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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Moblogging Bush - SMS Text Tracking System for State Visit >>

15-11-2003 17:06

OK, folks - here's the nuts and bolts of the Bush-stalking moblog...

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Bush State Visit: Corporate Media Coverage

15-11-2003 16:45

Page for collecting together a list of corporate media articles about the Bush State Visit to britain - 19-21st November 2003:

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Daily Mail - Anarchist Thugs Plot a Bush Demo BLOODBATH!

15-11-2003 16:35

More madness from The Daily Mail... "Bloodbath"? well maybe if the US secret service shoot a few people! Also includes a nice paragraph to try and split people by suggesting mainstream organisers have been informing police about those with more radical plans...

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Michael Moore video

15-11-2003 15:35

Michael Moore urges everyone to go to London next week to protest the Bush visit.
The video is about 1 minute long and requires Quick Time to view. It is about 500k.

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ART OF WAR: Dreams of Muhammad

15-11-2003 08:17

Dreams of Muhammad
Palestinian boys were gunned down, often by Israeli snipers from fortified positions, that
picked them out of the crowd, using high power rifles with telescopic lenses and
silencers, who shot these boys in the heart, in the head. They were among the more than
140 Palestinians who were killed during the first month the intifada;
killed before there were any suicide bombings in Israel,
killed for daring to throw rocks at Israeli tanks,
killed for wanting their FREEDOM!

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Arms dealers confronted in Cambridge

15-11-2003 00:11

The annual management lecture at Magdelene College was held last night, sponsored by arms company GKN, and featuring ex Secretary of the US Navy, neo-conservative and arms dealer, John Lehman. Protesters where there to let the college know what we think of their consorting with arms dealers, and to inform students of the sort of people invited to their college. And Michael Moore turned up.

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14-11-2003 22:37

Increasingly renowned peace activist, Sue Brackenbury, is facing the next few months in prison for anti-Trident actions at Devonport murder base in Plymouth.

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Bush Up North

14-11-2003 19:06

The Sedgefield Welcoming Committee invites you to come to Sedgefield on Friday 21st to meet and greet President George W Bush and Tony Blair.

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Israel's Guantanamo

14-11-2003 17:55

Facility 1391: Israel's Guantanamo
Le Monde diplomatique
November 2003

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Two Minutes Action for Worldpeace

14-11-2003 11:16

You might not be able to stop wars, but you can surely do something.

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Interesting article in The Spectator on Bush visit

14-11-2003 04:54

Hail to the Chief

George Bush needs to be pictured with the Queen to impress voters in the forthcoming presidential election, but, says Peter Oborne, next week’s state visit by the Commander-in-Chief is causing chaos

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Case dismissed against one of Fairford Gate 3

14-11-2003 00:09

The charge of criminal damage to Fairford main gate was dropped against
one of the defendants today. One free, two to go!

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An action for peace initiative

13-11-2003 22:28

You might not be able to stop wars, but you surely can do something.

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13-11-2003 22:10

The invader is preparing to fly in on Wednesday 19th November: LIGHT A BEACON ON TUESDAY 18th NOVEMBER AND ILLUMINATE THE NATION’S DISTASTE AT THE SUPREME WAR PIG

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The Alternative State Procession Order

13-11-2003 21:41

The Alternative State Procession Document:

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The Manchester Demo Against The Wall 9.11.03

13-11-2003 21:12

Manchester people demonstrate against the Wall in Palestine.

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Richard Perle to speak in London

13-11-2003 20:30

Top US warmonger and architect of the infamous Project for the New American Century, Richard Perle, is speaking at the Old Vic on Tuesday, as part of a debate entitled "Is the war on terror on track?" Some people might like to give him a nice welcome -- consider it a rehearsal for welcoming Bush the following day...

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Bush Welcomes Massive Protests in London (

13-11-2003 18:28

Hitting the newswires and newstands around the world today is the news that Bush has said he welcomes the protests against his UK State Visit planned for next week. He made the comments during a brief Q and A session in the oval office - these were reported by AP and syndicated around the world:

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"Anti-Bushism" hits U.S. expats in London

13-11-2003 13:36

The British abandoned their stiff upper lips and hugged Americans after 9/11. Now much of that goodwill has evaporated and the blame is being laid firmly at the door of George W. Bush.

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Planes spotted? Another attack coming?

13-11-2003 11:18

Rumours of US planes arriving on Airstrip One. The implication is clear enough, if it's for real. Have we any confirmations? Plane-spotters, share your views!!!

Skeleton report follows: