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Bush Translations

12-12-2003 08:07

President Bush explained why other nations will be barred from getting the contracts to rebuild the mess we made

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Ann Clwyd Iraq mass grave a staged photo-op

12-12-2003 00:20

Ann Clwyd, the British politician who most strongly pushed the humanitarian case for war is shown posing in front of what is a manufactured mass grave photo-op
Note: this article draws no conclusions about human rights in Iraq and under Saddam Hussein. Or the extent of mass killings that took place. It solely concerns the ethics of British left wing politician Ann Clwyd.

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Aldermaston 2004 - the hunt for WMD!

11-12-2003 16:56

All this year the UK & US have been searching Iraq for the missing WMD - but they're not in the Middle East, they're in West Berkshire!

Come and join our hunt for the missing WMD next Easter, and show the world the hypocrisy of our "leaders"

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2 London recruitment center visited by party aliens

11-12-2003 15:31

Anti-militarist activists from the D10 Group invited themselves to a party in 2 Army recruitment centers in London to celebrate Human's Right Day.

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Take No Prisoners: Another proud moment in U.S. Military History

11-12-2003 04:12

firing squad
U.S. Marines execute a man who appears to be a helpless and mortally wounded Iraqi to the cheers of fellow marines

"Those guys are dead now, ya know? But it was a good feeling ... afterwards you're like "Hell yeah! That was awesome. Let's do it again!"

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"Our Troops" Kill Six More Afghan Children

10-12-2003 20:35

The "peace activists" in the US who "Support Our Troops" ought to take a
look at what "Our Troops" are doing. You people have blood on your hands.

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Stop Aldermaston Nuke Expansion - Weds 17th Dec, 6.30pm Thatcham, Nr Newbury.

10-12-2003 16:41

Nuclear Bomb factory AWE Aldermaston wants to expand with a so called "laser research facility". Please come to the west Berkshire district council planning meeting to object to these proposals. 6.30pm Frank Hutchins Community Hall, Bradley More Square, Thatcham (Near Newbury)

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Evidence of fraud by Nato at Srebrenica exhumation site

09-12-2003 23:02

The Kamencia exhumation supposedly uncovered more than 500 victims of the Srebrenica massacre. However, publicity in the SFOR publication seem to suggest that this mass grave was little more than a public relations hoax. This has not stopped it being used in War Crimes proceedings.

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Witnesses Needed! Fairford 22 March 2003 police stop and searches outside demo.

09-12-2003 04:11

Witnesses needed urgently!!
Occasion: Police Stop and Searches of Vehicles and People during the Fairford Demo on 22 March 2003
Location of searches: Letchlade (just outside of Fairford)
Time: from 12:00-2:30pm.

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An Open Letter to George W Bush: Part 2

08-12-2003 20:16

Winning the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people...the same exact words were used about Vietnam...didn't work then and it won't work now

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The Geneva storm's silver-lining

08-12-2003 18:40

The rejuvenating efforts of the Geneva Groups have; shattered dangerous myths, rekindled hope, put Sharon in a corner, and led to a healthy redefinition of the meaning of being pro-Israel.

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08-12-2003 17:25

Deacon Dave's Arrest
Deacon Dave Havard was in court today for his part in protesting illegal and immoral arms trading at the DSEi Arms Fair in September. He was charged with Obstruction of the Highway but the case was dismissed as the arresting police officers failed to appear in court.

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How the world can oust Bush

08-12-2003 16:36

Bush messes with the world, so it's our duty to mess with him.

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Catholic Worker/Pit Stop Ploughshares Music Benefit in Dublin Dec 11th

08-12-2003 16:13

If you happen to be in Dublin at this time, ALL are welcome - see ya there!

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Middle East Panorama

08-12-2003 15:56

What are the links between Colombia and Palestine? The people of Colombia and Palestine have both faced 50 years of unequal armed struggle. Is the enemy and the underlying struggle the same, or is it simply that they both face the same US supplied weapons in their unequal struggle? Is it merely a coincidence that both countries are major recipients of US aid?

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Swindon Stop the War Colaition sends delegation to Cairo conference

08-12-2003 13:50

Swindon Stop the War Coalition is sending three delegates to an international anti-war conference in Egypt starting on December 13th.

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Shannon Blockade Video

08-12-2003 09:04

video of shannon warport blockade in ireland. (7 mins 24 secs, 8.5 mb)

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130 Daily Attacks Against Coalition Forces, says The Scotsman

08-12-2003 04:57

There are now 130 daily attacks against coalition forces, with these forces only comprising one-third of the strength needed to fight the growing guerilla movement, reported The Scotsman.

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07-12-2003 17:46


A week long hearing at High Court level will take place during Jan 2004, in Bristol, to decide if the Iraq war broke either international law, or British criminal law.

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07-12-2003 05:04

War Heroes
WAR HERO: (computer wallpaper & holiday e-greeting) DEDICATED TO YOU! You,
who fought and continue to fight, against this war. You are the heroes!