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Smash Edo: 18/01/10 remember gaza demo arrestee needs help

Mikey The Pikey | 04.08.2010 23:44 | Smash EDO | Anti-militarism | Palestine | Social Struggles | Sheffield | South Coast

please help to sue the police for their aggressive and fascistic response to a bystander at the remember gaza action in brighton january 18th just gone...

I was arrested by the police at around 5pm (just as it was getting darker) on North Laine on trumped up charges. A mounted police officer grabbed my hair and held me against the wall with her horse whilst my dog was trapped under her feet.I was doing nothing to provoke this police activity. For attempting to resisit this violent assault, I was taken down a side street where five police officers assaulted me and I was arrested.Luckily my friend grabbed my dog and I got him back safely.

If anyone has any footage or witness statements detailing my arrest and the treatmeant I faced from the police please contact cophaternumber1( at )
or contact SMASH EDO press spokespeople and tell them you may have helpful footage, or release it on indymedia if you 'own' the footage and dont mind people seeing it/ using it.


Mikey The Pikey
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