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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Art of War : Empires

06-03-2005 22:09


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Anti-war Fundraiser

06-03-2005 18:57

Fundraiser in aid of Merseyside Stop the War Coalition from 8pm til late, on Weds 16th March, in the Brook café on the 1st floor of Quiggins, School Lane, Liverpool.

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Neath anti war meeting on tuesday the 8th March

05-03-2005 20:21

Iraq :Bring The Troops Rally in Neath

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05-03-2005 18:25

The anti-occupation Iraqi patriotic forces met in Um al-Qura Mosque on February 15, 2005 to discuss the present situation and its implications on all levels.

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Arms Dealers In Cafe Royal-Picadilly London March 14th

05-03-2005 14:46

For those interested in London, arms dealers will be gathering (again) at the Cafe Royal on March 14th to talk about making their weapons of slaughter even worse.

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05-03-2005 08:09

With poodle Tony Blair's general election fraud expected in early May, animal behaviourists are concerned at an apparent spate of canine suicides in Scotland after at least five dogs are said to have thrown themselves from an historic bridge in protest.

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Healthworkers Beware!

04-03-2005 20:49

Alert for Healthworkers:
Conservative Party is gathering data on healthworkers who have found out classified material regarding Lyme disease incidence in UK.

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Islamists team up with trots to make Ken president of SOAS

04-03-2005 16:04

The SWP and a group of Islamists managed to force through a motion in SOAS student union today to make ken livingstone honourary president of SOAS.

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None of us are free (Quicktime music video)

04-03-2005 15:04

Solomon Burke's amazing anthem "None of us are free" set to some images. If the images are too much, please just listen to this song... it'll blow you away

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Between the Idea and the Reality....Falls the Shadow

04-03-2005 12:53

Are the winds of change blowing through the Middle East? Or is it just Neo-con hot air? The answers are depressignly predictable.

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The Democracy Gap

04-03-2005 12:43

On reclaiming progressive values from the PR of western elites.

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Bashir: Al l lies

03-03-2005 22:50

George Dubya Bushit's anti-libertarian Republicans, John HoWARd's fascist neo-Liberals, Kim Beasely's well-paid loser's, and the Bali bombing survivors have merely been temporarily appeased. Indonesia is compelled to give out favours and consideration for the gratitude and prestige handed out to it in return on a Silver Plate. In short saving face is a farce!

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Photos from Irish Embassy Occupation

03-03-2005 14:15

2nd March - Six British anti-war activists today occupied the Irish Embassy in London. They are protesting criminal charges against peace activists who will next week face a possible ten year prison sentence for physically disarming a US Navy Plane at Shannon Airport.

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Stop the war, March 19th, Cambridge details

02-03-2005 19:18

Saturday, March 19th
National anti-war demonstration

Coaches leave cambridge 9.30 am Queens Road
Tickets £10 / £5

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Baghdad vs Beirut

02-03-2005 17:42

two approaches
There's the american way: bombing a country to pieces and expecting people to become obedient vassals of the US.

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02-03-2005 12:35

This morning, five anti war activists were arrested inside the Irish Embassy, in a solidarity action with the Pitstop Ploughshares. See press releases below.

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CANADA Rejects BUSH Missile Scheme

02-03-2005 08:55

Canada has rejected the BUSH Ballistic Missile 'Defence' scheme, in spite of huge pressure from the Megalomaniac himself.

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Bush calls for a $42 million operations and technology center @Menwith Hill

02-03-2005 04:46

Bush calls for a $42 million operations and technology center @Menwith Hill
STUTTGART, Germany — President Bush is asking for $430.3 million in military construction funds for Europe in 2006, mostly for housing and other projects at U.S. bases expected to be around for years.

Much like the 2005 construction budget, the largest amounts of funding are slated for Army facilities in Grafenwöhr, Germany, and air bases in Ramstein, Germany, and Lakenheath, England. A $42 million operations and technology center at the National Security Agency at Menwith Hill, England, has also been requested.

European edition, Friday, February 11, 2005

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Support Ex-Ambassador Murray as he takes on Jack Straw!

01-03-2005 20:42

Help Craig Murray do a Martin Bell in Blackburn.

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Bristol Stop The War Coalition Newsletter - March 2005

01-03-2005 20:06


March 2005

We now produce this newsletter in a Bristol & Regional version. This is the Bristol version, and the next regional version will be out during the first week in April. Please keep an eye on our message board, and other links provided, for events and news publicised between newsletters.