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Successful Hiroshima & Nagasaki Remembered event addressed by Lord Mayor

06-08-2010 15:19

Gerry Poole Merseyside CND, Youth representative, Cllr Hazel Williams Lord Mayor
Today Merseyside CND held its annual Hiroshima & Nagasaki Remembered event, attended by Liverpool's Lord Mayor Cllr Hazel Williams, the attendance was close to 60 people counted on the day.

Additionally Green Blade sung inspiring songs for peace and against war.

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“Countdown to Zero”: Hollywood movie promotes war on Iran

06-08-2010 09:48

Seductive, fascinating and frightening, Countdown to Zero motivates the public to support complete nuclear disarmament and to fear Iran, which is conveniently the next country the US wants to invade. Framed in no-nuke rhetoric, Countdown to Zero is not-so-subtle agitprop. The film relies on conventional geopolitics to whip up conventional audiences into another conventional state of panic. Islamo-terrorists just can’t acquire this technology! This is painfully similar to what we were told prior to the invasion of Iraq.

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Why World War 2 ended with Mushroom Clouds - Hiroshima and Nagasaki, August 1945

06-08-2010 06:49

Ground Zero, Hiroshima, 6 August 1945
Sixty-five years ago, U.S. President Harry Truman did not have to use the atomic bomb in order to force Japan to its knees, but he had reasons to want to use the bomb.

The atom bomb enabled the Americans to force Tokyo to surrender unconditionally, to keep the Soviets out of the Far East and - last but not least - to force Washington’s will on the Kremlin in Europe also. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were obliterated for these reasons, and many American historians realize this only too well.

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Palestine Today 08 05 2010

06-08-2010 06:40

Welcome to Palestine Today a service of the International Middle East Media Centre, for Thursday, August 05, 2010.

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Vivisectionist Animal Torturers Chief Recipients of Billionaire "Charity"

06-08-2010 02:15

While Gates and Buffett ostensibly work to increase charitable giving by the wealthiest Americans, the recipients are often animal torturers.

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Forgetful Mullen's 'unintended consequences'

05-08-2010 20:21

"It is therefore pertinent to question Mullen's passing reference to such an attack's "unintended consequences". Mullen seems to have forgotten his own insight, shared with an audience at Columbia University in April, that an attack on Iran could be "incredibly destabilizing", perhaps as much as the possession of nuclear bombs by Tehran itself.

That was then. Now, all of a sudden, the US media is inundated with hatched commentaries on "the case for attacking Iran", often by pro-Israel pundits trying to minimize the risks of an attack on Iran, some portraying this as a convenient "surgical strike" to knock off Iran's nuclear installations and thus set back Iran's program for many years.

More serious US pundits on the other hand are somewhat more cautious. A recent "war game" at Brookings Institution concluded that an attack on Iran "could easily spin out of control''. Any idea that Iran would respond to an attack with a great deal of huff and puff but ultimately self-restraint in the face of overwhelming US-Israeli firepower would be a recipe for disillusionment."

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Take action for Omar Khadr

05-08-2010 07:56

Next week, on Tuesday 10 August, 23-year old Canadian Omar Khadr, who has spent over a quarter of his life illegally detained at Guantánamo Bay, will become the first person to be tried at Guantánamo under the Obama administration and the first person to be tried for offences allegedly committed as a child (when aged 15) anywhere in the world in over 60 years. International law considers child soldiers like Omar Khadr to be victims and not criminals and in practice is against any form of trial for them.

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Smash Edo: 18/01/10 remember gaza demo arrestee needs help

04-08-2010 23:44

please help to sue the police for their aggressive and fascistic response to a bystander at the remember gaza action in brighton january 18th just gone...

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Preparing for World War III, Targeting Iran - Part I: Global Warfare

04-08-2010 18:58

U.S. Global Command and Control System
War preparations to attack Iran are in "an advanced state of readiness". Hi-tech weapons systems including nuclear warheads are fully deployed. Public opinion, swayed by media hype is tacitly supportive, indifferent or ignorant as to the likely impacts of what is upheld as an ad hoc "punitive" operation directed against Iran's nuclear facilities. The prospect of war against Iran is presented to public opinion as an issue among others. It is not front-page news. The devastating consequences of a nuclear war are either trivialised or simply not mentioned. The fact that an attack on Iran could lead to escalation and potentially unleash a "global war" is not a matter of concern. The scale of anti-war protest in relation to Iran has been minimal in comparison to the mass demonstrations which preceded the 2003 bombing and invasion of Iraq.

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Israel looking to ignite new war against Lebanon (by Latuff)

04-08-2010 00:48

Israel looking to ignite new war against Lebanon
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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United States high moral grounds on human rights (by Latuff)

03-08-2010 20:56

United States high moral grounds on human rights
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Corporate Watch: Companies trading from Ro'i settlement

03-08-2010 20:05

As part of Corporate Watch's efforts to map the settlement export activities from the Jordan Valley, occupied Palestine, we visited the illegal Israeli settlement Ro'i earlier this year.

For pictures, visit our web-site.

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Peace Nobel Laureate Obama and the Middle East (by Latuff)

03-08-2010 17:39

Peace Nobel Laureate Obama and the Middle East
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Incarcerated Iran film-maker, Hossein Dehbashi ,freed

03-08-2010 16:43

Iranian documentary film-maker describes ordeal at hands of state

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International Solidarity Movement talk in Brighton - Weds 4th at the Cowley Club

03-08-2010 13:35

@ Cowley Club*

dinner with films 6pm
talk with Q & A 7pm
film and Palestinian music afterwards

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"War Crimes" website launched

03-08-2010 12:41

The main purpose of this article is to announce the release of the initial version of a new website and to explain its purpose, structure and function.

For politicians and political activists, lawyers, military personnel and members of the general public this website provides information; we can be informed. More importantly, the site provides a foundation for future versions which will provide open facilities to collect, organise and make other information available and to enable, coordinate and facilitate activities intended to achieve prosecution of War Criminals.

With suggestions, guidance and the active engagement of politicians and political activists, lawyers, military personnel and members of the general public those facilities may be significantly richer and more effective towards attaining their goal.

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EDO Attacked

03-08-2010 12:07

EDO, in Home Farm Road, Brighton, was attacked last night

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Obama's Metamorphosis (by Latuff)

03-08-2010 01:14

Obama's Metamorphosis
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Political spinning of WikiLeak release:Antiwar whistleblowing or war propaganda?

02-08-2010 11:54

Since the release of classified US military papers by WikiLeaks, the material has been aggressively spun by various political factions. Meanwhile, virtually no attention has been devoted to investigating the source of this “leak,” or questioning the agenda behind it.

Unlike a previous WikiLeaks exposing the murder of Iraqi civilians in a US airstrike, nobody has been apprehended, arrested or pressured by the Pentagon, the CIA or any US agency.