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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Radiant Future

23-08-2006 17:29

"At the beginning of the 20th century, Germany was Europe's leading power but we made wrong decisions and experienced a total disaster.. We yielded to our hegemonial ambitions.. But we underestimated Europe's anti-hegemonial instincts If you strive for hegemony, you and the whole region will be the losers."
(Joschka Fischer at the Teheran Center for Strategic Research, August 2006)

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Archbishop Fiorenza, Assassination & the Houston 911-2B

23-08-2006 16:50

Sergeant First Class Donald Buswell, a member of the mysterious cyber-intelligence group, Ghost Troop, recently became a worldwide figure of interest with the mainstream publication of the Army's reaction to his "911 heresey." He failed to uphold the official line of 19 Arabs with boxcutters doing the 911 attacks, and for that is now a target. There's a deeper, more sinister story of just how far the Army went to try to silence its best know dissident, and how little Catholic Church officials who knew of his predicament were willing to do to defend him.

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IDF soldier killed, three others hurt, in South Lebanon

23-08-2006 16:37

An Israel Defense Forces soldier was killed and three others were wounded Wednesday when a mine exploded in southern Lebanon, close to the border with Israel. One of the wounded soldiers, a company commander, was in moderate-to-serious condition; a battalion commander sustained moderate wounds and another solider was lightly injured.The incident apparently occurred when the tank in which the three were traveling ran over an old IDF mine, planted before the Israeli withdrawal from southern Lebanon in 2000.

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English judge 'aiding and abetting' Israeli-UK war crimes

23-08-2006 16:24

Amnesty today identified the recent Israeli war crimes in Lebanon.

Human Rights Watch identified UK collusion with these war crimes.

Now an English Judge has ruled in favour of genocide.

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23-08-2006 16:09

!! Odd gaps, missing background, a bias that seems further "pro-war" than in favour of israel or palestine, patriot or internationalist, is the strange "odour you dont see" that comes from pretty much ALL the press in the last couple of weeks - regardless of its alleged position in the "spectrum of opinion" - - - - as odd events in the middle east seem to try to blow any peace chance, -"immigration" buttons!!

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Corporate War Machine Gathers Speed

23-08-2006 14:25

There is strong evidence that as the Bush administration is mulling over plans to bomb Iran, the simmering conflict between high-ranking military professionals and militaristic civilian leaders is bursting into the open.

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Crying Wolf: Terror Alerts based on Fabricated Intelligence

23-08-2006 10:54

While the foiled UK terror plot announced by Home Secretary John Reid has served to temporarily distract public attention from the ongoing atrocities committed in the Middle East war, it has also triggered a wave of public skepticism which could potentially lead to the downfall of Prime Minister Tony Blair. This skepticism is in part based on the pattern of repeated terror warnings over several years.

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23-08-2006 10:53

Embargo - For Immediate Release

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Baalbek, Capital of the Bekka Valley - Sun 20th Aug - Photo Report

23-08-2006 10:49

I’m in a coffee house in Baalbek to meet Mr Ahmad Rayya, who is a senior figure in Hizbollah and the spokesman for the local district. Baalbek has suffered badly from Israeli air strikes, and the evidence is all around us. Our journey here has taken us passed numerous bombsites where shopkeepers and homeowners toil in the dust and rubble to salvage items in preparation for clearance and rebuilding. The backdrop of Baalbeck’s ancient Roman ruins seems strangely in keeping with the destruction below. I start by asking him to summarise the cost of the war to the area.

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The Destroyed Factory - Sat 19th Aug - Photo Report

23-08-2006 10:46

I am being shown around what is left of the Leban Lait Dairy plant by Deeb Mounzer, a mechanical engineer and one of the union reps. It was one of the biggest diary producers in the Middle East. On the 5th day of the war it was attacked by fighter jets in a strike whose precision was matched only by its ferocity. The factory is a twisted pile of metal drenched in millions of gallons of dairy that has been fermenting in the sun for weeks. The stench is unbearable and clouds of flies swarm around the wreckage. Deeb tells me that 270 people are now unemployed and no one is insured for war. The present estimate for getting even part of the factory operational is 1-2 years. The cows in the nearby supply farm are weak and neglected and no longer able to produce milk. Israel’s excuse for this outrage was that the factory was a possible weapons storage and funded Hizbollah. This allegation was repeated by all the corporate media in the west.

