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Campaigning about 9/11

Sheila Beaumont | 11.08.2006 10:21 | Anti-militarism | Repression | World

Overwhelming evidence condemns the U.S. Government as the Perpetrator of the 11 September 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre in New York. Instead of having more and more conferences. let us conduct vital Public Information Campaigns to educate and politically activate the duped General Public concerning the real terrorists.

CAMPAIGNING about 9/11

should no longer be any controversy whatever regarding the causes and
guilty parties of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on the World
Trade Center in New York.

The evidence to date is simply overwhelming.  Beyond the
shadow of any doubt,  the U.S.
Government orchestrated the attacks.  The proof
by now is definite and awful obvious.

We have a pressing need for PUBLIC
to educate and politically activate the duped General Public,
university/college students in particular.

perhaps 10 or 12 telling facts and arguments, and broadcast them via
leaflet,  spoken words, and the Internet.

Note: Not much more than this. 10 or 12 telling points are
enough.  People get confused by too much information.

Go door-to-door with leaflets/spoken words to get to the Public and
thereby get around  corporate mass media Thought Control.

During the school year, university/college students are conveniently
located in one place.

The Internet can be used all-year-round.

Here are the 10 or 12 facts & arguments I personally would

1.  Who
benefits?   This is a fundamental
proposition of criminal law.  Who had the motive, or, in this
case, motives. 
To mention just one benefit, the Bush and Blair OIL LOBBY Governments
are seizing HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS worth of OIL from their
military aggressions.  AND water resources, etc.

2.  Who had the CAPABILITY to pull off such a job and get away
with it? 

What is the moral character and honesty of the Bush
Government?  Are
they the kind of people who might do what they are physically capable
of doing? 

Or are they ethically pure folk who wouldn't dream
of doing a foul act?  (You might mention military
aggression,  torture,
stolen elections and the destruction of the Bill of Rights while you're
at it.)
4.  If you were an honest and innocent President trying
to do his job, would you not, immediately after the attacks, establish
an independent, thoroughgoing, public investigation of the entire
incident, and encourage private investigators as well to come up with

Or would you, as did George W. Bush, try to stop any investigation
despite the year-long pleas of the victims' next-of-kin? 

This fact alone decisively indicts the U.S. Government.

5.  The history of engineered
pretexts, especially American.  1898 U.S.S.
Maine's interior
explosions, blaming the Spanish for  "exterior" attacks, then
this as an excuse to invade lucrative Spanish colonies and take them
over. . . .  Nazi Germany's Reichstag Fire . . . . 
President Lyndon
Johnson's bogus Tongkin Gulf Incident. . . . And every day in the life
of  CIA subversions.

6.  Interior explosions in the WTC.   AND,
according to former German Minister of Technology and foreign affairs
expert, Andreas von Bulow (in his book The CIA and September 11),
the U.S. Government has technology that can take the controls away from
the pilot and direct the plane accurately into the intended destination.

The CIA, an obvious participant (along with the U.S. Military), has
been tied to multi-billion dollar stock market profits  made
betting that the stocks of American Airlines and United Airlines would
tumble at the right time.  Insider trading indicates that the
CIA knew
in advance about the attacks.

8.  The later anthrax attacks --
which scared Americans more than the 9/11 attacks -- have been 100%
linked to the CIA-Pentagon anthrax (including specifically
anthrax-in-envelopes) germ warfare projects.

9.  The Pentagon
hoax --  A rich man could get through the eye of a needle with
the same
plausiblity as a wide-winged passenger plane hit the

Conspiracy theories -- Point out that crimes involving more than one
person MUST BE conspiratorial, since nobody is dumb enough to publicise
their intentions beforehand.

And point out that one of the most
incredible conspiracy theories ever put forward is of one man in a cave
in Afghanistan orchestrating something that not even a Western
government could possibly have pulled off and gotten away with-- EXCEPT
for the U.S. Government.

11.  The U.S. Air Force did not and
would not get off the ground when the explosions/plane business
levelled the WTC.  They would go up for an errant pigeon --
ordered not to !!

12.  Why was the bin Laden family quietly
escorted out of the country by the U.S. Government instead of being
held for questioning?

And this brings up the interesting
subjects of Osama bin Laden and the alleged "Al-Qaida". I would mention
that there has never been put forward any credible evidence that there
IS an Al-Qaida, except possibly as a CIA-construct.  And I
mention that Osama bin Laden was probably murdered long ago, and
(according to von Bulow) the CIA has bin Laden impersonators.

I would mention (if it can fit on the two sides of an A4), that no
plausible evidence has ever been present of Muslim involvement in
planning/orchestration of 9/11 -- in spite of a long line of barbaric
torture centers apparently designed to elicit false (tortured)
confessions and finger-pointing so gullible Publics will believe what
on the evidence is totally unbelievable.

Sheila Beaumont


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