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Dhayiya. Attacked Again - Wed 9th Aug - Photo Report

11-08-2006 23:26

We heard on the news that the Israelis had yet again bombed the south Beirut district of Dhayiya. After trying in vain to persuade numerous cab drivers to take us there we eventually secure a lift. Soon after we arrive we realised our mistake. We have landed in an area, without first seeking permission from Hizbollah. The fact that there was no checkpoint or local cordon is no excuse. We are now in a ghost town with around a kilometre to walk out, and on our own. The driver has left at considerable speed.

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Activists Help Lebanese Refugee Kids - Tues 8th Aug - Photo Report

11-08-2006 23:22

Today I join activists from the Zico House Social Centre who are on a mission to cheer up the refugee children in this district. The centre had previously been home to a meeting space as well as offices for various progressive groups. The activists have well and truly risen to the challenge that they have been faced with, as hundreds of thousands of refugees had flooded in from the south of the city and the country. They have organised into committees to deal with different aspects of the daunting refugee situation. I am with the group that has formed to help the children of the refugees have some quality of life while they remain in overcrowded centres with little or nothing to do.

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Terrorism: you can get it in a can

11-08-2006 23:18

The Blitzkrieg is upon Beirut, but we are supposed to imagine that little Nazis are flying over our heads.

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Demos Banned for Arab League Ministers Meeting - Mon 7th Aug - Photo Report

11-08-2006 23:12

A planned demonstration today was banned by the Lebanese government. The action had been called outside a meeting of Arab league ministers. This was in the same area where a spontaneous demonstration outside the UN building following the Qaa outrage became violent, with considerable damage being done to the building itself.

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Brize Norton Protest Noon Tomorrow, Saturday 12 August

11-08-2006 20:29

Swindon’s Community Poet, Tony Hillier, calls for support for a media-glare protest in Carterton village by Brize Norton main gate tomorrow, Saturday 12 August 2006 at noon to call for a “Ceasefire Now”. The station is being used for bombs on their deadly journeys from USA to the Israel/Lebanon War. The protest is organised by Swindon Stop the War Coalition.

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One Month in Lebanon

11-08-2006 18:33

The war in Lebanon is one month and hundreds of innocent lives old; the international community is displaying all the coherence and cohesion it did in 1939 – déjà vu! The solution today is as it should have been then – stop the invader with a confederation of nations opposed to the war. It stops! Count the nations for war, two, against the war, the rest of the world!

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Sanayaa Park Refugee Centre, Lebanon - Sun August 6th - Photo Report

11-08-2006 16:15

Sanayaa Park is one of the many homes to the thousands of refugees that are flooding into Beirut at present. The small ornamental garden near the Beirut financial district has become a village for people fleeing from the south or southern Beirut suburbs. It is hot and dusty and hundreds of families sleep on mats in the open air with no shelter and few facilities. Sleep is difficult with the constant sound of bombing and sonic booms from Israeli fighter jets.

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Lebanon's Increasing Refugee Crisis - Sun 6th Aug - Photo Report

11-08-2006 16:12

Exact figures for the amount of refugees in Lebanon and Syria are hard to come by. Everyday the situation changes. Today for example several new districts of Beirut have been leafleted, so now thousands are flooding out from the suburbs in question, looking for shelter anywhere in the city they can find it. There is also a fear that with the world looking the other way (i.e. towards London’s ‘foiled terror plot’) the Israelis will exploit the one-track media window to get away with mass murder. They have a history of doing this. Ask any activist or journo who was in Palestine during 9/11.

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180 Ways To Sow Peace

11-08-2006 16:10

pray-ins, pickets, economic boycotts, lawsuits, message planes, breathing

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South Beirut After a Night of Bombing - Sat Aug 5th - Photo Report

11-08-2006 16:05

This morning Israel announced that it had hit several Hizbollah strongholds in the south of Beirut. That their targets had been carefully selected and were areas where they were storing arms and ammunition. So we went to the neighbourhood of Dhayiya to take a look for ourselves. The last time I saw devastation on this scale I was covering the aftermath of the South Asia Earthquake. Entire blocks have disappeared into piles of rubble and twisted metal. The first and most obvious thing is that aside from a few small shops and work units this was clearly a densely populated residential area. Locals tell us that the buildings destroyed include a mosque, an orphanage and a neighbourhood health clinic. The death toll is unknown this area has been bombed periodically over the last week. How many bodies lie under the rubble is unclear but human remains have a very distinctive smell and the odour is everywhere.