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Dhayiya, Lebanon - Fri 18th Aug - Photo Report

23-08-2006 10:43

Never let it be said that Hizbollah are not media savvy. Quickly produced banners placed around the ruins of Dhayiya make their views of Israel’s sponsors very clear. ‘The New Middle Beast’ proclaims one, taking the piss out of George Bush’s recent statement. ‘Made in USA’ says another. ‘Extremely Accurate Targeting’ attacks Israel’s claims that their bombings were somehow precise; the banner in question being sat in the middle of a completely demolished street.

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PHILIPPINES: Impeachment killers, murderers of justice!

23-08-2006 01:12

Impeachment killers, murderers of justice!
“Murderers of justice! This is what Congressmen who will vote for the dismissal of the impeachment complaint against Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA) will be remembered as.”, said AKBAYAN (Citizens Action Party) President Ronald Llamas today on the information that the House Committee on Justice will terminate the impeachment proceedings today.

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A Powerful Portrayal of the Destruction of the Lebanon

22-08-2006 22:03

Last Friday, at a StWC public meeting, Lebanese journalist Omar Nachabe displayed a welter of evidence of the full scale of destruction by Israeli forces. This report documents this calm presentation of horrific events.

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The Hidden Draft in Our Schools

22-08-2006 21:52

With a vast majority of the US public disapproving of the quicksand war in Iraq, how can American educators continue to allow unchecked and unscrupulous recruiting in our high schools? A former Army officer takes a look at the problem of gutless school leaders who let their students be turned into Bush League cannon fodder -- then offers some suggestions on how to change things.

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Dershowitz infuriated over Latuff/Finkelstein duo

22-08-2006 18:46

Alan Dershowitz
Copyleft cartoon by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Sack Parliament - October 9th 2006

22-08-2006 16:52

Sack Parliament * Stop their wars
9th October - 1pm - Houses of Parliament

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The Battle of Aita Al-Shabb - Thurs 17th Aug - Photo Report

22-08-2006 14:31

The border town of Aita Al-Shabb saw some of the fiercest fighting of the war. The town is destroyed having been hit with shells, missiles, bombs and heavy machinegun fire. Shortly after we arrive, an elderly woman approaches and asks us to come and see her home. Haji Mariam Srour is 82 and slept for thirty days under her bed. This was a smart move when you consider that every window in her house has been shattered, showering the place with glass. After half her house (the other side from the bedroom) was hit directly by a shell she spent three days sheltering in a neighbour’s bathroom with three other elderly women and no food. Had the ceasefire not happened they could all be dead.

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The Unexploded Bombs of Jbah - Wed 16th Aug - Photo Report

22-08-2006 14:19

I am shown around the southern village of Jbah by Abir Ghamloush, a local woman who lives and works in Beirut. This is her first opportunity to return here since the Monday ceasefire. Until now, her Beirut house, which she shares with her mother, has been home to 30 refugees from fives families, three of which were from here. Jbah is home to around 8,000 local people of middle incomes and acts as a hub for a further 7,000 people from local rural communities. The schools and nursery are based in the village along with a few workshops and small businesses. Until now the place had been deserted by all but five families who stayed during the war. Looking around the village it is not hard to see why the people fled in such numbers.

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Lebanon - Driving South - Wed 16th Aug - Photo Report

22-08-2006 14:14

South of Beirut the mother of all traffic jams stretches for miles. Every bridge big and small has been bombed and engineers are working around the clock to clear the way around or to put in temporary ones.

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Video of Hands off Lebanon demo, Brighton 19th August

22-08-2006 11:37

A video of Hands off Lebanon demo, Brighton 19th August 2006