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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Parade for Peace and Understanding organising meet

09-05-2006 11:19

Organising meeting for a Parade for Peace and Understanding is this Thursday (11th) at Matilda from 7pm. The parade is planned to have a rainbow colour scheme of diversity and a junk band sound!

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Planet of Slums

09-05-2006 07:32

Planet of Slums
Political Islam continues to spread in power and influence from Cairo to Jakarta; the ascendance of its political parties - and their grassroots appeal - has received nervous attention from the Western media. Hindu fundamentalism ... has had an analogous trajectory in the bustees of Delhi and Mumbai. Pentecostal sects attract new adherents at astonishing rates from Brasilia to Johannesburg, altering political and community life in ways as yet not understood

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Supply Lines Cut, Hungry Marines Asking Iraqis For Food

09-05-2006 01:57

Let us set aside for the moment the US Government's obligation to provide for the troops in the field. Let us set aside for the moment that private companies are being paid vast sums of money to get food and water to the troops in a timely manner.

By leaving the troops so hungry they have to ask the Iraqis for food, the US Government has opened the door to mass poisonings of our troops by the resistance, now that it is known the US troops are going hungry.

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Brians Eviction

09-05-2006 00:09

Brian may be evicted tommorrow the 09 of may 2006. Keep eyes and ears peeled. If not 2mo then in the next couple of days.

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08-05-2006 17:04

The next Block the Builders blockade  to disrupt construction work on the new Orion laser facility at the Atomic Weapons Establishment at Aldermaston will be on Monday 15th May.

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Devlish May and IMEMC Radio Crew

08-05-2006 16:06

Listen to the Daily News Audio report recorded from Occupied Bethlehem for May 8th 2006

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Diplomacy today...

08-05-2006 13:21

Fresh from the presses of the English language version of the Bulgarian '' (where else) is a most telling tale - President Ahmadinejad writes to President Bush, and, you guessed it, President Bush claims not to receive the letter. If anyone else can confirm this story, (Iranian, American, Swiss or other) then please post here.

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08-05-2006 10:01


DATE: 7th May 2006


Press Contact: Andrew Beckett or Sarah Johnson
07875 708873



The attempt by arms manufacturers EDO MBM to restrict
protest outside their Brighton factory has ended in
expensive failure. Their attempt to secure a
no-protest exclusion zone with an injunction under the
Protection from Harassment Act has ended in
unconditional surrender after a year-long High Court
battle. The case is estimated to have cost the
upwards of £1 million and this week US parent company
EDO Corp announced 2.7 million dollars losses this
year and citing losses from legal actions as a
contributing factor. EDO MBM will pay the protesters
costs, expected to be tens of thousands of pounds.

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M-11: Support to 4 Spanish NATO train blockaders on trial

08-05-2006 08:48

On Thursday may 11th at 11.30 am four antimilitarist activists will be on
trial for a military train blockade in fall 2004. The public prosecutor
asks for a sentence of one year’s imprisonment, while the activist’s
lawyer pleads for acquittal. The trial has been postponed already two
times, the last one because of the absence of the witnesses (4 policemen)
for the prosecution without giving any reason.

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Round up of `Don't attack Iran` International day of Action Saturday May 6th.

07-05-2006 19:36

This is a 1,600-word article rounding up reports from the International Day of Action `Don't attack Iran` on Saturday May 6th 2006. 6 photos from the Edinburgh demo are included and there are links to over 20 photos from the Athens demo during the ESF.

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Mobilisation For Faslane 365 (Scotland) - Maps, Accommodation, Background

07-05-2006 14:07

PLEASE NOTE: This information was initially packaged together for Bristol, but is entirely relevant for use by anyone anywhere in the counry, except for the local contact details.


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Kurdish Anti-War Protest

07-05-2006 13:21

Peace Gardens Protest
Some photos from the protest against war against the Kurds held in Sheffield on Saturday 6th May 2006.

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Pentagon Junta has taken over the CIA

07-05-2006 11:12

With Gen. Michael Hayden's nomination to run the CIA, a military officer is in charge of every major spy agency. He must also sort out how the Orwellian 'National Clandestine Service' fits in with the CIA and other intelligence agencies. Now the killers run the cemetery.

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Ethical investment 'die-in' planned at Nottingham Uni

07-05-2006 10:49

Students of the Nottingham Student Peace Movement have decided to hold a die-in on May 9 in protest at the University's lack of progress in switching its investments to funds that are ethically managed.

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(video) The Evolution (by Latuff)

07-05-2006 07:24

Copyleft video by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Five servicemen die as insurgents in Iraq bring down UK helicopter

07-05-2006 02:35

"The crash was followed by riots in which five Iraqis, including two children, were reportedly killed. They are thought to have died when a jeering mob celebrating the deaths of the servicemen clashed with British soldiers trying to secure the crash site."

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Bastard Brood of Che: #7: May Day 2006 Celebration

06-05-2006 17:59

As part of the May Day festivities, Moshe changes his name to reflect his new revolutionary identity.

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Iraq: Bush's Wavering Halts Insurgent Peace Talks

06-05-2006 17:55

Of course, weknow that the Bush/PNAC Regime is not interested in peace, because with peace, there is no plausible "justification" for their planned, permanent military presence in Iraq.

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Money Down the Drain – Robin Brookes pays under protest

06-05-2006 14:39

Video Money down the drain
Having been ordered last month by Swindon Combined Court to pay the income tax he has been withholding (see ), Peace Tax Seven campaigner Robin Brookes and supporters made a public demonstration yesterday of how spending our taxes on preparation for war is equivalent to pouring money down the drain.

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Serco office vandalised

06-05-2006 14:04

Serco's office in central london was vandalised on friday morning. Windows were broken and the acrostic slogan, "Shockingly // Evil // Racist // Corporate // Obscenity" was sprayed.