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Request to President Chavez to publicise a Political-Education policy

11-08-2006 15:49

We need to establish & publicise a POLICY of Public Information Campaigning to educate & politically activate on vital political issues (e.g. oil imperialism) our General Publics, university students in particular.
If President Chavez would publicise this policy, millions of supporters throughout the world could begin to change the minds and hearts of the Silent Majorities who ignorantly support fascism and imperialism, and are usually against us.

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Driving Into Lebanon - Friday August 4th - Photo Report

11-08-2006 15:27

The border with Syria is total chaos. Going into Lebanon is easy, coming out hundreds of cars and lorries are stacked up in a never-ending queue. Some are HGVs desperate to get their goods and vehicles out of the war zone. Others are packed with refugees; the lucky ones with the right documentation and enough money to escape.

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Campaigning about 9/11

11-08-2006 10:21

Overwhelming evidence condemns the U.S. Government as the Perpetrator of the 11 September 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre in New York. Instead of having more and more conferences. let us conduct vital Public Information Campaigns to educate and politically activate the duped General Public concerning the real terrorists.

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Kate Hudson and Pat Arrowsmith at Brize Norton Peace Protest (+pics)

11-08-2006 09:04

Early arrivals
Around two dozen peace activists from all over Oxfordshire, held a dignified protest outside the main gates of RAF Brize Norton on Wednesday 9 August. This was the first of two protests to be held at the base against its use by U.S. planes transporting armaments to Israel. The local group was joined by well-known peace campaigners Kate Hudson of CND and Pat Arrowsmith.We were all videoed to bits, to the disgust of some.The second protest will be held on Saturday 12 July, from 12.00. I have more, but similar, pics if required.

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Indymedia Photography from Lebanon

11-08-2006 08:31

A man tries to remove a stretcher with the charred remains of a bombing victim.
IMC-NYC photographer Andrew Stern reports from Lebanon.

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Public Service Announcement for Electronic Lebanon

11-08-2006 07:48


In the weeks after Israel launched its attack on Lebanon, a team of New York-based artists, designers, and multimedia producers converged on a warehouse location in Brooklyn to create a Public Service Announcement for Electronic Lebanon. The two minute PSA is intended for wide distribution and public viewing. A laptop version of the PSA, for projection, is also available for download. Activists and others seeking broadcast-quality versions of the PSA are asked to contact EI.

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The Pentagon's "Second 911"

11-08-2006 07:19

"Another [9/11] attack could create both a justification and an opportunity to retaliate against some known targets"

One essential feature of "defense" in the case of a second major attack on America, is "offense", according to Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff: "Homeland security is one piece of a broader strategy [which] brings the battle to the enemy." (DHS, Transcript of complete March 2005 speech of Secr. Michael Chertoff)

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Three good reasons for clicking here!

11-08-2006 01:39

1) - Get the full story of ALL SIDES of the Middle Eastern conflict!
2) - Get information on HEZBOLLAH and the future of the West!
3) - Understand the real implications on the London AIR-DISASTER threat!

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Join the civilian convoy to South Lebanon on August 12th

10-08-2006 21:56

On August 12, at 7 am, Lebanese from throughout the country and international supporters who have come to Lebanon to express solidarity will gather in Martyr's Square in Beirut to form a civilian convoy to the south of Lebanon.

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Fake Terror Obfuscates Lebanon and Iraq Failures

10-08-2006 18:58

Unable to window dress the obvious failure to eradicate growing resistance in Lebanon, Iraq, and Afghanistan—even with the mighty propaganda power of a complaisant media—the neocon intelligence apparatus has staged yet another terrorist event, or would be terrorist event.