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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Destroy the Downing St. Memos ? Not on your Nelly!

20-06-2005 07:47

The last 25% is your life insurance, and is used 'in case of emergency',
like when the journalist or whistleblower is "suicided".

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URGENT: Downing Street Memo hearing with Ray McGovern and company repeats today

19-06-2005 15:29

URGENT: Downing Street Memo hearing with Ray McGovern and company repeats today at 11:10 AM PT & 2:10 PM ET (6:10 PM GMT) on C-SPAN

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Iraqi Union Leaders Speak

19-06-2005 00:16

US Labor Against the War includes affiliates from National labor organizations, Central Labor Councils, Regional Labor Organizations, Large Locals, (10,000 + members), Small Locals(10,000 - members), Allied Labor Organizations, Labor Anti-war groups, and other Labor Organizations.

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18-06-2005 12:45


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Antimilitarism And the G8

18-06-2005 12:04

The G8 nations are involved in military activity at every level. They declare war and invade countries; they maintain massive military capability both at home and in bases abroad; they fund the military capability of smaller nations around the world; they provide homes (and export licenses) for major arms companies producing most of the military hardware in the world today.

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Six die in Burundi church massacre, two more killed in other attacks

17-06-2005 13:25

"The first criminal attack was committed in one church at Muhuta district where a group of FNL fighters fired in the church and killed six people including a pastor. They also injured seven others," [army spokesman] Manirakiza said.

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Direct Action Training: G8, DSEi and Beyond. THIS SUNDAY!

17-06-2005 11:37

Direct Action affinity group training.

Sunday 19th July @ Institute for Autonomy

Come and share experiences and learn effective tactics for action.

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Activist Training - G8 Preparation

17-06-2005 11:15

The lovely lovely people from Liverpool Social Forum have organised an activist training day in preparation for the G8 protests in Scotland. Everyone is welcome to share and learn The Crown (the pub) upstairs, Liverpool City Centre, Wednesday 22nd June from 6.30PM (don’t worry if you are forced to turn up late).

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Board Room of Lockheed Martin Occupied By People's Weapons Inspectors

17-06-2005 10:43

At lunchtime Thursday 16th June, People's Nuclear Weapons Inspectors entered the UK headquarters of Lockheed Martin, the largest arms manufacturer in the world.

While in the offices, located in 22 Carlisle Place close to London’s
Victoria Station, the 6 Trident Ploughshares activists disrupted a meeting held in Lockheed Martin’s board room, chanting “You stop your trade in death”. The 7 male managers meeting there initially tried to secure the board room with the belt of one of them. They then decided to vacate the room leaving the Inspectors to occupy the room.

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"Amnesty" spectre looms as Burundi approves "Truth commission"

17-06-2005 10:36

"The government of Burundi has endorsed a UN plan to set up a truth and reconciliation commission as part of the country’s peace process...

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Enabling Evil

16-06-2005 12:15

Why do Americans tolerate a liar and a war criminal as their president?

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Gov't-Opposition Advocate Troops To Afghanistan?

16-06-2005 12:13

No More Wars!
A new analysis of the Australian community on illegal and degrading wars on sovereign nations, from the influential No War Strategic Policy Institute, has found only 14 percent of Australians supported military assistance to the war on human rights, while 58 percent disagreed.

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16-06-2005 08:21

from today's morning star...

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US Guantanamo Defenders Should Face The Hague

16-06-2005 02:30

Reclaim justice!
Bad luck if you were just defending your own county from and attack by a superpower or even worse, refusing to defend your country but still being labelled a suspected combatant by the imperialists. Or even worse travelling overseas like Mumdouh Habib minding your own business and being kidnapped, tortured and detained until you were finally released for being a suspect person only.

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First Arrest Made To Enforce EDO Injunction. DEMO TODAY!

15-06-2005 22:36

After police failed in court today to hold onto conditions that would exclude demonstrators arrested at the May 31st Big Demo from going to protest outside the EDO Arms factory in Brighton, they have now for the first time, used powers under the controversial EDO Interim Injunction to arrest a protestor for breach of its conditions.

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Breaking news - Man arrested under EDO Injunction

15-06-2005 21:52

Just hearing about this. Reportedly one man has been arrested for breach of the injunction.

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Dr Who Crew comment on Wookey Hole Dalek 'incident'...

15-06-2005 17:28

Dr Who Crew comment on Wookey Hole Dalek 'incident'...

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Fri. 17th Launch Party - Falmouth, Cornwall

15-06-2005 17:26

Launch Party for Ahimsa Human Rights Society of Falmouth, Cornwall

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Convictions and Corrections

14-06-2005 20:46

The psychologists' report concluded that people ignore corrections irrespective of the certainty that a news report was notorious. The truth is unimportant, one must say. Whether something fits and confirms the worldview is decisive.