regime – calling for discussions on leftist alternatives for Cuba’s future, and where she explicitly asks for an anarchist opinion, the Cuban Libertarian Movement makes public its proposals for the debate.

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C4News gets Goldsmith's war advice.

27-04-2005 19:03

Channel 4 News has obtained a copy of the Attorney General's 'Iraq war' advice (summary).

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Protestors to shut top UK military base before G8 Summit

27-04-2005 11:00

This is the first press release from the Faslane G8 Team

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Public Meeting

26-04-2005 18:36


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26-04-2005 16:46

Celebrate mayday with the Peacenik Pirates in bath. Activities include info stalls, music, poi lessons and bucaneer antics. DROP ANCHORS NOT BOMBS!

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Tony Blair in liverpool today!!

26-04-2005 14:31

Tony Blair will be in Liverpool this afternoon. Protest called!

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Blair in Liverpool tonight! (Tuesday 26 April)

26-04-2005 14:03

We've just had word that Tony Blair will be in Liverpool tonight
(Tuesday 26th April) at St George's Hall at 5.30pm.

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Smash EDO Press Release

26-04-2005 13:27

Don't forget to come to the demo this Thurs 4-6 pm

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26-04-2005 11:52

Tuesday 26th April 4 - 6pm

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Kurdish blogger's open letter to George Galloway

26-04-2005 04:29

An Iraqi Kurd has recently written an open letter to Respect Party candidate George Galloway in the lead-up to the British general election.

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INSURGENTS ARE US: death squad capitalism

26-04-2005 04:15

US MILITARY CORPORATE COMPLEX NEEDS THE INSURGENCY like the fish who needs water. Therefore, US has financed, created and supported thousands of individul terrorists and hundreds of militias to terrorize Iraqis Shiis'a into accepting the US slates for vital cabinet posts. This is a radical departures from the corporate media which falsely propagates that Iraqi resistance is responsible for atrociies in Iraq.Insurgents are US is in dialectical opposition antithisis of this view.

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Smash Edo High Court latest

26-04-2005 03:44

Judge Gross yesterday deferred judgement on the injunction being sought by lawyers Lawson-Cruttenden at the High Court on behalf of Brighton war-mongers Edo/MBM.

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The legality of the Iraq war: time to move on

25-04-2005 23:27

Last weekend, two British newspapers and the Mail on Sunday led with the leaked details of a memo from the Attorney General to the Prime Minister, sent before the war on Iraq, which apparently argued that any invasion might be illegal.

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Jack "Dodgy Dossier" Straw besieged in Blackburn

25-04-2005 21:03

***Why not join us this Saturday for another weekend of sunshine and strawbaiting?***

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25-04-2005 19:13

Last chance to quiz candidates from all parties and all 3 constituencies over the war.

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Bomb making factory closed down

25-04-2005 19:01

DSDA Beith in Ayrshire was blockaded and invaded today by a delegation from Glasgow Against War. They closed two gates and hung a anner from the tallest building on the site. The factory makes cruise missiles, "bunker buster" bombs amongst other offensive weapons. See the press release sent out this morning...

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Resisting privatisation in Iraq: Conference: May 2005, Basra, Iraq

25-04-2005 07:02

You are invited to take part in a conference organised by the General Union of Oil Employees in Basra. Please take part by attending in person, or submitting stories and/or messages of solidarity, via the contact at the bottom of the page.

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24-04-2005 15:32

What about the Forgotton war crimes of this goverment,

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Disruption and Intimidation in Carterton, Oxfordshire

24-04-2005 13:33

Brize Norton Peace Camp banner
“I reasonably believe that it may result in serious disruption to the life of the community or that the purpose of the persons organising the public assembly is intended to intimidate others to do or not to do something they have a right.” - Assistant Chief Constable John Donlon of Thames Valley Police, imposing conditions on the peace march and rally around Brize Norton on 23rd April 2005.