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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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politicising the creative design community

08-09-2003 13:29

click on the link-

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Pics: Protestors outside Army Recruitment Office - london

08-09-2003 12:31

Pics outside army recruitment centre

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Pics from BAE / DSEi Action - occupation + 'pro arms' demo

08-09-2003 11:51

Pics from this morning's action at BAE's UK HQ in Central London in the run up to DSEi - Europe's largest arms fair.

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DSEi - "The torturers' picnic" Rachel Shabi in the Guardian

08-09-2003 06:24

Repressive regimes will be stocking up again at this week's arms fair - and we're footing the bill

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NO NATO, NO ARMS TRADE (and no De vere Hotels) !

08-09-2003 05:07

De Vere Cambridge. Imminent boycott?
In MOVEMENT towards the abolition of NATO and the complete dismantling of NATO bases in Europe!! NO NATO NO Arm-Fairs!!

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Bush Cries Help: Just Say NO

07-09-2003 22:37

When the leaders of Europe and the UN meet to discuss sending troops to Iraq they must remember that the hands of the clock have been turned back to Munich 1938. It is understood that behind the scenes the leaders of Europe are facing extreme pressure and are being offered incredible bribes to comply with the request. However, they must realize they are dealing with a madman and a regime full of lunatics that are willing to risk nuclear war for their own personal gain.

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Independent media refused DSEi 2003 accreditation

07-09-2003 21:50

Free PN on international arms trade
News release on refusal of Spearhead to accredit Peace News for DSEi 2003 coverage. Plus notice of free DSEi-related materials available for arms trade activists and campaigners.

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British govt to announce overhaul of media machine to shed image of spin

07-09-2003 19:59

Prime Minister Tony Blair, whose government has been renowned and reviled for its concentration on its image, planned to announce an overhaul of media operations on Wednesday, government officials said.

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Boat activists defeat navy

07-09-2003 18:55

DSEI attempted to sail 4 warships along the river Thames, through Gallions Reach Lock and into the Royal Victoria Dock near the Excel exhibition centre. 30 activists in three affinity groups succeeded in disrupting the manoeuvre, and the last 2 ships in the convoy aborted their mission and had to stop 7km down stream.

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Fairford Accused on 19th September

07-09-2003 18:07

Gloucester Crown Court, Friday 19th September 2003
at 10.00am

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Scottish CND upcoming events

07-09-2003 14:08

announcements copied out of an email about forthcoming actions and events more or less associated with Scottish CND. Some of them a bit vague in date make the announcement preferably published as an article rather than on protest net.

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small mpg vid clips of samba bands at anti-dsei march

07-09-2003 07:03

three small mpg clips of the samba bands at the anti-dsei march in central london on sat 6th sept 2003

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Pics of anti-DSEi march + park rally - sat 6th sept

07-09-2003 06:53

Pics from the anti-DSEi arms fair protest march in central london - sat 6th september 2003.

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Brian Butterworth-Brent East Socialist Alliance-against war and privatisation

07-09-2003 04:48

Brent East Socialist Alliance-Brian Butterworth-Against war and against privatisation.
Brent East By-election candidate-End the illegal occupation now.

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NORMAL SIZED - More pics of Saturday anti DSEi arm-fair demo

07-09-2003 01:37

Same as the earliewr post but will not hammer any bandwidth

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Extreme Police Harrassement of DSEI Protesters from 11PM until the small hours.

07-09-2003 00:32

Three DSEI protesters were followed after leaving the convergence centre, at 11PM. They were followed all over North East London then all the way to South London where they sought refuge in a friend's flat. At 1.28 AM the police were still out side the flat.

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Charing Cross Police Station Protest

06-09-2003 22:51

Charing Cross Police Station
DESi protestors arrested for a protest action involving boats were held in Charing Cross Police station and a protest was held outside untill there were all released.

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No Arms Fair

06-09-2003 22:25

Stop The Arms Fair
A selection of photos from the No Arms Fair demonstration held in Central London on 6th September 2003.

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Ex-Blair minister accuses US of allowing Sept 11 attacks

06-09-2003 21:01

Former Government minister Michael Meacher has claimed that the war on terrorism is a "political smokescreen" allowing the US to dominate the world and its oil supplies.