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Illegal Parking; Illegal War - Des Browne comes to Oxford town

09-05-2007 21:20

Today, Des Browne, the Minister of War (previously Minister of Racism) visited Oxford to talk about the future of warfare.

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British Aerospace AGM and arms sales

09-05-2007 16:23

Blair and the Attorney General
BEA weapons hurt people. Outside BEA AGM a man who claimed to have been bombed by BAE Hawk Jets showed me his injuries.

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1970 Kent State Massacre: "cold-blooded, premeditated official murder"

09-05-2007 13:56

Mary Ann Vecchio gestures and screams as she kneels by the body of a student...
Last week an anti-war article by Cindy Sheehan was reposted to this site which made reference to the 1970 Kent State massacre of students protesting against the Vietnam war:

Since then a couple of articles that go into these events in more detail have been posted on and they are reproduce below.

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US War Crimes in Iraq on Trial in Bristol Crown Court, Monday 14 May 2007

09-05-2007 13:23

War crimes in Iraq highlighted at retrial of peace activists, Bristol Crown Court Monday 14 May 2007


Philip Pritchard and Toby Olditch, two Oxford peace activists known at the 'B52 Two', will be retried on the morning of Monday 14 May 2007, not before 10 am, at Bristol Crown Court.. They are accused of conspiring to cause criminal damage at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire on 18 March 2003 when they tried to safely disable B52 bombers to prevent them from bombing Iraq[1]. The two men say they acted to prevent damage to life and property in Iraq, and war crimes by the aggressors[2].

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Pizza Delivery Guy and Cohorts Planned Fort Dix Attack

09-05-2007 08:03

How many of us put any credence into this stuff, let alone pay attention? “Federal authorities announced Tuesday that they had foiled a terrorist plot to attack Fort Dix. Six men were charged with planning to kill as many soldiers as they could,” the Associated Press would have us believe. “One of the suspects, Serdar Tatar, had delivered pizza on the base and said he knew it like the back of his hand,” according to the government, never mind the “post has had especially tight security since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.”

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Iraqi Oil Workers to Strike Over Privatisation Law

08-05-2007 21:54

Iraq's largest oil workers' trade union will strike this Thursday, in protest at the controversial oil law currently being considered by the Iraqi parliament. The move threatens to stop all exports from the oil-rich country.

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Canada partners with Soviet era Torturers in Afghanistan

08-05-2007 19:51

Ottawa's deal this week with Kabul for inspection of NDS prisoners is a sham.
The KhAD had the same empty "agreement" with human rights groups in the 1980s.
Now Ottawa is hand in glove with the Communist Party's veteran torturers.

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Bush and Lizzie's 1776 New World Order in joke

08-05-2007 14:24

Not a single news outlet in the English language appears to have picked up on the esoteric message which flashed between George W. Bush and our very own Queen Elizabeth yesterday. And her nibbs was none too pleased at the skull and bonesman's public display of Illuminism.

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support anti arms protester in court charged with DISTRESSING POLICE STALKER!

07-05-2007 10:07


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Fact Sheet: Twenty Reasons against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran

07-05-2007 09:48

Here, we examine and debunk the common myths and charges against Iran and provide a list of twenty reasons to oppose sanctions and military intervention in Iran. The Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran (CASMII) calls for immediate and direct negotiations between the US and Iran without any pre-conditions in order to avert a new even more horrifying catastrophe in the Middle East.

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Take Action to End the Occupation - 40 Years is Enough!

06-05-2007 17:39

40 Years is Enough!
Six Days of Action against the Occupation of Palestine - June 6-12 2007
Global Day of Action - June 9 2007

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French elections: capitalism and imperialism are the "danger"

06-05-2007 14:00

Nicolas Sarkozy is not more "dangerous" than Ségolène Royal. The SYSTEM is the "danger". Royal supports the euro-miltarist strategy of François Bayrou, and wish to prevent Iran from developing CIVIL nuclear technology. Furthermore, the French "left" is not well known abroad. Even young French ignore what "their left" really is.

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IRAQ: Terrorizing a Nation into Homelessness: Who is Responsible?

06-05-2007 10:12

Last January, the municipality of Baghdad published a short advertisement calling tenders to bid on burying the tens of "unidentified" bodies found in the streets of the capital every morning for almost a year now. Few months before, the Iraqi ministry of Health proudly declared that it imported two big refrigerators with a capacity of 2 hundred bodies each, to keep those "unidentified" bodies. At the same time a new very big "state" graveyard was created to bury the bodies, after giving them numbers and taking their pictures , just in case one day a family would be lucky enough to identify a son, a husband, or a father…

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Fear Factor: Press Plays 9/11 Card to Justify Somalia Slaughter

05-05-2007 18:10

Quick show of hands? Who knows this war is being directed by the US?

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"Died for freedom." a short film:

05-05-2007 10:28

"Remember that day"
A film to remember that day; 1989 June 4th, Tianenmen Square, Beijing.China.

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The American Empire and 9/11

04-05-2007 22:50

"After the attacks of 9/11, I accepted the blowback thesis, according to which the attacks were revenge for U.S. foreign policy. This view led me to undertake an extensive study of the American empire, the very reality of which had been an embattled issue."

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Defeat Echelon/NSAQ/CIA Cell Phone Spying

04-05-2007 21:37

Cell Phone Origami
Fun with cell phones and tin foil!

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“A seagull stole my defense, sir...”

04-05-2007 18:36

Two activists from Manchester to stand trial in Brighton for aggravated trespass at edo mbm arms manufacturers last July