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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Hamas and the New Government of Unity

14-11-2006 00:06

The Hamas Governemt of unity, what it means, woaht might be happening.

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Media DOES promote war

13-11-2006 19:09

As antiwar activists have always known; the UK mainstream media does promote a pro-government, pro-war agenda. Now the academics have proved it, so the government and their toadies can stop whining about the soft media "liberati".

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Mathmatical analysis of danger

13-11-2006 11:44

A guide for dummies on how to work out who is the most dangerous threat in the world we live in today

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American forces arrest Palestinians in Iraq

13-11-2006 11:35

As the assault on the Palestinian's inside of Iraq continues, please find below an article on a recent attack by the US occupying forces.

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Stop the War demo at Nottingham's Armed Forces Recruitment Centre

12-11-2006 18:36

Stop the War demo at Nottingham's Armed Forces Recruitment Centre
On Saturday Stop the War Coalition draped Nottingham's Armed Forces Recruitment Centre with coffin-shaped placards naming the members of the British Forces killed in Iraq.

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Baghdad’s new statue

12-11-2006 18:01

Please find the following story by Iraqi blogger "Roads to Iraq"

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Families of Servicemen Killled in Iraq Lay Wreaths at the Cenotaph

12-11-2006 15:31

Family members prepare for the procession
In a moving and solemn ceremony of remembrance, members of the families of some of the 121 British soldiers killed in Iraq processed along Whitehall to the Cenotaph in London on Nov 11, 2006, and laid wreaths. They were accompanied by a number of prominent supporters of the 'Stop the War' campaign and a large group of media.

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Fourth International Week of Action Against the Apartheid Wall

12-11-2006 15:14

Stall opposite M&S
On Saturday 11th November, demonstrators showing solidarity with Palestine Liberation struggle set up their stalls outside the doors of Marks & Spencer at the Marble Arch end of Oxford St, London, engaging shoppers in conversation and collecting signatures for their petition.

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Media coverage of Israeli attack on Beit Hanoun

11-11-2006 20:53

Wednesday’s dawn attack on the sleeping Palestinian family in Beit Hanoun by an Israeli artillery barrage (part of operation `Autumn Clouds`) was barely reported in the mainstream media. The focus was on the US mid-term elections and the resignation of defence secretary Rumsfeld.

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Bush Regime is not above the Law; International Tribunal must be set up

11-11-2006 19:59

An International Tribunal must be set up to try Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld for Crimes Against Peace

It is time for the United Nations General Assembly, under Article 22 of the Charter of the United Nations to finally establish an international tribunal for the Prosecution of Persons Responsible for Serious Violations of International Humanitarian Law

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Strange Liberators Indeed: Imperialism and Rogue States You Want to Hate

11-11-2006 14:24

Review of Strange Liberators: Militarism, Mayhem, and the Pursuit of Profit

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UN Calls For Peace As Israeli Brutality Continues In Gaza

10-11-2006 23:41

Israel is sending a clear message to the world, that it cannot be reasoned with or made to rethink its policies of death & destruction, in its Perpetual War to wipe Palestine off the map.

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10-11-2006 16:02


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The Real Meaning of a Democratic Sweep: NeoCons or Liberals?

10-11-2006 15:49

On this day following the mid-term elections, many individuals around me are cheering, but I am yawning—the other wing of America’s one and only corporate party has triumphed and is certain to anoint another consummate globalist in 2008. Whether the name is Clinton or Obama matters little.

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MI5 Dame: Brit Intelligence Busy Creating Terror Events

10-11-2006 15:24

Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller said "MI5 and the police were tackling 200 groups or networks totalling more than 1,600 identified individuals in the UK who were ‘actively engaged in plotting or facilitating terrorist acts,’ ”

Never mind that such terrorist acts rarely come to fruition, usually instead sputtering out into absurd allegations of liquid bombs and other fantastical plots nipped in the bud, or so we are expected to believe, that is after we suspend credibility, again for the umpteenth time.

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Peace Perspectives for the Middle East

10-11-2006 12:03

Whoever wants peace for the region must tackle problems at the root. The problems of the Middle East can only be solved in a political process, not through war.. European experience shows that hatred and violence can be overcome.

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"Ending the Occupation of Iraq" Gathering on 18th November

09-11-2006 17:16

A rare opportunity for grassroots activists from across the UK to share their experiences of campaigning and their ideas / proposals for action, and to discuss strategies for ending the occupation.

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Faslane365: Rhythms of Resistance

09-11-2006 15:48

Rhythms of Resistance Manchester joined Faslane365 on 6th-8th November 06, with 5 sambistas being arrested but released with no further court proceedings

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CUBA y el mundo contra el bloqueo

09-11-2006 14:49

Contra el bloqueo terrorista
La Guerra económica desatada por Estados Unidos
contra Cuba califica como un acto de genocidio...